Monday, September 29, 2008

Say NO to lies

Why do we lie? C'mon, you know you do it, we all do. Some people are master liars-they look you right in the eye and tell you a whopper, cool as a cuke, and bingo you've bought what they're selling. Then there are those who just can't lie very convincingly. It's possible that their body language completely deceives their words coupled with the fact that they are most likely uncomfortable that they are lying in the first place. I fall into the latter category. I have to admit, I am the world's worst liar. I just can't do it well and I always end up getting caught. My boyfriend says I am an easy read and I have no doubt that's why I end up in trouble. I don't like to lie. Which is why I hurt someone I love over the weekend. I tried miserably to lie my way out of a situation and I should have known better. I mean really, I am not a kid anymore. I foolishly chose to take the easy way out, the quick fix, and I ended up on the wrong side of the truth.

It was just a small lie, more like a little white lie, but I wonder if I had told a bigger lie or more lies strung together if I would have gotten away with it. And if I had gotten away with it, would I then enjoy lying? The thought of this scares me and makes me think I may need liars rehab before the situation becomes a problem. I could have kept on lying and told another lie to cover the first one and then another and another. Before I knew it I would be trying to score my next lie, doing anything to protect me from the truth and to keep the lie going. After a while I would need more and more lies just to get through the day, slipping further and further into the lie culture. My work would be affected, my family and friends watching me spin out of control all strung out on lies. I would be hanging out in "lie houses" and learning new ways to deceive people. I could be out telling lies just for the high and peddling lies to my friends to make a few extra bucks or worse, get hooked on a stronger strain of lies. There would be lie "binges" when I would disappear for days and track marks left around my mouth from shooting up lies and then there would be no turning back, the lies then sucking the life right out of me.

Lucky for me it didn't come to that. I decided to come clean and sober up with the truth. I'm glad I did and it wasn't as bad as I thought. My friend knew I was lying anyway. I guess lying just isn't for me and the good news is there will be no need for me to attend any meetings announcing, "My name is Candy and I'm a liar." Nope, I choose good, clean truthful living.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Ya, so I was watching keeping up with the Kardashian's on the E Channel today and all I can say is; whatever. Like OMG, these girls are so trashy its ridiculous. Really, who are these people and the big question is why do they have a show? Their zany antics are truly obnoxious and I wonder how much of it is done for the shock value of the show. There is no way that these chicks would get away with half the stuff that they do if they didn't have E's cameras tailing their every move. And ok, hello, BRUCE JENNER?? Are you listening? What on earth did you get yourself into? The Kardashian women continue to paint you as a the boob that you are and walk all over you and you just take it on the chin, shake your head and walk away. Do you realize that you are the joke of the show? Poor Bruce. At one time you were a well respected and world renowed athlete and now? Boob of the Kardashian's ridiculous show. Oh the mighty fall so hard.
Again, whatever. Ok lets talk about the mom, Kris. Does she have even the slightest clue as to the kind of example she and "her girls" are setting for the 2 youngest daughters? Listen, I am all for being close and hanging out with the family, but have you ever heard of boundaries?? Lady, you need a crash course in parenting, thats for sure. Didn't you ever stop and think that your girls get into trouble, ie:sex tapes, sex photos, arrests, because they were not taught to know better. While I applaud your dedication to your family, I think you need to rethink your Hollywood ways and teach your family about class, couth and humility, none of which you seem to posess. Remember Vegas? EWWW... Whatever. As for Kim, Kourtney and Klohe, a great big capital WHATEVER!! You three are a mess! Seriously, you guys are just about the only ones who find your antics cute. Trust me, your viewers are not watching your show for inspiration. Call it what it is, its more like the train wreck theory, cuz you just can't stop watching. Klohe and Kourtney are pathetically riding on their sister Kim's coattails of celebrity, so they need to kick up the rediculous factor a notch just to get some attention. But when you really break it down what the hell is Kim famous for??? A sex tape? A huge ass? Undeniable beauty? Ya, whatever.
So here I sit, in judgement on my blog, giving you all these opinions about the Kardashian's and their show all the while thinking what does this say about me? I have to admit, from time to time I watch the show. Sometimes I am touched by their actions, (remember Shorty) but mostly I am appalled by their antics, yet I continue to watch. Yes, I am part of the problem. Does that make me a hypocrite? Whatever..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's Special:Top 5 favorites

