Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Freak Show

Happy Friday Bloggers!

Since I'm feeling good and ready for a fun weekend, I thought we would check in and see what our favorite wackos at Wally World were up to! 

Somehow, it just solidifies my happiness.
Away we go....

Is it just me, or is pops here sporting a wrinkled six pack?
The fact that he's wearing a belly shirt just confirms that Papa is proud of all his hard work. Can't say that if I were his age, I wouldn't be proud too. Wrinkles and all!  And let's give the guy a bit of credit, at least he knows who his audience is.

Looks to me like she wants everybody to say "Hello" to her "Kitty".

This guy is so stoned that he doesn't realize that he's wearing his girlfriend's shirt. She has no idea either because I'm sure she's still passed out on the bed at home.

Now there's the entrepreneurial spirit! I'm sure somewhere in the deep south this is a flourishing company.

Ahhhhhhhhh! WTF? Seriously??? WTF??? Why? Who would...??? Why?? Cmon, really?  I'm perplexed.
What the??? Why?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for freedom...and girlfriend here has the right to dress the way she sees fit. But Lord have mercy, there is no fit to any of this. Bless her heart, she most definitely has a strong sense of self esteem. Yes, she has to feel good about herself. There could be no other explanation.

Do I spy a WalMart name tag clipped to her shirt? Is this an employee? If this is the case, then WalMart has a strict EEOC policy in effect. They cannot discriminate, even against trolls.

So there you have it Bloggers!

Happy Weekend and please remember that in the grand old USA, almost anything goes. Especially if you are inside a WalMart.


MarkD60 said...

You can walk out and take these pics anytime?!? What an entertaining city you live in!

Heff said...

I'll take the Troll for 100 dollars, Alex.

SkylersDad said...

I think if there is a hell, when you die you come back as a hello kitty backpack and are forced to stare at that ass the rest of your days.

the walking man said...

I personally thought it a touching scene when grandpa was in physical contact with mechanic man. Really putting their heads together to find the hole.

The rest of them if you had skipped BB&B and gone to Wally World instead you could have witnessed the hilarity in real time and given Frick some life lessons on style and culture.