Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Was Just Thinking....

  • BAG LADY: I have serious issues. In the past month I have bought/received 5 handbags. And not cheap ones. I have very expensive taste and once I get one I am on to the next one. Each one unique and expensive. My Guy is constantly telling me that he is going to sell my old, expensive handbags on Ebay and finance a trip around the world for BOTH of us. Like I said- I have serious issues.

  • REAL EYES: Remember I told you about how blind I am? Well guess what? I got CONTACTS!!! Yes, me-I got contacts for what's called monovision. One contact is for distance and the other is for up close reading. So far so good! It's been 4 days and I haven't reached for my glasses once while I am at work, which is highly unusual for me. Most people comment on my FAB Tom Ford glasses, but the contacts are working great, so I don't need them for my day to day work duties. There is one small problem though-I am not the best at inserting them and removing them. They say this comes with practice and I really hope so because it took me over an hour the first day to put them in, 45 minutes the next two days, but today? 9 MINUTES TOTAL! This could be a good thing!

  • PEACE YET SORROW: They found the wreckage in the ocean off Indonesia of the AirAsia plane that disappeared a few days ago.Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for the victims and families of the passengers on board. I am, however, grateful for a resolution to the tragedy for the loved ones. Unlike the Malaysian Airline plane that disappeared and was never recovered earlier this year. I cant help but think that those families must live in some kind of "Lost" fantasy from time to time.

  • I WANNA BE A BILLIONAIRE: Saw "Guardians of The Galaxy" last night. What a terrific movie! I absolutely loved it. Here's the thing, I have seen this movie advertised on iTunes, On Demand, Apple TV and thought it looked stupid so I breezed over it a million times. My BFF, who sees every movie imaginable in the theaters, also commented that it was a great movie, but I still considered it  to be what looked like a dud. Then I saw an "Best movies of 2014" end of year list that had it at #1. It grossed over 1.8 BILLION dollars so far, so My Guy and I decided to watch it with reservations. Boy were we wrong! There are 1.8 billion reasons to love this movie. I highly recommend it.

  • NEW YORK STATE OF MIND: Frick is BACK and we are going to NYC on Thursday to get her situated in her most beloved city. I am so happy that my baby is back on American terra firma and going back to the place she calls home. I miss the city too-I haven't been back since the summer. I love seeing her in her element. It warms a mother's heart.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas From Candy's Daily Dandy

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through The Dandy,
Every creature was stirring,  not least of all Candy. 
The stockings were hung and the fake tree was trimmed, while the Christmas bling sparkled from each perfect little limb.

The Children weren't nestled, nor snug, nor in bed,
They were laughing and drinking and making merry instead!
Frick and Frack were adults, now living on their own while Candy and Her Guy kept the fires burning at home. With the college kids away for most of the year, the empty nesters adjusted but held the holidays dear. A full house was a joy to behold for a time. Is that so much to ask, or would the kids consider it a crime?

And Candy dressed in Gucci and her Guy  in Tom Ford,  while Frick regaled them  with stories from her time spent abroad. The crest on the sparkle of the new life they lead gave way to their happiness, no more worry or dread. Frack was so pleased living life in the South, and he told them of college adventures from his very own mouth! 

When out on the lawn Buddy was causing a clatter, Candy rose from her Manolo's to see what was the matter. Since Buddy was the lone dog left in the house, he was running and chasing things much bigger than a mouse. A deer? A turkey? A bird or a raccoon? Surely that dog was as crazy as a loon!

While the celebration went on, fun and joy was abound so Candy decided to reflect during some quiet time she had found. Another year, she thought,  she felt blessed and at peace,  such love to be part of, she hoped never would it cease. Content in this thought, Candy wondered what would her Christmas wish be, when she realized that really, she had everything she would ever need. 

So she wished for others the same joy that she felt, and she was grateful for another year under her belt. And I heard her exclaim to every person to hear,

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

There's No Crying In Cooking..

Picture this:
Candy in the kitchen cooking all the family's holiday favorite foods on Sunday. Christmas music playing festively in the background and the family comfortably nestled around hearth and home. It's a beautiful holiday picture...until it came time to chop up the onions. The kids were horrified by mom's sudden red and tearing eyes and I was stifled by the pain and stinging.

I tried some of my best known tricks for stopping the torture while chopping onions

  • Put a match stick between your teeth. (I tried both lit and not lit)
  • Run the water while chopping.
  • Light a candle.
None of them worked. I was crying like a little baby-and the stinging was so painful that I had to stop completely more than once. I even contemplated shorting the recipe of chopped onions because I seriously couldn't put myself through the agony for one more second.

