Friday, July 30, 2010

I Can Rest Easy Now

Happy Friday Bloggers!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend. I know I will....for sure.

Cuz there's no peace like knowing your baby is safe.
FRICK is home from Europe!!! And I am happy!
Oh, happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

Thank God.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Divine Intervention

So I was at my store the other day and one of my favorite customers and I were having a chat. We were talking about marriage and spouses and such, seeing as I'm heading down that path again in just 5 short weeks. We talked about longevity and commitment and how marriage is work. I was telling her that my mom has been complaining that she is really frustrated with my dad lately, for one reason or another. My customer then relayed this story to me, which I found to be quite amusing, indeed. I then, immediately relayed the story to my mom. True or not, this is one I will remember.

She told me that she had seen an interview with the Rev Billy Graham and that she always calls it to mind when she is feeling less than amorous with her spouse. She said it gives her peace.
The story goes like this:

The Reverend was asked by the interviewer if the Lord had ever spoken to him directly. The Reverend response was, "Only once." He went on to say that he had been arguing with his wife one day and while shaving his face alone in the bathroom, still stewing over the specifics of their argument, the Lord spoke to him and said, "You're no bargain, either."

I couldn't help but think it was genius.

Whether or not the higher power actually intervened and spoke those words of truth to the Reverend is completely irrelevant to the point, which is, so true.

"You're no bargain, either"

Damn, ain't that the truth.
This is not an endorsement of the Reverends teachings, or a religious or political agenda advancement. It's just a simple take on that age-old commitment of marriage.

It sure puts things into perspective doesn't it?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Would Cheech And Chong Think?

I was watching TV last Friday night and I caught a news story that got my attention.

It was a news piece on the benefits of using medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for adolescents with severe ADD and ADHD. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Fascinated, I watched on. A mother of a 13 year old boy with severe ADHD was talking about how medical marijuana has literally saved her son's life. After years of trying all kinds of drugs and alternative drugs to help her son, the doctor prescribed an unconventional treatment; medical marijuana. The mother reported that her son was instantly able to find his equilibrium and return to school.

While I personally feel like a little hit-off-the-peace-pipe-a-day, may keep the doctor away, I couldn't condone the regular smoking of cannabis for adolescents, as the obvious dangers of smoking anything come into play. The story went on to explain that there are alternative ways to take the pot into the body. Research says that cannabis can be baked into foods and/or made into tea and candy. And that same research is inconclusive. Longitudinal studies are being done to determine the credibility of marijuana as an effective treatment of ADD and ADHD and the findings at this time are undocumented.

Still, people like the mother of the 13 year old feel that she would rather have her son "take a hit" and find his inner balance, then give him large doses of amphetamines and Ritalin which have been unsuccessful in her son's case. Also, proponents of medical dope say there are far too many adults suffering from ADD/ADHD who swear by it. A search of the internets turned up all kinds of pro and con arguments and lots of medical professionals who are either for it, or willing to look at the research on it.

I say if it makes you feel better and works to promote a better life, then I am all for it, as unconventional as it may be. The unfortunate truth is that it's regular use can lead to a lifetime of addiction and other medical problems. But maybe just as much as prescribed narcotics can, and one can argue the "organic" aspect of using marijuana as an alternative treatment. Has society vilified an organic substance that quite possibly could be a "miracle drug" in the treatment of certain disorders? The benefits of cannabis have long been touted as an approved medical treatment in the management of pain and other chronic disorders. Why not now?

Only time will tell, but in the meantime how could we begrudge a teen for using a prescribed substance under a doctors orders, to alleviate a chronic disorder just because society says it's bad for you?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Living On A Prayer

Sorry for the soft porn, but I just couldn't help myself.

I saw the Bon Jovi concert on Saturday night and I just can't get the image of this beautiful man out of my mind. Then I found this photo on the internets and I was lost in a haze for a few moments.....*sigh*

Anyway,(composing myself) the concert ROCKED!!!

What was so interesting to me was that I found I am not alone in my worship of this beautiful creature who has been making women swoon for 27 rockin and rollin years. If your're a regular Daily Dandy reader you know that after My Guy, My Tommy comes a close second and John Bon Jovi is right after Tommy without much room to spare. Hot Damn!

