Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm devastated.

This is a black day at the Daily Dandy. I just heard the news.

In case you weren't aware of my obsession with Tommy please refer here.

My BFF and I had this text exchange no more than ten minutes ago.

HER: Brady's off the block.

ME: Who r your sources???!!! I read it in the Boston Globe today and it is unconfirmed!!! (the rumors about the engagement have been swirling for months-all confirmed as rumors and NOT true)

HER: People dot com


HER: Yup. lol small intimate ceremony...Sorry bic

ME: (still holding out hope that it's just a rumor) I'm going to check it out right now.

(after a good six or seven minutes)
ME: I just puked! Oh nooooooo, why? Why? Why? I'm devastated. Bitch. He just ruined his image. Now he's just a pussy-whipped has been. OMG-did I just say that??(see how devastated I am-I resorted to that level of LOW-forgive me Tommy)

HER: (forever my bestest friend-trying to console me) No worries at least he married quality.

ME: If she fucking jinxed his career I will stalk and kill the bitch MYSELF.*

All I am left with is this: WHY???

*Of course I would NEVER kill Giselle or any other living creature. I'm a pacifist whose just mad as hell right now.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Privacy Please

Sometimes I miss the good old days, back when my kids were really little. Those were the days of innocence, before they both became TWM (Teens With Mouths) and I was their God. I was a stay at home mom and since Frick and Frack are only 19 months apart, we pretty much did everything together. My two amigos and I; they were then and will always be, the yin to my yang. We are still very close, me and my kids, the difference between then and now is that now they know everything and have all the answers. My bad for not seeing it their way. These days I get a lot of, “What-ever mom!”

Anyway, yesterday I was over at Vodka Mom’s blog, I Need a Martini Mom, and she had posted a wonderful, sincere note of gratitude to all of her 541 blog followers. (I stand in awe. The woman is a legend) In perfect Vodka Mom fashion she closed the post with a funny story about her kids which gave me the inspiration for today’s post! Many thanks to Vodka Mom and her wicked sense of humor! (here in Boston, wicked is a GREAT thing! like wicked pissa!)

So, as I told you, when the kids were babies, the three of us were like matching luggage. We traveled everywhere together. Where ever I went, they would follow, especially around the house. If I were cooking, my babies were on the kitchen floor, happily playing with wooden spoons, whisks and pots and pans. If I were watching TV with them, it was usually a Disney Sing Along Video, and we would play together as they sang along with the Disney classics. If I had to go to the bathroom, they would follow me right behind me into the bathroom and find something to get into while mom took care of business.

The only time this bathroom business got tricky was when AUNT FLO came to visit. To tell you the truth, I never really thought much about the manner in which I ushered them out of the bathroom during those times, but I knew I had somehow managed to do it. As I said, I never gave it a second thought until one day, when my baby girl was sitting on the bathroom floor opening and closing the doors under the bathroom sink while I applied my make-up. She came across a box of tampons and proceeded to open it up and take one out. She studied it intently for a few moments. It was almost like I could see her brilliant little mind working overtime to figure out what the strange item was. She held up the single, un-opened Tampax and said triumphantly, “Look mommy. This is your privacy!”

My little future brain surgeon had figured it all out. The strange item equated to mommy’s privacy. I soon realized that I must have consistently held the Tampax in my hand while ushering my babies out of the bathroom while explaining, “Mommy needs her privacy.”

A child’s mind is a wondrous thing. Oh how I miss those days!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Art Of The Bargain

I must admit that when it comes to bargaining I've got no game.

I never quite got the art of the bargain. I love going to a sale and getting a great deal, but I’ve got nothing when it comes to bargaining for it. Take, for example, my best friend. She can haggle with a sales person in a chic New York boutique for a deal and get her price. She expertly negotiates her deal, sometimes even walking away, only to be called back and met either with her price or somewhere in the middle.