There's no "Holly Jolly Christmas" without everybody's favorite foods-so what am I to do? What do you do? Because seriously-I'm considering using the scuba mask like my friend in the picture above. Legend has it that as the onions grow under the ground absorb the sulfurs from the earth that cause the painful gasses to emit when chopping. 

A quick internet search shows several tried and true ways to stop the tearing. I'm ready and willing to try anything at this point:

  • Cut an onion under the vent-put a cutting board on the stove top and turn on the vent overhead. The ventilation fan is supposed to redirect the fumes away from your eyes. 
  • Wear goggles-you can purchase specifically designed goggles for onion cutting, but everything that I read says swimming goggles work just as well.
  • Freeze the onion-put the onion in the freezer 15 minutes before chopping. Theory is that the cold inhibits the onion's release of the painful gasses.  
  • Put a piece of bread in your mouth-probably the easiest and most effective. The thinking here is that the bread absorbs all the bad stuff, but users of this method report that your mouth will water while chopping causing one soggy piece if bread in the end. 
All in all-I don't care which one causes what as long as it works! Because a Christmas without onions is like the year without a Santa Claus!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Just Cause

I am a person who hates an injustice.

Recently I have discovered that it has been a theme in my life. I always fight for justice. Justice in myself and justice for others, I tend to stand up for the injustice of it all. So it was recently that I remembered that I was not always just in my life.

The memory came to me upon reflection. I was in 6th grade and I remembered bullying a young red headed girl in my school. I'm not proud nor am I exactly sure why it happened, but I definitely singled her out for whatever reason. She probably pushed some of my buttons, so I decided to make her a target of my anger.

I called her ugly. Daily.
I preyed on her because I considered her to be weak.
I intimidated her with physical threats like my brother had intimidated me, and I was good at it because he was a pro at terrorizing me.

As I reflected on this memory, I remembered her face. Scared and red from crying, she tried her best to let me know she wasn't going to take it lying down. But I knew she was and I wanted it that way. And I used it against her. It didn't go on for very long, as our parents were called and discussions took place between me and my parents and it was swiftly put to an end. And again, I'm not sure why I had chosen this innocent girl to unleash my special kind of terror.

Maybe I knew I was stronger.
Maybe I decided that she would be my target because I was sick of being his.
Yet I can't get the image of her frightened face out of my mind today.

So I want to say to you, Michelle, I am deeply sorry for any pain I caused you back in 6th grade, on the play grounds of the Sheehan school. I'm sure I was sorry then, but I am certain I am very sorry now. My hope is that you have forgiven me for my adolescent angst against you and that it may bring you some perspective to share with your own children.Maybe even a nugget of wisdom.

Because there must be some justice in that...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Today's Special: Top Five Beauty Must Haves

With the last week of the holiday's upon us, I decided to give you my Top 5 Beauty "Must Haves", so that your and yours can have a merry little, beautiful Christmas now!

Topping my list:

1. Eve Lom Cleanser-Voted by Vogue Magazine "probably the best cleanser in the world", this balm cleanser is no short of a beauty wonder. Created by the legendary, world renound esthetician Eve Lom, the award winning cleanser is the basis of her international, best selling line of skin care. Expertly balanced for all types of skin and skin concerns, it deep cleanses, exfoliates and leaves skin radiant and hydrated. Applied with a dry hand to a dry face, it emulsifies into a sleek oil that removes all traces of dirt and makeup. Using the warm, dampened muslin cloth (that comes in the box) to swipe away impurities, your skin is left with an amazing ENVIOUS glow that your more often than not will be asked to explain. In 3 sizes, it starts at $50.00 for 50 ML of gorgeous skin. You won't believe your complexion, or the fact that you just cleansed it with a gorgeous aromatherapy oil that won't clog pores! PURCHASE HERE.

2. Skin An Apothecary Soy Body Whip-If the previous product is the best in it's category, then this body moisturizer tops all the others for hydrating your body and leaves the competition in the dust! This fluffy, soy based cream is enriched with Vitamin C and Paraben free. The whipped cream soaks into the skin leaving it virtually grease less and amazingly soft. It's like nothing I've ever tried. It literally transforms dry, dull skin into supple, soft glowing skin. It's a Candy Bar best seller and can be PURCHASED HERE.