When I arrived at the concert parking lot to commence with the tail gate party, I had to pee really bad so I had no choice but to cross the lot to the where the port-a-pottys were located. On my way over, I noticed the constant sea of myself, everywhere.

And by that I mean, I was demographic in attendance. Forty something, hot MILF'y cougars getting their Bon Jovi on. They were everywhere and they out numbered the males by about 6 to 1. There were a few kids in attendance, but probably because they were there with their hot, MILF'y moms. I was surprised. I remember Bon Jovi being a big 80's band, and I'm sure a lot of those hot, 40 somethings were fans back in the day, but I thought the band had more males than females who were fans.

After our rockin' tail gate, we went into Gillete Stadium to hear the opening act, Kid Rock. Holy sexy! The dude brought the house down. Who knew? I was so utterly entertained and on my feet during his set, I almost wondered if Bon Jovi could follow that act. Kid Rock switched musical genre's during the hour long set and he played EVERY musical instrument on the stage. From funk to soul to rock to rap to country, that skinny little dude put on an amazing show. The crowd loved him! Now I see why Pamela Anderson was married to him for a full 15 minutes.

Of course good old Bon Jovi didn't disappoint. They played for 2 and a half hours and during that time, myself and every other woman in attendance practically lost their breath when John smiled his million dollar smile on the Jumbo-Tron for all to see. Ritchie Sambora isn't too shabby either, and I can't remember having a better time at a concert. I had a few of those, "I forgot they sang this song," moments and was surprised at how much Bon Jovi music is ingrained into the culture of my life.

I went home, blaring my Bon Jovi CD on the ride back and crawled into bed with My Guy. I also might have tapped him on the shoulder, to give him the signal. *wink, wink* I can say with certainty that out of the thousands of swooning women at the show, I was not the only one waking their spouse after arriving home for a little sumpin' sumpin'.

So maybe I was wrong. Maybe Bon Jovi today, have far more male fans than they did before Saturday night for that reason alone.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pillow Talk

Overheard in another stratosphere....

HUNNY: I'm going to be needing some nookie tonight baby, and since when do I have to schedule an "appointment"?

BUNNY: Oh just you wait for the honeymoon, Mister. Rules say that on your honeymoon you have to have nookie EVERY DAY, and at least 2 or 3 times a day.

HUNNY: No, the rule is....

BUNNY: OH NO, you don't get to make the rules.

HUNNY: Why is it that you tell me your rule, and when I try to tell you mine, you jump all over me and yell.

BUNNY: Because mine is a joke.

HUNNY: How do you know mine isn't?

BUNNY: Go ahead.

HUNNY: Rule says that before you are married every time you have sex, you place a penny in a jar. After you are married, you take a penny out of the jar. The rule says you will never be able to empty the jar.

BUNNY: Ha Ha....that better be a joke. Not funny....

I'm not saying that's the conversation that My Guy and I had this morning.

What would make you think that???

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Never Lost, My A**

I got lost this morning with my navigation system.

Can you believe it? That's why this post is late, because my Navi got me lost and I was late for the fridge repair guy and for the bloggersphere. I had to drive Frack to a golf tourney about 45 minutes away very early this morning and by the grace of God I got him there with 6 minutes to spare. It wasn't easy. The Navi let me down.

What's up with a system that was originally dubbed "Never Lost" getting me lost? AND I thought I was going to loose my mind! It kept directing me to the major highway because it is programmed for major roads, but the traffic was unbearable, so I kept driving around hoping it would re-direct me on a back route. I was driving My Guy's car and I don't know exactly how to re-program it for alternate routes, nor did I have time with Frack sitting next to me reminding me every 3 seconds that he was going to be late.

My only saving grace was when we pulled into the course, the official waiting there to check Frack in for golf said he also got lost with his navigation system. He told me he felt my pain. And wouldn't you know it, that little Navi bastard worked perfectly on the ride home. These days I look at driving directions and laugh thinking, "I've got GPS, I'm all set. I just need the address."

Well not anymore. What a joke. If my Navi system works 90% of the time, I refuse to wait around for that 10% malfunction to rear it's ugly head. From now on it's Map Quest and/or driving directions, even if to just make myself familiar with the routes and streets on way to my destination.

