Thursday, August 23, 2012

Harry's Willy

Ok, so really?

Big fricken whoop. Harry got caught showing his willy in Vegas while on what was reported to be a drunken escapade. Again, big fricken whoop.

Yes, he's third in line to the throne. Yes, he's a British Royal. Yes, he's got a certain image to protect, but at 27 he's a young guy who made a slight error in judgement. Not unlike most single, young guys his age.

Where's the scandal? Looks to me like he was having a good time and feeling comfortable in his own skin. At least he was covering "the crown jewels". If he were a married man, yup, huge scandal. If he were on a mission to the US, to speak about sexual abstinence, yes, a disgraceful turn of events. But the Prince never claimed to be a choir boy and no he isn't any of those things.

His crime? He got caught with his pants down by a cell phone and he just happens to be Queen Elizabeth's grandson. My question is where was Palace security inside that Las Vegas hotel room?

I guess when you are the late Princess Diana's son, the most beloved Royal to date, and your public persona is far more important than the charity work that you do and good that your celebrity brings to a cause, it's not ok to get your freak on naked with some skank in a hotel room.


Yeah, cuz when you're Prince Harry what happens in Vegas stays on your resume forever.


Scope said...

I don't get it, either. He's the spare and he knows it. He's got to act out doubly so that William can continue being the squeaky clean guy who saves drowning teenagers.

Heff said...

My question is - WHO took the picture ?

Dr Zibbs said...

I'm furious at those bitches for posting that picture. What ever happened to discretion? And I'm sure they were drinking for free.

It's kind of like these women that sleep with dudes then come forward and the media interviews them as if they're normal people instead of the whores that they are.

Nicholas Temple said...

Harry's only error in judgment was not checking the others for cameras before he dropped his trousers.

SkylersDad said...

I wouldn't wish being in the public eye like this on anybody.

Furtheron said...

Yes where were his personal guards - the guys my tax money pay to stop this kind of thing getting out... however he's not the first royal to be in trouble for this kind of thing, but before photography normally it was innuendo paintings by Hogarth etc.

Cora said...

Eh whatever. Harry is the one Royal who is allowed to have fun, so why not? If he was married or underage, well, that would be bad. But he's not, so who really cares?