3. Nest Candles and Diffusers-Nest candles are a long time favorite of mine. These gorgeous scented candles permeate the entire perimeter of your home! My recommendation for this time of the year? Nest Holiday candle in the 3-wick jar is not only long lasting and gorgeous, but will give you the happy scent of the holidays for your friends and family to enjoy. Expertly blended with pomegranate, Mandarin Orange, pine, clove , cinnamon and a hint of vanilla and amber, even Santa will appreciate the joyful scent of the holidays in your home. PURCHASE HERE

4. Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara-The Candy Bar's #1 selling product! This tubular formula actually wraps around your lashes creating little tubes that adhere to your own lashes, which allow you to create length and volume with out clumping. It won't smear, smudge or dot onto the eye area and comes off easily with soap and water. This is a stocking stuffer that's sure to please and it only comes in one color-black-so the decision of color is already made for you! PURCHASED HERE.

5. UNO de50 Jewelry-You can never go wrong with a gorgeous gift of jewelry. UNO de50, Spain's premier jeweler has the most unique, distinctive and discriminating designs, perfect for the woman who wants to stand out among the crowd. Sterling silver, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces so remarkable, the toughest decision will be choosing just one! Shop the world of UNO de50! PURCHASE HERE.

Happy shopping bloggers! 10 days and counting!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

2 Weeks Till C-Day

Hey Bloggers! It's just about 2 weeks and counting till the day that Santa lets us all know if we have been naughty or nice! Judging by these photos, there's going to be a lot of coal passed around, Just sayin...

Not sure if this dude is serious or not, but in a very small way the suit is kinda bad ass..scratch that-it's just bad!

The funny thing here is that Dad find absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. I can just hear him, in response to his daughters horrror, "What?"

The modern Addams family. Hey, they like to spread the Xmas cheer too! 

Oh my...What the? Uhhh, I guess I will reserve judgement here. I'm all for flying your freak flag. Right? 

But this?This is just too creepy for words. Well there are two words that come to mind: "Jazz Hands!"

After the previous two, this somehow seems normal....

Nice! Bad Granny here is workin it! You go girl!!! I love it when people poke fun in the face of Christmas.

And speaking of poking fun in the face of Christmas...This one needs no explanation.

Happy Friday Bloggers! And I hope you have a very jolly weekend!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This Is Exactly Why I Don't Discuss Politics In Mixed Company-Again..

My Grandmother, God rest her soul, had many words of wisdom. One of my favorites that she always said was, "never tell ages or wages or discuss politics in mixed company." Boy she wasn't kidding. There is a notorious reason why I will never discuss politics in mixed company and I wrote about it in a four part series on the Daily Dandy HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. Feel free to check these out at your leisure-it's a doozy of a story. Of course it proves this theory nicely, because sure as sh*t, it happened yet again the other night.

Now it wasn't even close to what had happened before, but you can bet it got, shall we say, awkward? My Guy had arranged a fabulous birthday dinner for his wife (me) at our home with 8 guests. My nephew is an amazing chef and he cooked us a spectacular 4 course meal that was scrumptious! My parents were in attendance, some dear friends of ours and another couple we socialize with quite frequently. Interestingly enough, the latter couple are in the same age demographic as my parents, so the mix of generations couldn't have been more perfect!

Happily enjoying pre-dinner drinks and some fantastic appetizers, the group was getting on swimmingly until someone brought up politics. I will preface this with a disclaimer: Candy's Daily Dandy and it's management do not endorse any political party, organization or politician publicly. Whether or not I personally agree or disagree with what transpired is completely irrelevant to the story. So in the spirit of story telling, I will continue.

Someone decided to bring up the "O" word. I say that because suddenly the happy and smiling faces became blank and sullen. Someone said something disparaging about our President and immediately someone else defended our President. Political banter was exchanged and some not so nice faces were being made in one direction towards the other. Being the hostess, I jumped to action immediately and brought my dear Grandmother's words to everyone's attention. I then went on to tell a witty story about my Irish, swearing, sports loving, gambling Grandmother to which I had everyone's rapt attention.

I'm not sure if it was the spirit of my Grandma, the story about her I told or the fact that they got my message loud and clear-but the conversation ceased and merry was made for the rest of the evening. The two parties that had earlier disagreed even sat next to each other at dinner, laughing and enjoying the night. It actually turned out to be one of my favorite evenings I've had in a long time.