The Navi is some what like a bad lover....

When it's good it's sooooo good.

And when it's bad it's just a plain old waste of useful time.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Clean And Sober

If you grew up in the United States in the late 70's, could you ever forget this image and what it stands for?
I'll bet I don't even need to explain it, for it is most likely burned into the memory of every American living in that decade. I thought of this image yesterday when I was talking to Frick from Italy. It went a little something like this:

CANDY: Hi baby! How's Italy?

FRICK: It's hot and beautiful, but mom I was so surprised...It's dirty here.

CANDY: *whispering* (Please don't tell My Guy or we'll never go there) but what do you mean dirty?

FRICK: There's trash all over the place. Today we were on a beautiful beach, but it was covered with litter.

CANDY: Litter? Like trash? How could that be?

FRICK: It's everywhere. I just don't get it.

The image of the crying Indian immediately came to mind and I began to think about how unacceptable littering is in this country. Then I thought of the crying Indian again and I realized that in the 70's that commercial just may have changed the way Americans dispose of unwanted waste. Was it then, that we the people, decided to take care of our planet? And if so, was there ever an advertising campaign more successful?

Frack was shocked that the litter went unattended to and quite frankly, so am I. In the new Millennium I'm stunned that any place in the world turns their head when they see litter on the ground and I'm proud that the country I live in has worked for the last 40 years to give back to our planet. My child was horrified by litter.

For all the bad we do in this country, for once, maybe we got it right?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jersey Chic

Is everyone from New Jersey ridiculous?

It seems like this is what the Reality TV world would like us to believe because the residents of that fine state just keep playing it up getting more and more redonk as time moves on. Case in point; The Cast of the Jersey Shore, MTV's latest reality series about a group of over tanned, over worked out, over accented 20 somethings who live together and "have their lives taped to see what happens."

Truth be told I have never seen one episode of this crapola, and yet I know who The Situation, Snookie and the rest of the gang are. Why? They are the punchline to a million and one jokes. And they are clueless-ly ridiculous. And they are all over every tabloid magazine, their every move scrutinized. And they are laughing all the way to the bank. I heard on the RADIO (see I can't even get away from them in the privacy of my own car) yesterday that they just wrapped up their Miami season, which is airing soon, for which they all received a $10 K raise per episode. Only to be asked to resume shooting immediately back in New Jersey at the shore for the third season.

What's funny is the cast is now holding out for more money per episode because they are rolling in it right now, being paid by night clubs that are standing in line wanting them to promote their clubs. They'll get their raise, too. Not too shabby for a group of Jersey townies whose claim to fame is GTL (gym, tanning, laundry).

Then there's these bitches...

The Real Housewives of New Jersey make being bad look good. Not really, but they are like the biggest train wreck that you can't stop watching. They are so bad that one of the housewives quit the show because she no longer wanted to be associated with the villian of the group. And who could forget the infamous table flip? I believe that will go down in Housewives/TV history. Danielle Staub, the housewife who is most hated, has turned gay? Only time will tell, as she breathlessly tells the cameras last night. Yet I can't wait to find out, as much as I hate myself for admitting that.

These ladies live in their own Jersey world and speak their own Jersey speak and each of them lives a charmed life. So they want us to believe. Table flipper Theresa is rumored to have filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy yet we all know she's making bank fighting Danielle for the cameras. I'm sure she's doing it for the well being of her family. Housewife Jacquline has been deleted from the Mother of the Year ballot, for throwing her 18 year-old daughter to the lions and not having her back.

"It's a very serious situation," Danielle says for the cameras. Ya think?

Jacquine's daughtery Ashley has been charged with assualt for pulling out a large portion of Danielle's hair at a country club fashion show turned brawl. She says she was protecting her mother, whom she thought was hit by Danielle. That same mother who brought her daughter to that fashion show and then kicked her out after the altercation telling her to "go home Ashley." Jaquline then waited by the crying victims car and I'm not sure why.

If that were me. I know for a fact my daughter would have been pinned to the ground by me until I got her into the car and drove her ass out of there. Then she would have never left the house again. I'm just saying...All that crazy play for the cameras is one thing but if my child gets involved all bets are off. What is wrong with these people?

