Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today's Special: Sheer Madness

So Katy Perry was spotted in this get-up recently and it got me to thinking...did she wear that because she thinks it's cute? Or did she wear that because she's Katy Perry and she's a big pop star and she thinks it's edgy and she can pull it off? Either way, it's not a good look for her. Edgy or not, its unflattering. Her boobs are too big and the Granny panties make her look fat, and we all know she is NOT fat.

The Daily Dandy says: FASHION FELONY.

Giiiirrrl......A few months after giving birth to baby girl Blue Ivy, Beyonce steps out in this sheer showstopper at the Met Gala Ball in NYC. While this Givenchy Haute Couture gown by Riccardo Tisci is not for the meek or the mild, Beyonce chooses the perfect venue to showcase this sheer creation. Where else but the Met Gala and who else but Beyonce? She is sheer perfection and what better way to show off her baby weight loss.

The Daily Dandy says: FASHION AT ITS FINEST.

I don't care what anyone says about this one; if I'm Sophia Vergara and I have an ass like that? I'm wearing sheer leggings too! Period. Amen. Even I think that's sexy and I like guys....Also, she gets mad style points because I'm lusting after the GORGEOUS Chanel bag she's carrying.

The Daily Dandy says: FASHION FORWARD.

Let me just preface this by saying, I love Fergie. I love everything she does and I think she is exquisite. The Fashion Police and the fashion bloggers lambasted Fergie for this dress but I. Loved. It!! She took my breath away. Let's start with the fact that it's a Haute Couture Jean Paul Gaultier, and I just love the black undergarments. Fashion insiders commented that the Granny panties should have been bikini, but I disagree. As illustrated above with Katy Perry, not everyone can pull off Granny panties and in this case, Fergie's Grannies looks classy and edgy.

The Daily Dandy says: FASHION ROYALTY.

Gaga just doesn't care...which is evident by her hand gestures in this photo taken at LAX on July 9, 2012. Well, ok, I support your right to wear whatever you choose, but walking around the airport in your underwear is just not wise. It invites a different sort of element, wouldn't you say?

And FYI, this is the back side of that outfit.

The Daily Dandy says: FASHION FREAK.

The words that come to mind are, what an ass....


B.E. Earl said...

"Her boobs are too big"

Is that possible? ;)

Anonymous said...

I cream a Genie.

MarkD60 said...

Boobs cannot look too big.

Cora said...

In college I worked in a clothing store where it was the thing to wear sheer lace shirts over silky black "bra tops" which--who are we kidding?--were really just bras. There's nothing quite like wearing a see-through outfit with your sexy underwear all on display!

Honestly, I didn't mind the stares from the men in the store--hell, that's where all my commission came from and they bought ANYTHING I was selling. I could have sold them the dustbunnies off the damn floor if I wanted to! It was fun for awhile.... until the night my car's alternator was going out and I thought I might have to walk home in the dark dressed like that.


Realizing I would look like a hooker if I left my car looking like that kinda killed the buzz, frankly.

Heff said...


If Katy Perry was arrested for a "Fashion Felony", I'M HERE TA "BAIL HER OUT", BABY !!!

Scope said...

Earl, Mark, & Heff - With ya.

Candy - I will have to disagree with you on Fergie. Maybe an ecru bodysuit under it or something, but the black just makes it a Halloween Scare

Kenneth Noisewater said...

There is such a thing as boobs that are too big. Katy Perry does not have that situation. A forehead that is too big, perhaps, but the boobs are fantastic.