As a makeup artist, I am constantly surrounded by fabulous, decadent, beauty products. As a woman I am constantly searching for the next best, fabulous, decadent, beauty products. Most women are product "junkies",as I like to call it, and I am certainly no different. So for your enjoyment, I offer you this week special, the top five of the week:
1. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Firming Lotion-
Get this-a cheap self tanner that works to lengthen the life of your tan and actually firms the skin while leaving a natural glow. WOW. That sounds like they paid me to say that but really, they didnt. I love this stuff. At 8 bucks a tube, it beats all expensive brands that claim to do the same. It is a gradual self tanner, but a self tan product none the less. All the same rules apply-exfoliate before use, apply evenly and wash hands after applying. This product is simplicity at its finest!! It works best with a real tan to maximize your golden glow.Try it you'll love it!!

2. Kiehls Hand and Body Lotion and Body Wash in Fresh Gardenia-

These products are a Neiman Marcus exclusive so if you love the soft, fruity, floral scent of gardenias as I do, Neiman's is the place to get it. The smooth texture of the body lotion spreads evenly leaving a soft, silky, yummy fragrant layer of moisture over your entire body. The accompanying body wash is a lovely foamy treat in the shower. I reccommend using the body wash in the shower and then applying the lotion after the shower to layer the sweet scent of gardenias over your entire body for an uplifting aroma that lasts all day.

3. Chanel Mousse Doucer Foaming Mousse Cleanser-

I love a rich, creamy, foaming cleanser for my face and this one has everything I am looking for in a cleanser. Not only was it designed for my skin type, (combination skin-which I share with 70 percent of all women) but it touts the de-toxifying power of Tulip Tree Extract while balancing the skin with the emollient properties of Mallow extract. This soft foam whisks away daily dirt and impurities and leaves the skin feeling incredibly balanced. Perfect for cleansing anytime, but especially great after a long day and before bedtime, it leaves tired skin feeling comfortable and supple.

4. Dior Air Flash Foundation-

For a perfect airbrushed effect this "foundation in a can" leaves a soft application of foundation on your skin lickety split and can be layered with ease for a better coverage. It is expensive, $60.00 for a 2.3 oz spray can, but so worth it. Not only is it fun, so much fun to apply and wear (it works like a can of spray paint), but also it is a great quality foundation with three easy to blend colors to choose from.

5. Lancome Definicils Masacra-

By far my favorite mascara and believe me I have used them all. Definicils is a lash lengthener and does just that, but can be layered for a thickening effect also. One word of caution, it must be disposed of after 2-3 months. Its best used when fresh and the consistency of the mascara is wet.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day of remembrance

Today is September 11. Enough said... It's seven years later and we must pause to remember. So many memories. Life as an American changed forever that day. It was a hopeful, bright sunny day when early in the morning we all changed together. We watched it happen. We witnessed devastation. We mourned with our loved ones. Some of us knew people that worked in New York and Washington or we knew someone on the planes. If we didn't know anyone personally, we still were moved, touched by the grief of our fellow Americans. I remember taking my children to the dentist that morning. Listening as Katie Couric and Matt Lauer reported the story. I heard about the Pentagon at the dentist office and the plane in Virginia when I was on the way home. Disbelief, shock and fear of what would happen next consumed my thoughts. "America is under attack," I remember thinking and sharing with the receptionist in the dentist office. My most vivid memory happened shortly after I arrived home, turned on the TV and watched in horror as the twin towers collapsed before my eyes. One after the other they collapsed to the ground and the realization of what that meant registered heavy on my soul. Like almost every American I was riveted, paralyzed, unable to move from my TV screen for days. Life just stopped. Living in Boston really hit home because the planes were originated here. So many personal stories to read, care about and cry over filled our air waves and our newspapers. Each one more devastating that the next. Children left fatherless, widow and widowers made instantly and loved ones here one moment and gone the next. I pause today to remember. I will cherish life and the precious gift I have been given. I will say a silent prayer for those whose lives were changed forever on Sept. 11th and thank god for my loved ones. I know from experience that you really never get over the loss of a loved one, a person whom is an integral part of your life. But eventually you learn to make peace with it and you move forward as best you can. My wish, my prayer this day is that the survivors find peace.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pats home opener 2008:Black Sunday