Not all Jersey-ites are like these people. I know because one of my best friends, my college roommate hails from West Orange, NJ. She is the anti-Jersey compared to these bimbos. Educated, classy and articulate and intelligent. The only problem is you can never quite take the Jersey completely from the girl.

It always rears it's ugly head when she orders a simple CAAAWFEE, or coffee as it's known everywhere else in the world.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

I'm off early today....a quick re-cap of the weekend events:

  • the shower was FANTASTIC! Holy crap, I am an ass. It was in one of my most favorite places, the people, the food, the whole of the best day's of my life. The only thing missing was Frick, but she's having a great time in Italy right now.

  • It wasn't your average shower. The theme was lingerie and I got so many beautiful things. Good thing the weight loss tally is at 19 lbs. My Guy is soooo lucky. hee hee.

  • I eneded up staying overnight at the hotel where the the shower was held with my 4 good friends from high school. We had the best time, had wayyyy to many drinks and ended up sleeping in the same bed together. ALL FOUR OF US. Hugh Heffner would have been in heaven. I love those guys.

  • Did I mention I'm still recovering?

  • I'm beginning to enjoy this whole "wedding" process.

  • I couldn't ask for a better family and friends to share this with. I am so grateful for their love and support.

"Lucky is the man who recognizes that his blessings out weigh his problems"........

That's me. Luckiest lady in the world.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Need A Cold Shower

Ok, so if you don't want to hear the most ridiculous, selfish, ungrateful rant then just step away from The Dandy today and have a great weekend.

It's ok, really. If you don't want to hear me sound like the spoiled, self centered, ungrateful little hog that I am, then please navigate to another page. Because what I have to say today just may ruin my saintly streak...(which is a joke because anyone who spends anytime over here knows that I am no saint)

Well, they did it. They managed to get me. Yup they did! They are throwing me a shower tomorrow and I'm pissed. I guess it was supposed to be a surprise, but they had to tell me because I was scheduled to work and I had appointments for make-up applications, which I had to re-schedule. Now I know what you are wonderful! And bridal showers are a wonderful thing.....for a blushing, new bride. WHICH I AM CLEARLY NOT!

Listen, I have been to this particular rodeo before and I am not 23 years old....double that...almost, but not quite, and you have me, older than dirt bride. So here's the thing: I told EVERYONE many months ago when we got engaged, shower. It's really the only thing I requested. I told my family and friends that at my age I do not need anything.....pots, pans, sheets, etc...I'm all set and I already went down the "shower" road the first time. I told them I would much rather have a fun evening out with my girlfriends. I thought I made myself clear.

Evidently not.

Now I have to ooooh and aaaah and open the wonderful gifts that my guests spent their hard earned money on, to honor my committment to my wonderful man, and, I'm sorry, but it's all so unnecessary.(God forgive me)

I didn't want this.

I would have rather bought them all gifts...and for that matter, screw the gifts because that is not what this is about. I'm freaking 4o something years old, and I have been running my household for quite sometime now, I need for nothing except for my "peeps" to join in the celebration.

I know, I'm awful.

And in a way, I'm embarrassed. I'm too old for this crap.

And I asked you NOT to do this.

Please, just come and celebrate. I'm not into the celebration being a financial committment for anyone. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have a family and friends that are willing to go out of their way to celebrate this joyous occasion, and I love them for it.

I really do.

But a shower??? No, please, couldn't we have done it in another way?

I can't stand myself for feeling this way, but I can't help it.

SO what do I do?

Suck it up and put on my best Academy Award performance? When I think about all the money and effort that has UNNECESSARILY gone into tomorrow, I feel like I owe it to everyone to shut up and put up, and how awful that sounds.....How lucky am I? What an ungrateful little hog.

I suck on so many levels.

So, don't tell anyone my secret. I have the best, most loving family and friends on the planet. I'm about to marry the most wonderful guy and I have been blessed in so many ways. My inner circle care only abut my happiness and they want to mark the occasion with the showering of's tradition.

I get it.

Even if I don't want it. I'm grateful that they love me enough to want to make me feel special.