And to Grandma I say, thank you! I know somehow we dodged a bullet on that one.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Great Christmas Tree Debate

I grew up in a "fake" Christmas tree household. As long as I can remember, I never had a real Christmas tree when I was growing up. Not that it really was a huge deal, but the second I had my own home, I vowed to never have a fake tree again....until now.

That's probably 20 Christmases, with my own family, that we have bought real Christmas trees. We have had huge ones, skinny ones, weirdly shaped ones, gorgeous ones, and ones that were uniquely ours in every way. And I have loved them all. They have fallen and smashed ornaments, not once but twice, they have smelled heavenly and they have brought us lots of joy and Christmas cheer. They have also created huge messes. Pine needles everywhere, water stains from spilling, scratches on the ceiling and doors and become an all over big pain in the rump. Especially when they are a complete fire hazard around the 4th or 5th of January.  I used to love to tour the Xmas tree lot, spying that perfect specimen to bring home and lovingly adorn with my Christmas memories. But now?

This year I feel differently. My "fake" Christmas tree moratorium has been lifted. I have been to friends homes recently and seen some gorgeous trees! When they told me they were fake I could hardly believe it so I did a bunch of research on the new fangled fake trees out there. They come with lights already on them?? OMG, this is truly a bonus, and there are so many shapes and sizes to choose from I could hardly decide. And they are beautiful! You can choose what kind of tree you want, like what the actual branches look like and if you want that realistic look, you can get ones that are snow covered and have pine cones. My Guy and I chose ours online, and are picking it up this afternoon and I can't wait to see it. We are thrilled and I couldn't wait to share the good news with Frick and Frack!

Big mistake..

Frick and Frack who both live in other states most of the year are not happy with this Christmas tree development. "No mom! That's disgusting!" Frick said. Disgusting I thought? That's a wee bit extreme. (God bless my baby girl, she is an actor after all.) Frack doesn't love the idea either, so I asked them if they wanted to be the ones to remove the tree from the house and clean up the mess...

Radio silence...

Just what I expected.

In any case, a fake tree it is in this house and I'm looking forward to meeting the new addition to our family. In the meantime I told my kids what every good, loving and caring parent tells their children to avoid disappointment. I said, "I'll buy you some pine tree scented spray. It will be fine."

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Grown Up Christmas List

Something for Frick.
Something for Frack.
My Guy is next. Check off the list, that.

What to do about the family swap? A $75.00 gift for a man or a woman whom never seem to stop.
Shopping online? Better do it now.
Not going to get caught wondering when it will get here and how.

Do I have enough bows, wrapping paper, ribbons and tape?
Where are the tags to put on the wrapped presents we make?
Sales here, sales there, the retailers are swarming.
Prices are dropping because the competition is warming.

Gotta make the homemade ravioli that my Grandmother made.
The sauce, turkey, fixings, cookies, cakes, and the Christmas treats I'd never trade.
Frick wants sausage and cinnamon rolls to eat.
Frack doesn't care, he's happy with every food he meets.

Bones for the dog and put up the tree.
It sounds like a lot, but it gives us all glee.
Christmas is a feeling more than a wrapped up gift,
and these "things" give us numerous memories through which to sift.

Making a list gives me the direction which gives me a push and a shove,
because through it all, everything I do is done with much love.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Go Shorty...It's Your Birthday!

It's the one day of the year that is yours and yours alone...so I guess it's my day!

It's "the day of larger than life". According to December 2 Birthday Astrology:

The Day of Larger-than-Life
"The mysterious Sagittarius men and women born on December 2 are big on image. They are romantic and talented; their talents often relate to the arts. They sometimes use their talent to shelter themselves from the world. They seem strong but are vulnerable to emotional pressures. They seldom show their wounds, putting a positive spin on difficult events."

Sounds familiar.

Lucky are the ones I love:

"Few people display the loyalty and affection that December 2 men and women show. December 2 people love on an epic scale. They often fall in love unwisely, but there is no doubt of their sincerity. Learning to live with their romantic choices can be difficult, but these resilient people are up to the task."

Up to the task? I guess so considering I've loved and lost and loved and won.

Traits of this day..Dec 2 "Larger than life".


Oh hey! Who threw in manipulative? But I can be influential. Or is it magical?

"Those born on December 2 are possessed of tremendous spirit. No matter how small their physical frame, they will exert an influence on their surroundings far beyond what one might expect on first meeting them. It is only when seen in action that they really shine. So magical is their effect that those involved with them may sometimes feel as if they’ve been hit with a bolo punch."

