Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Dog's Life

So I'm back from the big city. I spent a whooping 24 hours there, but it was well worth it. While enjoying the fabulous company of my BFF, we took a leisurely stroll through her neighborhood on what was a splendidly perfect NYC summer evening. Besides all the sights to see in New York, (and believe me there are many) I was taken by how many dogs of all shapes and sizes there were around the streets.

It seemed at every turn, there was a really cute, little face, panting and prodding for my attention. And I'm a sucker for a cute face. And while I walked by the majority with a smile, I must have stopped and patted at least 5 or 6.

New York is very dog accommodating. I even saw several leashed dogs enjoying a spot at an outdoor cafe of a restaurant. No one cared. It was all quite normal, even. It would seem to me that dogs live a good life in the city. Here in the burbs, it's very rare you see a dog in a restaurant, and even then, the dog is in a bag and tucked somewhat lovingly away. But not in New York. Dogs rule the streets.

We saw this guy a few times, with two different people, which means the dog probably has his own staff. On my last trip to the city, I saw a special dog park, complete with doggie sprinklers and cork floors, all for that special little pampered New York City pooch. And if that's not enough, there are doggie day care places and doggie spa's on almost every block in New York. It's big business in a city that is small on space. Henri Bendel, the chic, extremely upscale New York department store has one of the nicest doggie boutique's I have ever seen. The fashions, the accessories, the dishes and bedding is enough to make a young child jealous and your pooch the envy of every other dog in town.

Yes, it must be a dog's life for a New York City dog. They are respected on the streets and enjoy the sites of the city. Who's to say that a dog needs lots of acres to be happy. It seemed to me that these pooches had the best of both worlds. Let's not forget Central Park, for when the country is calling.

And there's always the Hampton's....


Cora said...

Chicago is like that too. Sometimes I think I pass more dogs than people out on the street. :-)

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I was just in New York and saw that Brooklyn is ALL dogs. And babies.

I'm sure dogs like NYC too, what with all that garbage on the street to chew on and sniff to their hears' content.

the walking man said...

ha ha ha ha Sorry Candace, man that is nothing like Detroit, your best bet here is not to let a dog get your scent, not human or canine.

We have 136 square miles, a parcel of it the size of both Boston AND San Francisco combined is blight and abandoned, the canines and felines have gone feral.

You could safely approach my wife, house, or me if you moved your hands slow. My dog who has learned that her space is hers isn't pretty cute or cuddly, she is 60 pounds of rock head dumb, she has three scars on her that come through her short hair. She got them trying to escape from the people I took her from.

She is livestock but well cared for and loved but none the less she has a role to play and it ain't going to the cafe. She now knows what she is there for and that is to protect the wife at any and all costs.