The aforementioned boutique, with it's expensive finery, may just work with a customer because they are the direct owner of the goods and will settle on a discounted price in order make the sale and still make money. The key would be to figure out when and where bargaining is appropriate.
A quick web search of the "art of the bargain" led me to this site that offered up these helpful tips:
  • In an open-air market, with no prices posted, you bargain. In a department store with marked prices, you do not.
  • If you're dealing with the owner, it's probably appropriate to bargain. If you're dealing with a salaried clerk, it's probably not appropriate.
  • It should be worth everyone's while.
  • When in doubt, merely note what others are doing.
  • Once you've determined that bargaining is expected, you need a sense of how much you can expect to drive down the price. Make a counter-offer too low, and you look bad. Too high, and you'll pay more than you need to.
  • Typically, at an outdoor market you can expect to get the price down by 10-30%.
  • Don’t buy the first thing you see. Look around. Get prices from a few merchants. You’ll soon get a sense of what’s reasonable.

Is there an art to the bargain or a bargaining gene that I didn't get? I realize that there are only a handful of places that you can actually bargain for a price and I'm more than sure that Neiman Marcus isn't one of them. So that leaves the obvious places. Yard sales, flea markets, farmers markets, auctions, store closeouts, consignment shops, car dealerships, etc., but could I be wrong? In these tough economic times, people seem to be bargaining more and more in places that you wouldn't think would settle for a negotiated price. The result has given the consumer the upper hand.

Even major retailers like Best Buy, Circut City and Home Depot are getting in on the bargaining culture to retain buyers. Citing the wealth of consumer information available on the Internet and something they are calling "the Ebay phenomenon", this article explains the shift in major retailers price flexibility and acceptable consumer "haggling".

So lets say I find myself in a position to bargain, where do I begin with price? 30%? 20%? Whats the general rule when working a deal? How much back and forth is appropriate? And what about the old, "I'm walking away," technique? Is that something you need to have a "feel" for so you know when it's execution will procure your desired price?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today's Special: Honor Thy Neighbor

Just don't piss me off or I'll be left with no choice but to reveal you to the world for what you truly are!!

I mean it! I have had it with your stupid shit and you know what? You are getting on my very last nerve!

Keep your friggin dogs quiet on Sunday mornings and your trash cans sealed properly so that said dogs can't get into them and strew your waste all over my yard and the street we live on.

Quit obnoxiously honking the horn every morning before 7am for your kids to come out while you warm up your car or, whatever it is that you do, before you drive them to school.

Stop dumping all your leaves and grass clippings into my yard. You know full well that with one strong gust of wind and they end up all over my lawn and then we have go out and clean them up again. Don't play innocent.

And, if it wouldn't be too much trouble to ask, if the UPS guy delivers a package to your house in error, please have the decency to deliver the box to us in a timely fashion. Like sometime DURING THE MONTH in which it was delivered. Not two months after the delivery. Thanks. I would appreciate it so that my Aunt in Kentucky won't think I am a complete ingrate for not acknowledging her gift with a thank you.

Just so we are clear, we are NOT friends, so when you have your little parties at your house it is not ok for your guests to park in my driveway and yes we do care if they do, thank you very much.

Now that I have gotten all that off my chest, I really do feel better. That, and the fact that I marched my ass outside this morning and hammered this into the ground for all to see, in your honor.

Have a nice day asshole!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Dandy Oscar Night

After watching last night's Oscar telecast along with most of the world, I decided to hand out a few of my own Daily Dandy Oscars for last night's attendants.

First up-

Best Boobs- Sarah Jessica Parker
Leave it to Carrie Bradshaw's alter ego to find a new twist on an old stand bye. Pushed up and overflowing never looked so glamorous. You can thank Sarah for single-handedly bringing back in fashion the buxom bosom. I guarantee you will be seeing this look at some point on every red carpet this year.

Best Jewels- Angelina Jolie
Angelina went safe and sexy for last nights Oscars but it was her stunning, yet simple pairing of emerald earrings and an emerald cocktail ring that I couldn't take my eyes off of. Their size and simplicity were truly remarkable. But really, what doesn't look good on Angie??

Best Blast From The Past-Phoebe Kates
Phoebe Kates looks like she could go right back to Ridgemont High! Pictured here with her husband Kevin Kline, I had all but forgotten about her until she showed up at the party of all parties last night. She looked stunning and I couldn't help but wonder if she had shared a special "moment" with her Ridgemont High co-star Spicolli, aka: Best Actor Oscar winner Sean Penn.
Duude-they've both come a long way since then.