Even if they don't listen to a Goddam word I say anyway.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I can't even imagine what the camel toe in the front looks like......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New York State Of Mind

I may get kicked out of The Nation for this and my membership revoked forever, but today I will remember one of baseball's legends.
Love him or hate him, George Steinbrenner was the New York Yankees. George Steinbrenner is the New York Yankees. The Boss will always be synonymous with the pinstripes. And all he cared about was winning.

"Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next. "

Word is that Steinbrenner was the lead partner of an ownership group who bought the struggling New York Yankees from CBS for $8.8 million in 1973. His investment? Less than a million. In the 37 years that followed, The Boss turned the organization into one that he recently passed on to his sons worth over $1 billion.

So how did he manage to do that? Steinbrenner was tough, controversial, pushy, outrageous and passionate about his team, and he lived to win. George saw his team win 11 pennants and 7 world titles, most recently in the last year of his life. He was even banned from baseball for life in 1990 only to be reinstated three years later. The Boss made it clear: you played his way or you took the highway and his way was winning, plain and simple. During the Steinbrenner years he fired managers 21 times and changed general managers more that half of that, because The Boss played by his own rules and because he could.

"Owning the Yankees is like owning the Mona Lisa."

He made baseball his business and he earned a handsome profit for that business. He turned the New York Yankees into one of the most valuable baseball franchises ever. He was loved, hated, loved again, and hated again but all the while respected. He did things for charity, and would surprise people with his acts of kindness. Word is that when Jon Lester was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, a large arrangement of flowers were sent from the only team to acknowledge his battle, the New York Yankees. Insiders say it was a direct order from The Boss.

When I heard the news of his passing, I felt a sadness in my heart. That same heart that bleeds red and blue for my beloved Red Sox. To us, he was Darth Vader Steinbrenner. The imperious leader of the Evil Empire, and Sox fans may never live to hate another owner with such a fervor.

"I will never have a heart attack. I give them."
Somewhere up there today, we know that God must be wearing pinstripes.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's Special: Sexy Zen

For those of you who don't know me, by day, I am a retailer of fine beauty products. Every once in a while, my expert eye will capture something that defies all logic in it's perfection and every once in a while my expert eye will capture something that just plain old sucks..Nature of the beast.

Today I want to tell you about the former, because the product I'm about to explain is a home run in any ball park. Fellas, listen up, because if you gift your lady with some of THIS, you will most definitely be King.
kai fragrance is unique and special and just about everybody loves it. I can't keep the stuff in stock and this is my SLOW time, yet 90% of my clients walk out of my store with something from the kai fragrance line. It's that good. It's that sexy. It's that unique....and it smells different on everyone. Let me explain.

kai was created by Gaye Straza who spent her life vacationing in tropical climates. She created the scent for herself, designing it with the white flowers she loved. While wearing it on Madison Avenue in NYC, a fashion editor stopped her and inquired where she could get this incredible scent. The rest is kai history.

It's unique scent is different on everyone and positively intoxicating. AS I told you 90% of my clients leave my spot with something from kai. I placed the roll on perfume oil, $45.00, at the register at point of purchase and ask my clients if they ever heard of kai. I then explain a little bit about it, let them smell it to make sure they like it, then tell them to apply it to the pulse points and go home. 9 out of 10 return the next day to purchase. I cannot lie, it's really that simple.

kai has several ways to enjoy the scent beginning with the roll on perfume oil. Small and concentrated, this $45.00 mini roll on is perfect to put in your purse. The kai dry oil $30.00 is like nothing I have ever experienced.

Simply applied in a small spray bottle, this hydrating oil is sprayed all over the body and rubbed in until it is dry. Completely. No oily residue. All you are left with is glowing skin and a heavenly scent. kai also has body lotion, body wash, and a salt and sugar body polisher seeped in rich oils scented with kai that gives the user a healthy glowing skin after the shower.
But the big seller, the big Kahuna, at least at The Candy Bar, is the kai body buffer. I got a dozen in on Thursday and today I have 5 left.

These white sponges, packed with palm, coconut, and olive oil, release the kai scent in white foaming bubbles when wet. You get 2 sponges, each good for 30 washes, all for, are you ready,...$36.00. That's two months of kai craziness in your shower for $36.00.

