Thursday, August 2, 2012


So I take Frick shopping yesterday for college, cuz you know, first year and all, and we are not quite sure exactly what she's going to need. I know it's hard to believe, but it wasn't that long ago that I was in college. So we make our list and we go off to college dorm headquarters: Bed, Bath and Beyond.

We already got all her bedding at Pottery Barn Dorm, (a GREAT deal btw) and now we needed to find all the extra little things she will be needing. Upon entering Bed Bath and Beyond, we were immediately greeted with huge signs announcing their college program. You can sign up. like a registry, and scan all of the items you want, then pick them up and pay for them at a Bed, Bath and Beyond near your college. They even had a print out for your specific college (NYU) and a list of what to bring and what not to bring.

This was great! But completely overwhelming to say the least. They provide check lists for college dorm room and the options? Holy cow, you can pimp a college dorm room out to your heart's content if not your wallet.

We spent over three and a half hours pouring over the items, and they get you with all of the special little things. Take for example the bed bug thing. Since Frick is going to New York city, I have to consider the fact that bed bugs could turn out to be an issue. Bed, Bath and Beyond has the solution, of course, with special mattress protectors, pillow protectors and bed bug spray. Yes, please. We added them to our cart. Then she needs organizers for the closet, her shoes, the bathroom, her desk top, and don't forget kitchen and cleaning supplies and now we are just getting started. A safe? For valuables, yes of course. Then she needs wall coverings, towels, and a bean bag chair. Why not?

When we were done we spent way over $1000.00. Crazy? I have been going over it in my head. Does she need it? I decided it is all necessary, but here's the thing: Some we took home with us but most we left on the registry to be picked up in NYC. Now I'm thinking that if we pick it up there and pay for it there, we will be paying a much higher sales tax rate. Is it worth it for the convenience? Or will we be loading the car down with more stuff, thereby using more fuel? You see my conundrum?

There is but one saving grace.

Bed, Bath and Beyond will accept as many coupons as we have items. This is a very good thing and may save my sales tax dilemma.

So help a blogger out and please send any and all coupons for BB&B my way, because I forgot to mention that at the exact same time we have begun all this madness......the tuition bill arrived.

Lord have mercy.


Heff said...


"BedBug & Beyond" is WAAAY overpriced.

I've also never heard of "Bed, Bath, & Beyondians" before - No hope for becoming a celebrity whilst shopping THERE.

SkylersDad said...

This is beyond the point of your post, but I always ask to speak to somebody in the beyond department when I go there. I am sure they find me as entertaining as I think I am...

the walking man said...

So where does one find BB&B coupons?

My ideal of a college life was finding a quiet place making a camp close to the college and living outside. If you smell bad enough someone would always let you use their shower for a couple of bucks.

Scope said...

Ah, the "Never expire 20% Off" coupons. Gotta love 'em.

I am so not looking forward to those tuition bills in a few years, but will gladly pay them, too. :-)

the walking man said...

Scope you will pay them buddy but trust me after 3 it will not be gladly, maybe not begrudgingly but certainly not gladly.

Scope said...

Walking Man: My (step)daughter is a Highlander. There can be only one.

Bill said...

Really? And I thought all that was required for college was a laptop, desk, pizza, beer and a bed. Apparently consumerism is now part of admission requirements.

Alex cox said...

Why you guys are so much concerned about there Bed & Bath.