Best Acceptance Speech- Sean Penn
I was supposed to be pissed about this one. As you know, Sean stole the award from my man Mickey, but as I listened to him nervously accept the award from his opening comic comment to his ending political rant, the guy won me over. My first thought, when he began his speech about gay rights was, "Oh no, please don't do it. It never works in this forum," but I found him to be eloquent and succinct with just enough political relevance for his message to to resonate. I may even need to see Milk because of it.

Best Family Shout Out During An Acceptance Speech-Kate Winslet
How adorable was Kate Winslet's dad, whistling inside Oscar central to let her know where he was seated? The ever-so-elegant Ms. Winslet looked surprised and enthralled that she and the rest of world, in that very moment, knew where her mum and dad were sitting. It was a wonderful, unscripted, real moment.

Best Why Were You There??- Miley Cyrus
I think Miley Cyrus is a cutie and as a teen icon-she totally rocks. But that's what she does-she rocks! Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't she a singer/TV star for the "tween" set? So why is she all dolly-ed up at the grown-up Oscars?? Are the producers of the telecast that desperate for "tween" viewers? I mean, even Zach and Vanessa performed and Zach was a presenter at the awards. Miley had no official reason for attending. Again, why was she there??

Simply The Best- Hugh Jackman
Just look at the man. Need I say more? The guy could be reciting the alphabet and I would still watch. He is just dreamy in a Hollywood kind of way. And he can sing and dance too!!! Who cares if he wasn't all comedy-he made up for it in TV face time, charm, and his adorable Aussie accent.
Well done Hugh!
And congratulations Hollywood!

Friday, February 13, 2009

An Interoffice Memo

To: The Bloggersphere
From: Candy's Daily Dandy
Re: The Daily Dandy Vacation

Please be advised that the management of The Daily Dandy will be out of the office from Saturday, February 14th to Saturday, February 21st, 2009 for some much needed family fun in the sun.

That's right, I am outta here!!! My Guy and I are taking the kids to the sunny Mayan Rivera in Mexico to get our vacation on! Of course, ANY tropical destination where an umbrella in your cocktail is a pre-requisite, is OK in my book. I am planning to take full advantage of the spa opportunities, any and all beach and water sports, and the quality family bonding time that will be at our disposal.

Take care of the bloggersphere while I am gone and don't forget to put the trash out and feed the dogs-oh, wait, wrong memo- sorry. I'll return to The Dandy on Monday, February 23rd but don't be suprised if you see me pop up on your blog at somepoint during the week. I just may come across something that reminds me of my blogger buddies.

(Like Heff-I will be searching for some LETHAL cerveza to bring back to send to you so that we can get your valued and expert opinion on the shit. And Zibbsy-While trolling through the many flea markets in the city, I will keep my eye out for some crazy Zippo lighters)

Of course, if you have any special requests leave them in the comments here and I will do my best to accomodate. But don't get crazy, we are in a recession, ya know!

Peace out bloggers and have a great week!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bill Is No Friend Of Mine

Hey Bill? Can you do me a favor and go away? I don't like you very much.

You and your friends are always wreaking havoc around here and I want it to stop. Every time you arrive at my house I get a sick feeling in my stomach. And you always bring more than one friend with you to ruin my day. It's like you travel in a pack.

Do you enjoy bringing your special brand of misery to everyone, or is it just me? I can always count on you to show up too, just when I'm beginning to feel good about things. Then you show up and you leave me depleted, literally. You want the truth? The truth is you ruin everything. I want to be free of you forever, get it?

And you know what else? I'm so on to your games. I know about all your little tricks to lure me into your good graces. You think that just because you sometimes bring me expensive gifts, I will welcome you into my life with open arms. It's not going to work, Bill. Not with me. I didn't go to school to eat lunch, you know. I'm smarter than you think. I can't be bought with fancy dinners and fabulous jewelry. Not by you.

I spend so much of my energy trying to figure out what I can do about getting rid of you, that sometimes it makes me crazy. But you never seem to go away, do you? And you show up like clockwork, oblivious to the fact that you are not welcome here.

I should have known better than to let someone like you into my life in the first place. You teased me with your promises and pretended to be my best friend, shopping with me, taking me on trips and pledging your eternal love by letting me know you would always be there for me when I needed you. Then you go and call me out on our friendship. You are no friend of mine.

Let's just end this charade now. Peacefully and simply. I need to cut all ties with you so that you won't hurt me or the people I love any more. What's it going to take to get rid of you? I just may have to pay you off so that I never have to see you again. You'd like that, wouldn't you? That's the only kind of language you understand because money is your God. You are despicable, you know that?