The nation was primed and ready for a generous dose of it's home team. The weather could not have been more perfect, with bright sunny skies and 80 degree temperatures, the fans were eager to "kiss and makeup" with their New England Patriots. On this day the stadium stood proud, glistening, with its new counterpart, Patriot Place, safely ensconced just outside the playing field, a beacon of Patriot dreams and all that is possible. Fans dressed in team shirtsleeves filed the stadium, giddy with anticipation, eager to wipe the memory of their last game into the past where it belonged. It was good to be back in their presence and to be part of the game we love, filled with the hope and promise of a new season. Season ticket holders shook hands and welcomed each other back, making predictions and placing bets on this season's winning record. Spirits were high and if you were a member of Patriots Nation all was good with the world. After a goose bump producing video montage on the jumbo-tron of last years almost perfect season, our heroes took to the field and the record consecutive sellout crowd welcomed them with a deafening applause. A new banner hung from Gillette Stadium's rafters commemorating a 16-0 perfect regular season and three Army jets, perfectly synchronized in their flyby overhead, set the stage for the afternoon's headliner. It was a dream for every fan of Patriots football....until it became a nightmare that we wanted desperately to be awakened from. Not too long into the first quarter as the face of the franchise, our very own superstar, was cut down on a play grasping at his knee, did our nightmare begin, and we realized that we were awake. Everyone was watching the ball that he threw to Randy Moss which resulted in a questionable call of a fumble. Most of the fans were whining about the play when they noticed Brady was down. A few minutes passed and a quiet hush fell over the packed stadium as Brady's fate hung in the balance. Much to our relief, after a few excruciating minutes, he got up and hobbled off to the field, but the relief was short lived. We watched in shock and horror as he continued walking past the bench and disappeared down the stairs into the mysterious depths of the stadium. Disbelief registered on the faces of all those who had moments before been filled with joy and hope. Fans turned to each other looking for reassurance. He would be fine. He would be back for the second quarter, they are just being cautious with our boy, we told each other. As the replay was shown over and over on the jumbo screen, we collectively knew it didn't look good for Tommy, but no one dared voice what they were thinking. When Brady didn't return to start the second half we knew that the nations worst fears have been realized. Something was seriously wrong with our golden boy. Just like that it became Black Sunday and it made you realize how fragile life is and how it all can change in an instant. Of course the show must go on and the team rallied and won the game, but somehow it didnt really matter. The wind had been knocked out of the sails of Gillette Stadium and its fans and we were functioning on auto-pilot. Moss said in his post game press conference, "Every time the crowd went crazy, I would look over to the tunnel. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I kept thinking and hoping it was him and when it wasn't I couldn't help but be disappointed." Well said Randy. We share in your disappointment. When the grim news was reported today that Brady would miss the rest of the season due to his injury I was again in disbelief. How did this happen, why did this happen? And now what will become of the team? Lets just hope that our other superstar, Coach Bellicheck, has a master plan. Something tells me he does. I am sure Bill has a plan B. You dont get to where he is, with all those championships uner his belt, without one. Bill is far too smart and his team is far too good to move forward without an alternative plan. He will go to his play books and put his plan to action. He may already have a play book for a non-Brady offense . Its probably filed on the shelf under the title Black Sunday.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

VACATION: Over and out!!