Now, I don't do a lot of pimping out of my store here on The Dandy, but if you are interested in purchasing kai for yourself or your lady, or a friend, click this link to The Candy Bar and call the store. We will ship it to you, with free shipping. If you don't want to do business with me, click the kai link above and order direct. Either way, you won't be sorry. You'll be in heaven.

kai is like nothing I've ever used before.

Heck, even Oprah has it on her favorites list.

And so does Candy over at Candy's Daily Dandy. Take that Oprah.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Personality Test

Everyday I read my horoscope. Some day's it is dead on accurate, and some day's it's like they are talking about someone from another planet. Nevertheless, everyday I read my horoscope looking for some sort of psychic lead. So I have to wonder, if I, a reasonably intelligent woman, look to the teachings of the astrological sign I was born under for daily guidance, how accurate are Zodiac signs in predicting personality?
Using myself as an example, let's put it to the test. My sign is Sagittarius. A quick google check reveals:

Half-man, half-ass, so far-check. Since I posses a Master's Degree, I guess you could say I am interested in learning and my mother always teases me that I am the first to pack my bag and wait in line at the airport, so I would agree that this is accurate.

Focused and determined are traits I posses. I never give up. I beat that horse till it has died many deaths.

I always said the best way for me to learn Italian is to move there for a year or two. Really.

I never had an aptitude for a musical instrument until later in life when my daughter did not want to take piano lessons. One day she cried when her teacher showed up. I was embarrassed, so I had the teacher give me the hour lesson, only to find that I enjoyed it. I became quite good. Who knew? I was the oldest person at that year's piano recital where I played "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin. My undergrad focus was communications and my Masters is in Journalism. I worked in television for the first seven years after college and loved every minute of it.

Church goer?
They must be talking about that alien again..

While I try my best, I will take the good mother thing for my own although Frick and Frack may beg to differ. I always thought I was too smart to be just a lady who lunched. I guess this validates that.

Huh? I don't think I own any. All of my jewelry was stolen in Sept. 2005 when my home was robbed.

So just in case any of you want to get me a little something for my birthday......

Friday, July 9, 2010

Q& A With A Basketball Fan

Q: So Candy, what did you think of Lebron James' "Big Announcement" last night?

A: I'm so surprised by all the hoopla. And I don't mean that tongue and cheek. Really? Is my life effected by last night's big announcement that Lebron will sign with the Miami Heat? Yes and no.

Q: Yes and No? How so?

A: No. I really don't give a good Goddamn where King James chooses to play the rest of his years out. BUT, will it effect my life? Maybe. Come next June when the Celtics are in the playoffs, maybe I will care when Boston has to face the stacked Miami Heat in the playoffs. I cannot lie.

Q: Are you worried about the prospect of a new "Big Three" (James, Wade and Bosh) in the Eastern Conference?

A: Listen, if James were coming to the Celtics, this would be a much different post. But the fact of the matter is, three years ago I felt the same electricity the people of Miami are feeling right now. AND we have a World Championship to prove it. Am I worried? Sort of. Do I blame Lebron for wanting a World Championship? No. How could I? The supposed Best Player in the NBA has shocked the world by leaving Cleveland and let's face it, the dude didn't have the team behind him to take home the banner. So he has made a decision to put himself in the best position to be part of a championship team. It's what little boys dream of and fans alike. No, Lebron James has a dream. I don't blame him at all.

Q: Do you think the Heat will dominate the league now?

A: Maybe. Only time will tell. If they don't there are going to be a lot of people who will love every minute of it.

Q: Do you think Lebron is worthy of all the hype?

A: Look, I am a Celtic's fan first, and all other b-ball played throughout the season is a highlight on Sports Center or a blurb in my beloved Boston Herald. Lebron is an above average player who has not yet realized his potential. If that is measured in World Championships, then he has been a huge disappointment. But he is no Michael Jordan. Sorry. The press and the drama surrounding this announcement has been nothing short of ridiculous. AND no, I did not watch it live. I have been listening all week to sports radio and by Tuesday I was already over the whole thing. I love basketball as much as the next guy, but James is nothing more than over rated in my book. If he makes an impact then I will be the first to eat those words. As much as it pains me to say this, I think Kobe is a better player. James is nasty on the outside shot and making the drive to the hoop but Kobe's got the whole package. And don't think I enjoy admitting that.