Stop sending me little notes in the mail and tell your friends to back off too. We are through, you and me, Bill. I never want to see you again, comprende? Walk away dude. Just walk away, it's over.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

D Is For Dandy

I have been put to task…by myself, yes, but put to task none the less. Sass over at Are You Sassified was playing this alphabet meme yesterday and, in perfect Sass fashion, she made it look fun and easy so I uncharacteristically decided to play along. If you haven’t checked Sass out, please do so, she is one of my favorite bloggers with that certain panache to call it like she sees it. As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of meme’s so I’ll try to make this brief and as Sass did before me, if you decide you want to play, leave me a comment and I’ll assign you a letter.

So, it works like this, you are assigned a letter of the alphabet to best illustrate 10 things you love beginning with that letter. Sass gave me D cuz I’m Dandy, or Candy, or whatever, but D is my letter and I’m sticking to it. Since there are no other rules to live by in this game, don’t be surprised if I twist and turn it a bit to my advantage. Why not?? We are the dream makers and the destiny takers, right?

Let the Dandy games begin!

1. Daughters and Sons-I could begin no list of things I love without a mention of the two most important people in my world. My children. My two hands, as I tell them. Without them (my hands and my kids) I couldn’t function. While it is true they love to challenge me at every opportune moment, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have taught them well and I cherish the beautiful souls they each possess. They are amazing people, each talented and gifted in their own right, and we love each other without question or condition.

2. Dinner’s Out-I am a great cook and I can be found on any given day, around dinner time, camped out in front of my stove, preparing the evening meal. Dining out is a special treat and something I love to do for a change of pace. And the thought of having an expert prepare my meal and serve it to me?! Pinch me honey cuz I think I have died and gone to heaven. I especially love eating foods I wouldn’t normally cook at home like Asian Fusion, Middle Eastern cuisine, Seafood and Thai food. This brings me to-

3. Date Night-There is no better way to say I love you and bond with your honey than a planned date night. I love putting on my sexy stilettos, a fabulous dress, and just the right touch of that perfect perfume to go out for a wonderful evening alone with My Guy. It keeps the home fire burning!

4. Dynamic Duos-Holy Crime Fighters Batman! That’s right. I love me some Batman and Robin. And I’m not talking about George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell. I roll old school when it comes to my Batman. Adam West, Burt Ward and the cast of the original TV series are my favorite. Eartha Kitt as Catwoman, Burgess Meredith as the Penguin and Cesar Romero as the Joker. It just doesn’t get any better than that. It must run in the blood because I’ll never forget, when my daughter was about 3 years old, she caught sight of Batman for the first time on TV and literally stood memorized for a moment. She then said to me, “Who’s that mommy?” I told her, “That’s Batman, honey,” and she replied, eyes wide open, “I like that guy.”

5. Diamonds-I’m sure you saw this one coming, and when it comes to bling I am no different than any other woman. The ice is just so nice and the bigger the stone the better. I am blessed enough to possess a wonderful collection of my own (which used to be bigger, before the robbery. But please don’t get me started on that) and enjoy wearing them, but I am smart enough to realize that in the big scheme of things, they rank very low on the important scale. I still love them though!

6. Dean Martin-I’ve always loved the Rat Packer’s because they represented my parent’s era of their young life. When I met My Guy, he reintroduced me to Dino and I fell in love with his suave sound all over again. As Dean sings, “You’re nobody till somebody loves you.”

7. Dogs-Definitely a dog person. I have 3 too many. Not into all. Sorry.

8. Dolce and Gabbana-Italian designers. All designers in general, I love designer clothes, handbags, shoes- you name it. I either have it or want it! I am a hopeless slave to fashion. And so is my wallet.

9. Dancing-Dance was my minor in college and I can cut a rug, I tell ya. I love classical ballet the most and I believe that when I am 80 I will still be taking ballet classes, stretching at the barre. Letting loose at a nightclub with friends is also one of my favorite things to do.

10. Daydreaming-I believe in the power of the dream. Without it there is nothing to live for, work for or strive to attain. In a world cluttered with cynicism, I hope that I never loose my ability to dream. It keeps me sane and is part of what makes me who I am.