It's back to school time and summer vacation is over and out. Time to get up early every day, get dressed, brush your teeth and trudge off to school. My kids are like every other kid whom is heading back to school with a mixture of excited anticipation and dread; bummed out. The reality is that summer vacation is really over. The easy, lazy days of summer spent on a beach or at a pool, wearing flip flops and making smores on an open fire are gone. The pictures, put into a folder marked Summer 2008, have already joined the ranks in the memories of my mind. We still have the good weather to remind us that the transition from summer vacation to school schedule will be gentle as the seasons change, but the cold mornings waiting for the bus warn us of what is coming.
The good thing is that there is a certain feeling of renewal that accompanies going back to school. It is a time of new beginnings. My kids set goals for their academic aspirations and we start anew. New clothes, new books, binders, backpacks, shoes, and friends. Fall sports begin along with new sports seasons and the promise of what is to come is refreshing. Fashions change and fashionistas follow with their new looks. The weather changes from hot and humid to cool and crisp and some begin to think about wiping the slate clean. For the kids, homework is inevitable. Like death and taxes, homework is the only constant. The kids are good about it even though there are about 20 million other things that they would rather be doing, they know in my house it is a prerequisite for life. I also feel the renewal of back to school, a definite push to get my ducklings in a row and begin the next chapter in my life. This feeling of renewal breeds hope and leads me to believe that anything is possible. I guess in a way, back to school is about taking a journey. The people and the roads they take are always different but the journey that takes us to self realization is the same. Life is a great educator that way.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today's Special

I woke up this morning consumed with the thought of baking. Cupcakes, cakes, pies, cookies and I cant stop thinking about what I will make today. I begin my quest by looking in recipe books, scouring for my newest baking accomplishment. Cupcakes are what I have chosen to make and I want to have them ready for the critics when they arrive home from the first day of school. I have decided that the cake is the easy part of the cupcake, it is the frosting that makes the dessert special. I am reminded of the best cupcakes I have ever tasted; Magnolia's. I dream about Magnolia's cupcakes and I am not alone in this dream. Magnolia's bakery in the villiage in NYC has been churning out delectable cupcakes for years. Addictive cupcakes...Lines form around the corner of the tiny bakery and much like Seinfeld's soup natzi, Magnoila's has strict rules allowing you to purchase only a dozen cupcakes at a time. No more-and you are shuttled out the door quick to get to the next person in line. Magnolia's cupcakes are so famous that Saturday night live has done a parody on the bakery and it was also featured in a Meryl Streep, Uma Thurmon movie. My niece turned me on to them one Thanksgiving and at first bite-after a huge Thanksgiving dinner-I was not so impressed. Yes, I thought they were good but it wasn't until the next day that I realized that I had stumbled onto something great. I placed a call to my niece to inquire about the cupcakes. "Auntie, I swear they put crack in them." she said. I think she may be right. I was hooked instantly. She told me that Magnolia's was recently sold for $10 million dollars. "Wow," I said. "For that little bakery?" I said. She answered, "For that little bakery and that little bakery's recipies."
Today my thoughts swirl around opening a bakery of my own. Surely I could do that-open a bakery sell cupcakes, cakes, pies, sandwiches, tea. My contribution to the world. Maybe I could create a following much like that of Magnolia's. My entrepreneurial side then began to take over. I began thinking about selling all kinds of homemade food-sandwiches, bread, ice cream, soups, coffee, tea. I could sell bottled sauces, spices, kitchen accessories, candy, whatever tickles my fancy. It could be very successful, in my mind of course, and not alot of work, in my mind of course. I can see the logo on the shop sign, the bags, boxes, t-shirts, aprons and colorful jars filled with candy. I see an eclectic mix of furniture, unmatched chairs and tables, bean bags on the floor and colorful artwork adorning the walls. Small bookshelves filled with all types of books for reading, it could be a place for people to gather and hang out or spend some quiet time alone. A place to dream..... In my mind I too am offered $10 million for my shop and my recipies and I recognize that this is one of my dreams. After all I am unemployed at the moment, why not dream.