Q: You mean King James dosen't deserve that title?

A: Lebron has won the league MVP for the last two years but has he made an impact and transcended the game like Michael Jordan? No. Not even close. Just my opinion. When Jordan was playing he "floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee". You know where I am going with this...James has to prove himself to hold Jordan's jock strap. For sure.

Q: Candy, tell us how you really feel?

A: Sick. Really Lebron? Why couldn't you have just announced it with your new teammates, Wade and Bosh. I gotta ask you, who the hell do you think you are? The King?
Make no mistake, there was only one King and he died sitting on the hopper on August 16th, 1977.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Plain Weird

So I'm reading a magazine yesterday, an old US Weekly, (riveting, I know) and I come across a small story that literally left me numb for a moment. It was one of those little blurbs in the news-y section of the mag where they announce things like pregnancies and births. It said simply,

"Patrick McDermott, former boyfriend of Olivia Newton John who disappeared in 2005 has been found alive and living in Mexico after faking his own death."

Now believe me, I have more pressing things that send me into a tizzy in my life, but this one had me fascinated. I remember watching a Dateline about his whole disappearance and they even interviewed Olivia for the broadcast. She said she was devastated by his "death". She spoke about how much she loved him and how they were connected, and she later took the news crew out to her backyard where she had erected a large rock garden in his honor. She said it brought her peace to go there and pray for him and talk to him and it helped her through her grief.

And the dude faked the whole thing.

So I gotta ask myself, how connected could they have been? The man faked his death to get out of reportedly $30,000.00 debt so his son could recover the $100,000.00 life insurance. Are you kidding me? I'm sure O-New-Jo spent more than $30K on her rock garden. $30K seems like a drop in the bucket for her, so if they were so connected, why didn't he just ask her for the money?

Something seems fishy here, or is it just me?

And why in God's name, did Dateline NBC hire private investigators to find Patrick McDermott? What did they stand to gain, beside a "news scoop"? Was it worth it? How much money and resources were spent to find this elusive man, who obviously did not want to be found, when that effort and money may have been better spent looking for dangerous fugitives or missing children. The whole thing is just plain weird, and now that they have found this guy, he says he does not wish to be "hounded" by the media or investigators.
Yeah, just let him live out the rest of his lie in peace.

Whatever. I'll still be facinated if I see the follow up to this story in print, but it sounds to me like the guy just wants to disappear. After he repay's his debt and answers for the faking his death thing, I think he should be allowed to go back into hiding, or obscurity, or whatever it is they are calling it now.

Grifters tend to like it that way.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Thief

Let's have a debate today. At issue:

PRO SIDE: Lindsay Lohan is a young, troubled girl who should not be sentenced to jail time, but should be sentenced to a rehabilitation program for 90 days to try and cure her addiction to alcohol and illegal substances. She has tried to do what was asked of her, but she has to work to provide for herself and her schedule is very difficult to balance. She claims that this is not a joke, that she took it very seriously. She was under the assumption that it was OK to miss the court appointed classes because she was working.

CON SIDE: Are you F*CK-ing kidding me?? She's just like the thief who's not sorry she stole, but EVER SO SORRY she got caught. Welcome to the real world Lindsay, the one where no one gives a good goddam who you are. She has had more than enough chances to "take this seriously". 90 days is nothing for to the balls she has shown in thinking that the law does not apply to her, because at one time she had a promising Hollywood career. And, "working" as she calls it, is not jet setting all over the world, snorting cocaine and taking pictures with the paparazzi. Game over sister, thank God.

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fab Ad

It's early Tuesday and I'm off to the golf course but I wanted to share this commercial that I saw yesterday with you. It actually caused me to laugh out loud....literally and I love it when that happens

It is brilliant in it's execution and the people at Doritios made me root for the cute little old man in this ad.

I actually wanted him to get the Doritios.

What happens here is pure brilliance.

Friday, July 2, 2010

July Moves Forth

Happy Forth Bloggers!

I'm taking off today, (after work) to Cape Cod for a long weekend to observe the holiday with my loved ones. I'll be back here on Tuesday morning.