So there you have it! 10 Dandy’s all about Candy. You wanna play??? C’mon you might learn a thing or two about yourself and have some fun too! Drop me a comment if you’re game and thanks for listening.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phat Or Fat?

Is this FAT?

By now I'm sure you've all heard the buzz...The celebrity gossip rags are in a tizzy over these recent photos of Jessica Simpson. Some are kinder than others, dubbing her "curvier", with more than a few calling her just plain "fat". Poor Jessica, lately the girl just can't seem to catch a break. Horrified over the media scrutiny of her recent weight gain, it has been reported that Jessica is on the verge of a meltdown and the breakdown watch is officially on.

But can you look at these photos and say for sure that she is FAT? She most certainly looks more voluptuous than she has in the past. This may be true, but FAT?? If fat be the case, then what is considered fat? And are we talking fat in real life or fat in Hollywood? Fat in Hollywood just isn't tolerated and it's standards for beautiful women are at times unattainable and unrealistic. Our society has been paying the price for that for years.

So what is the real nature of the crime here? Jessica gained a few extra pounds? Shame on her, she should have know better. Famous for being beautiful and having a great voice, it's as if she reneged on the beautiful part of the contract and now they're calling her on it. We watched her break out onto the scene with her new husband, Nick Lachey, and giggled over her "innocence" when it came to matters of logic. They became America's sweethearts, a perfect role model for the young and in love. Then it ended without warning. For whatever the reason, the newlyweds didn't make it as a couple and we watched that soap opera play out it the magazines and pop charts. Then Jessica did the unthinkable. She started dating in Hollywood which made her an easy target for the media.

Whether you love her or you hate her, the question here is who really cares? Maybe Jessica is happy for the first time in a long time. Certainly, we shouldn't hold a few extra pounds against her for feeling good about being young and in love. Yet the media continues on with the "fat" debate, with more than a few celebrities "weighing in" on the controversy. (no pun intended) God forbid a beautiful woman "let's herself go", which is certainly not the case here.
When I look at those photos, my first thought is that her stylist should be fired, IMMEDIATELY. Not the most flattering look for sure, but FAT??? I'm sorry. I just don't see it.
To continue on with a media campaign of denouncing Jessica for a slight weight gain is as damaging to our collective morale as it is to Jessica's.

Shut up already and who really cares?? Nobody buys her shoes anyway.

*take my poll on the side bar. I'm curious what you think.

Monday, February 9, 2009

An Urban Essential

Once in a while you come across something on the web that truly enhances your quality of life and makes you comfortable enough to feel like you could not only still be in the game but possibly ahead of the game. Living with two teens, I have recently experienced those rare moments, while they are hanging out with their friends, when I actually catch bits of their conversations and I am, more often than not, left wondering what it is they are talking about. It's like they are speaking a foreign language.

Lucky for me, I have found the greatest web invention, geared specifically to help "geezers" like me keep it real and give the young "hipsters" a place to catalog their slang terms. The Urban Dictionary. My daughter "hooked me up" with the site a few months ago. It's the sh*t! I don't know how I ever lived without it. This site most certianly warrants a book mark on both my computer and my iphone. At Urban, there is a new "word of the day", every day, to keep you up to speed with the new words all the cool kids are using.
Today's word is "canniversary" which is defined as:
"A year from the date on which you were fired from a job. "
"Next week is my canniversary from Enron!"
I love this! Especially considering I will have a "canniversary" in the coming year. The words are supplied by, what I'm assuming are young people, and you can vote on the words with a thumbs up, thumbs down voting system and leave comments on a word.

I have heartily laughed out loud over more than few entries and must admit to learning more than a thing or two while trolling around the site. As a writer, a site like this proves to be invaluable when the writing needs a "grammatically correct" word to reflect it's urban content. There are also those rare, but occasional moments when someone leaves you a comment or sends you a text that left you wondering, "what the hell does that mean?" Fear not, the Urban Dictionary is there when you need it. Take for example:
An internet acronym short for "get the fuck out".
Away From Keyboard.
* joe is afk
Thanks to the Urban Dictionary I will never again be left feeling like I am out on a deserted island alone! Recently, while I was reading the Tucker Max book, the Urban Dictionary came to my rescue.
He was talking about a "Cleveland Steam Roller" and "tossing his salad". While I am admitting to having no idea what these phrases meant, after quick definition check on the Urban Dictionary, I was happy to learn that I had no need for either of those terms to be defined before that moment, ever grateful for that small envelope in which I reside.
Check out these testimonials from actual Urban Dictionary users and get over to the Urban Dictionary today! You'll be so glad you did.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sometimes Just The Right Smiling Face Can Promote A Random Act Of Kindness

So my friend and I went shopping at Walmart the other day.