And now it's calling me out. OK, so you've got me here:

"The December 2 judgmental aspect is very expansive, for better or for worse. On the one hand, those born on this day are keen evaluators, true judges of honesty and integrity, but on the other hand they are capable of harboring grudges and taking their often furious tempers out on those who have transgressed."

As a gift to me here are some words to live by. Advice for those born on this day: 

  • Watch your temper.
  • Regardless of what people say, winning isn’t everything.
  • Real self-assurance will minimize your need to be appreciated.
  • Try to be less judgmental and condemning.
  • To improve, one must first acknowledge weaknesses and faults.

  • On the whole not a bad gig. I'd have to admit to the accuracy. Me and Brittney Spears, Lucy Lu-we are all born on this day. And I'll make my birthday wishes- because there is magic in your birthday wish-
    World peace, honesty, integrity, my daughter home safe, health, success and protection for my family. 

    That's not asking too much, is it?

    Wednesday, November 26, 2014

    A Very Happy Thanksgiving To You And Yours.

    A Daily Dandy shout out to all my peeps for a healthy and happy Thanksgiving holiday! 

    Eat too much turkey, enjoy your day, laugh with the family and enjoy these very funny people's thoughts on our uniquely American tradition! Today's content is courtesy of Huff Post Comedy.

    Tuesday, November 25, 2014

    When TV Is Good, It is Very Very Good And When It is Bad It Is Horrid

    I found myself in the unusual position of being home last night on the sofa at 7 PM. What a joy, I thought, I can catch up on all my TV. I watch lots of things and since On Demand and Netflix have rocked my TV viewing world I find that binge watching at my leisure is pure heaven.

    But last night...

    Well, I have to tell you that last night I watched an hour of the best television I have seen in a long time.

    A long time.

    To be specific, I watched more that an hour of TV last night, but the second hour was incredible. I first watched HBO's "The Newsroom" which is written and created by Aaron Sorkin. In my humble opinion Sorkin is the KING and someone whom meeting/working with would be on my bucket list. That being said, last night "The Newsroom" was really good. I'm only sorry that this is the last season, after an only three season run. But what I saw next just about killed me.

    Next on my queue was Showtime's "Homeland". It is one of my favorite shows for various reasons but last night. It. Blew. Me. Away. Never a show to disappoint, there was something so special about the latest episode that I can only describe how it hit me.

    I crumbled up in a ball.
    And I squished my blanket in my face to shield me from the events taking place in front of me.
    And my heart was beating like crazy.
    "Holy sh*t, holy sh*t, holy sh*t" I kept repeating to myself, the drama almost too intense to handle.
    I even talked/shouted to the TV, yet I was frozen in place.
    And just when I thought I could hardly take one more second...
    It threw in a curve ball so intriguing that it left me panting for more.

    I love it when that happens.

    If you're a fan and you saw it I'm sure you will agree. I can hardly wait for the next episode. I have so many questions and I'm fully invested in the show at this point. And that's exactly what they set out to do.

    Bravo Showtime. Well done.

    Monday, November 24, 2014

    Judgement Day

    I will admit to being a fan of Bill Cosby's. I remember fondly the Cosby of his 1982 comedy album "Himself" where he regales us with the story of the "Chocolate Cake for breakfast" incident. Those were good times.
    I also will admit to being a fan of The 80's mega hit, The Cosby Show TV series. Who didn't love Dr Cliff Huxtable? Unfortunately for myself and countless other Bill Cosby fans, the recent spate of sexual abuse accusations that have befallen Bill Cosby, leave me unable sing his praises any longer.

    It's a real WTF? moment.

    The thinking here is that one allegation?...bad enough, but innocence certainly is plausible.
    More than 3 allegations?...now a pattern is established which makes it extremely difficult to dismiss. The number now stands at 18 women alleging sexual misconduct against Bill Cosby.

    The latest? A Cosby "insider", a 90 year old ex-employee of NBC who worked closely with Cosby for years. He claims to have brought multiple women to Cosby's dressing room and that it was "his job to guard the door", unsure of what took place behind those doors. He also claims to have sent hundreds of thousands dollars to women over the years at Cosby's request.

    For me, I'm curious why Cosby did it? Because he could? Because he had a sickness? Because he thought no one would find out? Did he have a God complex? Why jeopardize an incredible career? And why would Bill Cosby need to DRUG women so he could have sex with them?