I want to give a BIG BLOGGER shout out to my friends Cora and Scope as they enter into the bonds of holy matrimony on Saturday!!!! I'm so happy for you both. God Bless and enjoy every minute of your big day. (I wish I could have been there)

I also want to say best wishes to my best friend, who decided to pull off her wedding this weekend. It all happened in a week and sometimes that 's the best way to do it. I'll be there to witness your moment, shed a few happy tears and toast you and your groom into a new life. I can't wait.

As July moves forth, life does too and we come to realize how precious it really is when you share it with someone you love.

So share your forth with the love of your life and cherish the memories!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fore Crying Out Loud

Yesterday's post was about Frick, (and she arrived in London safely last night, thank God), today I want to talk about Frack.

In case I never told you before, Frack is golfer and has been since he was 1 yr old. Yes, you read that right, 1 yr old. When Frack was two, he was featured prominently on the front page of The Boston Herald hitting a golf ball. The world then came-a-calling. People heard about my little, tiny, baby through word of mouth. My EX used to take him to an indoor driving range and because the little bugger hit the ball like you wouldn't believe, word spread and the newspaper called us to do a story.

Great, we thought at the time, a cute story in the newspaper for his scrapbook. We had no idea what would follow. During that year we regularly got boxes from golf companies containing balls, clothes, shoes, you name it, anything for him to wear while on his media frenzy. He was featured on the Conan O'Brien Show, The Howie Mandel Show, Prime Time Country, a Japanese newspaper, and Inside Edition filmed his second birthday party.

Frack even got a hole in one at the age of three. Yup, my EX let him drive a ball from the ladies tees on a 83 yard hole. Two golfers were putting on the green at the time, and the golfers began screaming. My EX wasn't quite sure what had happened exactly, he thought they were mad because the ball rolled onto the green, but they were yelling because it went into the hole.

Safe to say that Frack hit his golf stride at a very young age. The years went by and Frack began winning local tournaments and being from MA, he was certainly a big fish in a small pond. As he began to grow, so did the kids around him, and eventually, around the age of 9, they caught up to him. This coincided with the breakup of my marriage and it wasn't very pleasant for any of us. I think Frick and Frack bore the brunt of the negativity, and from around the ages of 9-13, Frack began having difficulty on the course.

Now I'm not blaming anyone-because anyone who competitively plays this game knows that golf is a game of the mind. Control in your brain is key. During the past 4 tumultuous years, Frack and his dad put a lot of unnecessary pressure on my boy to win. I watched as he suffered one loss after another and he couldn't quite figure out why this gift he had been given had deserted him. He was beyond frustrated and it effected him dramatically. He never gave up though, I have to give him that. A better man may not have subjected himself to the constant disappointment.

In the past year, Frack has grown, not as much physically, as mentally apart from his father and myself. The last year saw him playing in tournaments without a caddy, and it may have been the best thing for him. This year he began his season, as he always does, with the pack of kids he knows from years of competitive play. At 14 years old, those same kids are now all much bigger than him, as they have hit their growth spurts and Frack has not. (He's still wearing the same clothes from last year) Those same kids now out drive Frack on the tee box by 20 0r 30 yards.

Oh no, I thought, another season of frustration for Frack, but this year I saw something is different. Frack's attitude has improved greatly. He seems to be in control of his emotions and thinking a great game. BY GOD, he's having....dare I say it....FUN! And two days ago he shot the round of his life and won the tournament. It's still early in the season and he's got all summer to play more tournaments, but I think Frack has finally figured out how to play golf for HIMSELF and no one else.

He's shooting great golf right now, best he has played in seven or eight years, and I see a whole new kid. I couldn't be more pleased. I think Frack has figured it out and I see that love of the game in his stride again. The best part? He did it all on his own. With no one breathing down his neck, pushing him. No matter what happens, I'm glad he's working hard because come fall he will enter into something he has been waiting for since he was two years old. The high school golf team. Last year our school won the State Championship.

But forget all that.

All I care about is that the fun and the confidence is back in his game. The end result really does not matter. After Monday's round, where he finished in third place, he said to me when we got in the car. "Mom, when I get as tall as all of them, those guys are in for a rude awakening."

Like I always told him, "The world steps aside for a man who knows where he is going."