It was a bitterly cold and windy day, so we decided to go and get our shop on at the world's largest retailer.

From the moment we entered the store, we were greeted with a smile and a friendly hello from the official store greeter.

We began browsing the aisles, chatting and laughing as we shopped.

The happy feel good vibe seemed to be contagious.
It was almost as if everyone else in the store was feeling it too because as we looked around, the other shoppers were grinning and smiling at us and it felt like some were even laughing with us as we walked away.
I guess the idea of two good friends having a good time has that effect on other people.

With the all bargians and low prices at Walmart, it was hard not to be completely giddy about the savings we got that day.

We continued on shopping but noticed were attracting more and more people, giggling and smiling so we decided to return the favor, giggling and smiling right back. We said hearty hello's and good afternoon's to everyone we encountered. The idea that a simple smile could spread so much kindness was intoxicating and it made our shopping trip a most enjoyable one.

Maybe it was the sunny yellow dress I was sporting that afternoon because they say that wearing a happy color can influence your mood and the mood of those around you. If this is the case, then I wish I could bottle the positive effect my yellow dress had on everyone. I'd be rolling in the dough.

I can't really say for sure what it was about that day, but the good karma gods were certianly smiling right along with us and it was great!
We wanted to remember the feeling and our magical shopping trip so my friend snapped this picture of me in my happy yellow dress as we were checking out so we would be able to look back and re-live that moment in time. Look closely and feel the power of a happy ending!

Remember, a smile is just a frown turned upside down!

Make someone smile today! Happy Friday!! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Manny Being Manny Just Isn’t What It Used To Be

Sorry ladies, today I’m talking baseball.

Specifically, I’m talking Manny. Now I know I’m not going to get a lot of hits on this, but I’m talking Manny anyway.

Few modern day baseball players have commanded the hitting game like Manny Ramirez and after last season, a season that began in Boston and ended in Los Angeles, he’s betting on it. Two weeks away from spring training and Mr. Free Agent Manny has no deal. But because Manny is Manny, it doesn’t seem to bother him. His agent, Scott Boras was quoted by as saying in regards to Ramirez’s current team limbo, “I don't really think about a timetable. Anything can be done any day. You just don't know."

NEWSFLASH: Boras and Manny are bluffing. Only this time it just may be their last stand at the table. Late Monday night, Manny rejected a one-year, $25 million dollar contract from the LA Dodgers because as Boras put it, “other suitors are preparing to offer more”. Game speak translation: “If you can’t give us what we want, take a hike, we’ll go elsewhere.” Sorry guys, it’s just not going to be that simple this time.

While it is true that after a seven-year tenure with the Boston Red Sox, where Ramirez’s slugging production was a big part of the two World Series championships he won there, things have changed but Manny has not. He’s still the self-centered child/man who refuses to produce whenever it suits him because he puts himself above everything else. It’s of no surprise to me that Manny and Boras don’t realize that in today’s economic climate the history making mega-deal is, for now, a thing of the past. It got lost somewhere amid the bailouts and the foreclosures and the dwindling stock market in the real world.

But Manny and Boras live on a different planet than we do, and greed is their mentor. Back in November ‘08, the Dodgers offered Manny a two-year, $45 million dollar contract with and option for a third year, bringing the total to a possible $60 million for three years. That would pay Manny a guaranteed $15 million for ‘09 and $22.5 million for ’10 with the option for $22.5 million in ’11. But Manny was and still is, reportedly seeking a four year deal worth $25 million a year, regardless of who signs his checks. Not only did Ramirez and Boras ignore the Dodgers offer in November, they let the deal expire and the offer was then withdrawn. No worries, Manny just goes down into the basement of one of his many spacious homes and prints hundred dollar bills anyway. He can afford to be selective.

The Dodgers are smart and the PR spin on the Ramirez contract negotiations is one of confidence that they can get the job done before spring training. No one is closing that door just yet. After seven years of following the Manny Chronicles, I say good luck to you with that. We’re talking about Manny here.

