Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola Thots

I'm sorry to make a joke about something so serious, but I hardly know what else to do.

 It's all around us. It leads our news casts. It captures front page headlines. It's shared on social media and it's sprinkled into casual conversations so it's safe to say the world is not safe. 

I worry about my daughter. Studying in London and has already been to both Germany and Paris this month. The biggest problem she faces right now is what pub will she go to and how much it will cost? She thinks my warnings of being aware and being cautious are silly. How can I protect her? I worry about my son. Traveling on an airplane this weekend, domestically to come home, yet  part of me wants him to stay put. 

I thought about myself. I work with the public everyday. I apply makeup to people which requires close personal contact with them. How do I protect my staff? Myself? My clients? Panic is not our friend so collectively we apply logic to try and fail-safe measures and we listen to the experts. We don't need pandemonium.  The government is already scrambling. The experts are speaking and the medical professionals are putting their lives in jeopardy for the greater good. 

Punch "Ebola" into a Google search and see what you get. What do you believe and what do you follow? The CDC is talking to a ravenous public and we are listening, hanging on their every word and Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller are arguing about Dr Nancy Snyderman violating an Ebola isolation agreement.

All we can do is watch and wait. And wait and watch what happens and how it all plays out. All the while,  maybe not willing to admit we are concerned, that there is a slight frenzy over the outbreak in our own back yard. 

I'm going to do my part and admit, I'm concerned.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Into God's Hands

I lost a member of my family yesterday.
While this woman was not very close to us in recent history, she was at one point someone we cared about.

There was no personal reason for our loss of contact in recent years. No horrible tragedies or awful disagreements, but only that she became the victim of neglect and she didn't deserve it. She became a forgotten, inconvenient soul in the end and for that I am sad. Her life was a cautionary tale and I wonder if in her advanced years, sort of gave up. Falling victim to the cancer we surprisingly found out about in the end. There will be no memorial, no services or finger sandwiches and coffee with memories. Just silence for her soul.

I speak of her today so that she may know that her memory lives on in me. And the love I once felt for a family member meant something. Love is real, but never logical. Love is the only thing we know to be true.

I want you all to know that she mattered and that she was loved and anyone to else that reads this too. So she will know someone cared.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cuz H's are EW!

I define myself in many ways; mother, wife, entrepreneur, and friend to name a few. But there is a part of me that lives on inside the woman that is all which I have described.

That part of me is still a 12 year old girl.

That's why I think this is so funny, brilliant, endearing and SPOT ON accurate!
It also makes me an even bigger Jimmy Fallon if that's even really.

This is the latest from the EW! franchise and I fricken love it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed

Ahhh, fresh off my "mini-cation" and I feel great! Nothing like a few days of R&R, good friends, shopping, laughing and eating to your heart's content! I tell ya, I could get used to this empty nest thing!

A few observations on the weekend:

  • I love my blogger buddies! MarkD60 even though we have never met, I'm pleasantly surprised that you know me so well and that's awesome! You win the prize on where I went!
  • Nothing like a Florida sunset, the open ocean, a couple of drinks and the love of some great friends. The foods and drinks taste better when you are with people you love, don't you agree? The gorgeous backdrop doesn't hurt either. 
  • My Tommy! YES! My Tommy silenced the critics and everyone else who wanted to spew poison and spread crap about my boy and his commitment to his team. OK, so we won a big one. I'm not a romantic fool. I know that the team's problems are a lot bigger than anyone really knows, but I'm also not one to question it. For now, I'll happily take the momentum and move forward to Buffalo. You go Tommy!!  
  • Funny, on Sunday afternoon, when we were sitting out at the beautiful bar on the beach looking at the sunset having drinks, we were chatting with the fun people sitting next to us. They were from Cincinnati and they were talking serious trash about how they were going to kill us in Sunday night's game. Believe it or not we took it! We bowed our heads and agreed that this may not be the Pats year and that there were serious issues with the team, with Brady-hes not happy, blah, blah, blah. We quietly and uncharacteristically agreed with the trash talk.......I couldn't help but think of them halfway through the first quarter of the game. 
  • It always takes my dogs a good hour to re acclimate to us coming home. I read once that it causes stress to the "pack" when you separate dogs that live together. They must have been stressed this weekend, because they really take their time about getting right back into the family routine when we get home. It's like they are pissed at us or something. 
  •  Happy are those who come home to rest their heads. As fun as it is to get away for a bit, it's always good to come home. That goes for here too bloggers! I'm happy to be back!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

No Place I'd Rather Be

I'm taking a little magic carpet ride this weekend!

A much needed little get away, because my mind is on overload these days. I know we are all busy and crazy with our lives and work, but lately I have been letting it get to me. Stress is a silent killer. I carry all my stress in my upper body. My neck and shoulders are the bearers of stress for me and occasionally I come up with a stress headache. And right about now I could really use a massage.

I'm so much smarter that that. I need to learn to let it go...

Now that I've got all this time to myself, instead of taking it slower I seem to be gearing up and trying to conquer the world. But I'm learning fast that you can't take on the world with out psychical consequences. So I've decided that a small respite, a cocktail, some warm weather and some me time is just what the doctor ordered.

I will be gone from Friday, Oct 3rd 2014 to Monday, Oct 6th 2014. I will return to the bloggersphere on Tuesday, Oct 7th, 2014 and hopefully I will have some hilarious situation that happened over the weekend that we can all opine with our fabulous wisdom.

Have a great weekend bloggers, and please...try to let it go. You know what I mean?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This One's A Beauty

It's about the size of a grape.

Packed inside that tiny green grape sponge is a whole lotta beauty punch! I am so very proud to introduce to you the Beautyblender Micro Mini

Original Beautyblender is long since a #1 Best Seller at The Candy Bar, it's baby sister is just as wonderful and just as powerful as the original. The patented open cell structure of the sponge allows the moisture to hold inside making the sponge "full". Makeup sits on top of the sponge so that product is not absorbed resulting in less product waste every time.

Designed for expert contour and highlighting, this mini sponge helps you to complete makeup application like the pro's.  Swipe a darker pigment in the hollows of your cheeks and blend for contour. Bounce your favorite highlighter on the tops of your cheeks for a gorgeous glow and bounce the pointed top of the mini egg on the inner eye corners for smoothing and complexion perfection. Did I mention how great this baby (literally) is for getting into hard to reach areas? Use it for mineral powders! Use it for mineral powder eye shadows and blend darker pigments flawlessly. It's quite possibly the most perfect mini blending tool in the world! It just may be the ONLY mini blending sponge in the world, and it's compact size makes portability a dream.

It debuted earlier in the month at New York Fashion Week and created a huge beauty buzz. The Beautyblender Micro Mini will change your life! Trust me when I tell you there are no sour grapes about this one.