    It's reminiscent of Tiger Woods.

    Some say these men are not at all who we thought they were, and in Cosby's case we thought we knew him becasue made his fortune selling us on his "good values" and "family values". Selling being exactly what he was doing. It all comes out in the wash, doesn't it? The truth has a funny way of rearing it's ugly head. We are left to decide whether or not we choose to believe it. In this digital age of tweets, status updates and one click publishing I have to wonder if it's worth it to risk your career, your livelihood, even your marriage for a sexual thrill.

    Hey, we are all human and as humans we make mistakes. But to abuse, torture or harm someone for your own sexual gain is more than a horrible mistake. It's a moral infraction of the highest degree. Cosby has been tried in the court of public opinion, and despite 2 standing ovations, his judgement has been handed down.

    I dare to say Cosby will be in the news again but certainly not for glowing reviews of his work.

    Thursday, November 20, 2014

    Travel Log

    Sorry about my silence this week. I just returned home form an extended trip. We left on Thursday and were set to return on Monday, but the nice thing about the empty nest is not having to rush home for anyone else, so we extended it to Wed. Such a nice surprise!

    Things I learned while on sabbatical:

    • I can play golf! I already knew this to be true, but I haven't touched a club in over two years and I picked up right where I left off, which wasn't a bad place. I was hitting the ball well and playing the game. I played twice and dare I say this may be my new vacation obsession..
    • The rest of the country is in a deep freeze. 50 states woke up this week to freezing weather, but not where I was. Florida was the exception. BUT...my last two days were what I would call chilly...62 degrees and rain. Yup chilly in Florida too. 
    • Charles Manson is getting married. Stop it. Seriously? The man is 8o years old and this daffy, 26 year old named Afton Burton aka Star is going to marry him. Does this dangerous, crazy old loon still hold power over his "followers"? Evidently. Or maybe Star isn't so daffy. After Charles kicks the bucket, she may have a $tory to tell that $ome may want to hear. You know what I mean?
    • I won't be "shuffling off to Buffalo" any time soon. 5 and a half feet of snow and more to come? That's just crazy! No way would I be able to handle all of that. It's bad enough we get bombed here, but record breaking snow totals. SAY IT AINT SO! I must be getting old.
    • Back to the grind today. As I said yesterday, it's good tto go away but its also good to come home. Home sweet home. Glad to be back.

    Wednesday, November 12, 2014

    Domestic Bliss

    Home sweet home, yes home is where the heart is. The older I get the harder I work and the harder I work the more I appreciate quiet time at home.

    I was thinking on Sunday, after spending most of the morning/early afternoon in my pajamas, "Is this OK?" By 1:00 pm the guilt got to me and I knew it had to get dressed and get going. Growing up, my mom always made sure that we got up, had breakfast and got dressed for the day. Unless you were sick and then pajamas all day was considered legal and legit, but if you weren't sick then lounging around all day in your pajamas was not OK. In fact, it was considered lazy and that just wasn't something that we did.

    But here I am thinking that I did all of nothing on Sunday (my only day off) and I am left wondering if there is something wrong with doing nothing. And by nothing I mean not leaving my house much less the comfort of my sofa. Sure I did some productive stuff on said sofa; answered emails, laundry, did some online Xmas shopping, read some magazines that clutter my kitchen inbox, watched a movie or two and chilled out. I didn't even attempt my favorite Sunday pastime which is cooking.

    Again, is there something wrong with doing nothing?

    I figure I work hard all week and rarely spend any quality time at home, so staying home on a Sunday has got to be OK, isn't it?
    Like, who am I looking for validation from?
    I've got to be the one that is OK with it and right about now I feel that being home doing nothing is something sweet.

    Monday, November 10, 2014

    My Heart...

    To a better place, you have gone. I tell myself quietly.

    Your life was full and important to us all and you let us in and never let go.
    You were saved for a reason, you just didn't know it at the time.
    We didn't know it either, how you would save us too.

    How the quiet times on the sofa together, side by side,were important food for both our souls. How you loved me, protected me and let me know that just being close made you happy. That being part of the family was your destiny and you cherished that.

    Yes, you were the Man of the house. Loyal and most loving, my heart is broken today,but I take comfort knowing that she will be there waiting for you.
    Rest easy, my love..