The Dodgers should sign him because they need him. Last season, in a half season with LA, Ramirez put up a .396 batting average, with 17 home runs and 53 RBI’s. In the post season he batted .520, with 4 HR’s and 10 RBI’s. From the moment he stepped onto the field in LA, attendance increased by the thousands and Ramirez carried the team all the way to the playoffs. Manny is that kind of player, no doubt. *He is one of three players in the history of the game with more than 500 home runs with an average of .310 or better. The other two were Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. But Manny is also a risk in more ways than one, and how many teams out there can afford a risk in today’s weak economy?

Who you ask? According to, since rejecting the Dodgers offer on Monday, three of the four “other suitors preparing to offer more”, the Mets, Washington Nationals and the Yankees have all publicly stated that they are not interested in signing Ramirez. The Yankees would have been the logical choice, considering they can afford him and need him to protect A-Rod in the lineup since Giambi and Abreu were not re-signed. Unfortunately for Manny, the Yankees just prudently spent $423.5 million on their brand new starting pitching line up: $243.5 million tying up CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett and $160 million stealing Mark Teixeria from the Red Sox. The Teixeria deal effectively put the nail in the coffin of any of Ramirez’s Yankee dreams. The gene pool is getting smaller.

That leaves the Giants and the Dodgers with both teams unsure and possibly unable to go any higher than $20 million for a one or two-year deal with the 37 year old slugger. And LA is getting tired of the game. Will the Giants cough up the big dough and step up to the plate?

Hank Aaron hit .372 with 47 HR’s and 118 RBI’s at the age of 37.
Babe Ruth hit .341 with 41 HR’s and 137 RBI’s at the same age.
Ted Williams hit .388 with 38 HR’s and 87 RBI’s at the age of 38.

At 37 can Manny Ramirez continue to produce those numbers? The answer is yes, he absolutely can. But now I think he needs to look at the big picture because being Manny just isn’t worth what it used to be.
*This sentence has been edited post publication to reflect the more complete information Earl called me out on. Thanks dude!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sometimes Candy Is NOT So Dandy

If the old saying is true, that "its all in a name", then I think might have I gotten gypped. My blog moniker is, in fact, my real name and it's one I never took a shine to until later in life. My given name, bestowed upon me at the time of my birth, has a completely different feel and what I find so interesting is that my name has now become the mirror that has two faces.

Candy, the name I use here, is the one that I have been known as for most of my life. You can tell how long someone has known me by the name they call me. My family and very close friends still refer to me as Candy. For me, Candy will always be the cute little girl in pigtails with her front tooth missing. As a young child of school age, I was bright and full of joy, eager to find my place amongst my peers. The joy almost always came to an abrupt halt the moment they learned my name. It was as if I was asking for it-an easy target for their ridicule. And ridicule me they did. I became used to spending the first few minutes of an introduction going over the specific idiosyncrasies of the name Candy. And believe me when I tell you, I have heard them all-then and now.

"Are you sweet?"
"Do you TASTE good?"
"Hey Candy, can I have some?"
"Candy Cane, can I suck on you?"

The horror of hearing these phrases over and over again from almost every grade school crush and schoolmate played out in the school yard on a daily basis. After a while, I just learned to deal with it and made my mark in other ways. It could have been worse. I could have been ugly--just kidding. All I'm saying is that I took it in stride.

As an adult, when I was dating, any guy that played the name game with my introduction, was out. No questions, no exceptions. It was my own personal litmus test. My mom and dad still call me Candy, as well as my 4 siblings, who also have a shortened version to express their love, a more endearing, simple, Cand. My given name was rarely used, only for official documents, doctors appointments and when I knew I was in BIG trouble. My mom would scream it from the other room, in a phonetically articulate manner, and that's when I knew the jig was up.

It wasn't until I became an adult, somewhere in my 20 somethings, that I stopped introducing myself as Candy and adopted my rarely used given name, Candace. And I liked it.

It had a certain regality to it that Candy just couldn't convey and I was able to successfully separate myself from that little girl in pigtails. There was a point that Candy became uncomfortable, the ridicule of the name taking an ominous turn into the lurid. Hooker jokes, porn stars named Candy, dumb blonde with big boobs jokes, Candace served to protect me from the vulnerability of Candy. With Candace, as a young adult just beginning life's journey, I could, without questions or ridicule, stand alone. It is a name I am proud to call my own.