    Wednesday, November 5, 2014

    Overheard On The Elliptical This Morning

    Thanks GMA

    • Keith Urban-not a fan: The dude couldn't even draw a major crowd in his hometown of Nashville for a free concert on Good Morning America this morning. Granted it was pouring, but I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift could have filled the place and caused a major stir in the same spot under the same conditions. 
    • Rock The Vote #turnoutforwhat: Love Lil John! Loved him on the Celebrity Apprentice years ago and continue to love this guy. He turned his smash hit  into an anthem for voting. Great message-Hollywood appeal style. Dude even jumped a plane to Atlanta from LA to vote in his home district after his request for an absentee ballot went unanswered. Check out this video.

    • Foodies Rejoice: People who follow a diet regimen regularly and make healthy food choices spend 33% LESS on food yearly. This will make my American Express card very happy! Sounds like a good argument to eat healthier. 
    • I'm A Joan Ranger: Kathy Griffin has confirmed that she was offered Joan River's position on "Fashion Police" after Joan's death in September as the show's host. Kathy made the following statement: ""They did offer it to me," Griffin told Access Hollywood. "I don't know if the situation is correct at this time for me or right for me at this time."  I'm not sure the show will make it without Joan, Kathy Griffin or not. There was nobody like Joan. 
    • Democracy at it's finest:Whether your political agenda was furthered yesterday or not, we as a country demonstrated the great democratic process. Way to go America!

    Tuesday, November 4, 2014

    It's Our Civic Doodie

    Two friends are discussing politics on Election Day, each trying to no avail to convince the other to switch sides.

    Finally, one says to the other: ``Look, it's clear that we are unalterably opposed on every political issue. Our votes will surely cancel out. Why not save ourselves some time and both agree to not vote today?''

    The other agrees enthusiastically and they part.
    Shortly after that, a friend of the first one who had heard the conversation says, ``That was a sporting offer you made.''

    ``Not really,'' says the second. This is the third time I've done this today.

    Monday, November 3, 2014

    The Great See Saw Debate

    It's the great quarterback debate and My Tommy is on the winning end of it today! The "who is better Brady or Manning?" arm chair quarterbacks have been waging this one for years and the match up never disappoints. 16 times these two greats have met and 11 out of 16 of those showdowns have gone to Brady. Some of the outcomes are for bragging rights and in some the stakes are much higher, like last years AFC Championship where Manning was the victor. And you'd think by now the pendulum would swing one way toward the winner, but truth be told, there is no definitive answer. Brady vs Manning is EPIC any way you look at it and history will be hard pressed to mention one QB great without mentioning the other QB great. Let's face it, right now "Brady vs Manning" is the show and the NFL can only watch and predict the road to the most coveted trophy in sports, the Super Bowl. 

    As a football fan and HUGE My Tommy fan, I look at it this way; every win this year is a bonus, I have no expectations on the season and if they win it all, you can color me shocked and thrilled. But if they don't, I'm ok with that because I never expected what I have been seeing lately from the New England Patriots. Can you believe I just said that? This is the New England Patriots we're talking about here- the team that the term DYNASTY used to be attached to, but with its last two Super Bowl appearances and losses....that title isn't synonymous with the team any longer. Still dominant, still relevant and they sure do take us on one hell of a ride every season. 

    Which brings me back to Brady vs Manning.

    Today it's My Tommy.

    Who knows what tomorrow brings? I do know that I love watching it, butterflies in my belly, nerves and nail biting action and all, it's what every sports fan lives for. 

    On the see saw of the NFL playground, Brady on one side Manning on the other it never gets old and the story re-writes itself all the time. The other question that always comes with the "who is better Brady or Manning" debate is "who would you take Brady or Manning? "

    Do I even need to go there?. Let there be no question where my heart and my head is. 

    Friday, October 31, 2014

    Happy Halloweenie!

    Happy Friday bloggers! Today is not just Friday, it's HALLOWEEN!! We were discussing last night how Halloween is a really huge deal if you are between the ages of 5-12. It's probably the second most anticipated day of the year for a kid.

    Proof that some of us never really grow up, here are some hilarious examples of halloween creativity at it's finest!

    Couple o' boobs, these two. The one on the right is kinda pretty? No?

    This is great! But the toilet dude? He's going to get a serious quad workout tonite. And the other guy?
    He's going to catch a serious cold tonite?

    Stop it....that is the cutest/funniest thing I have ever seen..

    Gross...just gross, but the further I look at it the more I think its genius. Yeah, gross, but genius.

    Bwahahahahah! Really? Bwahahahaha!