So why is it that I chose Candy for the title of my blog world? It would seem that even I can't escape the gimmick of the name. Candy works for my purposes here. It's catchy and has an ease to it and it's easy to remember. In the bloggersphere, it just sort of pops off the page and represents the light, ironic content I share here daily and if you were to meet me, I'd still be Candy. It is me. Like it or not, I am stuck with it.

But dare I say it, I'm beginning to like it.

Reacquainting myself with Candy has been therapeutic, working to exile the demons of my past. If it's true about it being all in a name, Candy has given me back a unique quality I may have buried somewhere deep. Silly as it sounds, it makes me approachable. I no longer grimace when a stranger calls me Candy, having picked it up from someone close to me. I have warmed to what is rightfully mine. I will probably always introduce myself as Candace, as I have honed that persona to perfection as well. Candace is the capable adult, and Candy is free to be the crazy one.

Wow. If I read that last sentence again, I think I just learned that maybe Candy really is dandy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

C The Centennial Celebration

The Roman numeral, C stands for centum, the Latin word for 100. Today’s post marks my 100th Daily Dandy, a momentous occasion. When I think about reaching 100, my thoughts range from TV shows celebrating their 100th episode, to companies celebrating 100 years of business and human beings celebrating 100 years of living. Although I may not have reached these lofty heights with my centennial, I do, however feel as if there is cause for celebration.

The question that keeps popping into my mind is, “what have I accomplished” with 100 posts? I guess my answer would be that I have put my words, my thoughts and ideas out into the world. However small that contribution is, none the less it is my daily offering and I am grateful for the opportunity. If I did a Google or Yahoo search for Candy’s Daily Dandy, by golly, my blog URL appears, with more than one entry. Not bad for a few months of aimless ramblings. Before August 2008, there was not a single reason for searching anything even closely related to me personally, besides my phone number and address.

Since I have joined the bloggersphere I have laughed till I cried, learned, been challenged and commented with much enjoyment. I have discussed sports, kids, death, marriage, divorce, insanity, sex, movies, food, morality and so much more. I have connected with some great people and I have asked for your help to which you whole heartedly responded. I have, at times, bared my soul without being ridiculed or judged-some of you even shared similar experiences to let me know I was not alone. You have shared in my joys, laughed at my jokes, offered your support, participated in my contests, given me awards, and responded more often than not with a wink and a smile. Without you, I don’t think there would be a 100 to celebrate. It’s a big part of the reason why I got to 100 and hope to continue for 100 more.

Where will I be in 100 posts from now? I can’t say for sure. It took me 159 days to get here, and on May 14, 2009 it will be 100 days from today. I hope to continue to be going to my computer to every morning to write about something, knowing someone will read it and share in my discussion. On my first day as a blogger, I had no idea that 100 posts later I would have a large body of work to show to possibly present to a prospective employer, with a little more than a few sprinkled in that I’m quite proud of.

If I had $100.00 for every post I have written, I would have $10,000.00 to show for my efforts. A lucrative undertaking to say the least, but if I’ve said it once I’ve said it 100 times, I don’t do it for the money. Blogging has enriched my life in 100 other ways. I could never put a price tag on it.

So for that, to all of you, I say 100 Thank Yous from the bottom of my heart.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Super Sunday!

EDIT: Monday, Feb 2, 2008: I'm taking today to (hopefully) put together something
special for tomorrow's post, which I just realized will be my 100th post! Looks like the pressure's on!

My blogger buddy Joe has bestowed upon me the great honor of being a guest blogger (for the first time) over at his esteemed sports blog, The Other World Wide Leader In Sports. I never asked him, but I assume that is my boy Joe in the picture going for the shot. The dude got serious game! Joe and I have been buddies pretty much since I started blogging back in August and he is one of my blogger "peeps" held in high esteem.
He asked me to provide a "Do's and Dont's" list for the ladies watching today's big game today, to which I gladly accepted. The best part is that Joe added his comic takes after my points. You can check it out here and as always, leave a comment. Joe and I would be ever so grateful to know you stopped bye.
Also, check out Scope's party-we will be live blooging during game time.
Peace out Super Bowlers!