    I gotta give the guy props for creativity. I love it! It may not work so well with the ladies though. It's like he's putting the cart before the horse. You know what I mean?

    Now this guy? He's got it all figured out. If he finds any takers he's gonna have a good time tonite. 


    I'm sorry, but I LOLed so hard when I saw this. This is so wrong on so many levels but you gotta love it when someone laughs right in the face of life. Imagine the two of them looking at this photo 20 years from now! I just think this is hilariously wrong, but hilarious nonetheless. 

    Happy Halloween bloggers! Have a safe and happy evening and take a moment to appreciate this all Hallows Eve, a unique American tradition. 

    Wednesday, October 29, 2014

    Book It!

    So many places to go and so much to see...

    Now that the nest is empty, we decided that a weekend get away is in order. But how much to spend and where to go? On my list:

    • New Orleans
    • Bahamas
    • Florida-but so many choices
    Of course price and time are always a concern..especially going into the busy holiday season, so we decided mid-November might be a good time. Now that you can literally be your own travel agent, which sites are the best for deals?

    • Travelocity
    • Trip Advisor
    • Expedia
    • Jet Blue Getaways
    • Hotwire

    Are there any others that you would recommend? Or any other places besides what's already on my list? 
    I would prefer warm weather, but I'm open to suggestions...

    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    El Jefe And The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    I recently watched the movie "Chef" on On Demand. It was good and I recommend it highly for a light fun movie watch, BUT I will caution you....DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE HUNGRY. This movie is food porn at its highest degree and after viewing it I found myself absolutely ravenous!

    Since watching the movie, I can't stop thinking about the grilled cheese sandwich the chef cooks for his son. I have watched the clip below from YouTube about 6 thousand times and I think I got it down, but I'm literally guessing on the type of cheese he uses. I'm thinking the orange cheese is sliced cheddar mixed with some Gruyere, to make that yummy, cheese pulling goodness. It's just about all I can do to not make it grilled cheese night every night in our house! 

    I recommend the movie, but the grilled cheese and Cuban sandwiches are the reason to watch. 
    And do yourself a favor and have something with you to eat. Something you really like because your are going to need it.

    This is the clip from You/tube. I couldn't get it to embed for some reason. 

    Thursday, October 23, 2014

    I Can't Believe I'm Saying This

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm going to say it anyway...

    I'm siding with Gisele today. I know..if you read this blog regularly then you know that Gisele Bundchen is not my favorite person for many reasons. The number one reason: she is married to my boyfriend, My Tommy. Beside the fact that she seemingly has "it"all; good looks, big career, tons of money, and the man of my dreams, Gisele has made some missteps when it has come to press lately. She is more often than not lambasted in the press for comments made about everything.

    Maybe it's jealousy. I know I don't like her. 90% of the way I feel is honest to goodness jealousy. Hell, shes got it all-or so it seems. I have other reasons too..like My Tommy hasn't won a Super Bowl since he's been with her. In fact, he's lost 2 Super Bowls since he's been with her. But that's a blog for another day. A day when I'm back to not agreeing with her. Today is different.

    Her recent hub bub? Gisele has drawn controversy recently over comments made in The Sunday Times Style Magazine. Her crime this time? Comparing motherhood to the instructions given on a plane regarding oxygen masks in the event of an emergency. The haters couldn't wait to pounce on her. I could hardly wait to see what she had said now..

    She said, ""It's very important to nourish yourself, take care of yourself," Bundchen told The Sunday Times Style magazine. "You know how they say on the plane that you have to put the oxygen mask on first and then put it on your child? So, I think it is the same, as a mum, to take care of myself."

    Ok, I thought. Is that it? 

    She then said, ". 'You can feel a bit guilty - you feel guilty if you do and if you don't. But if I put my oxygen mask on first, if I'm feeling fulfilled and present and good about myself, then I'm going to be a much more patient, loving, understanding mother and wife. You have to fill your glass so that everyone can drink from it. That's how I feel.'

    And here's where it gets sticky...I agree with her. I can relate to what she's saying because what she's saying is important. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of your family. I get it Gi, I really do and I agree. Go figure. 

    There's an old saying that says, "If mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy". And it is true. 

    I can't believe I'm saying this but let's lay off Gisele. She's right. It's important to take care of yourself so that you can be the best mother and wife for your family. That may mean many things to many people, but to her it means being a mother is a most important job. 

    And I have to agree with her, as much as it pains me to say it.