Thursday, May 31, 2012

Killing Me Softly

So I'm watching Rachel Ray the other morning while working out, and it just so happens that the entire show dedicated to burgers...

Ok? I'm there sweating it out, trying to attain a summer lean and she's cooking up burgers that would make a dead zombie salivate. It was like a bitter sweet nirvana. Now, everybody in The Daily Dandy household loves burgers but nobody more than My Guy. I would have to say that a juicy, delectable burger is his most favorite go to food in the world. He like them plain, too. Nothing except ketchup. Me? The more toppings, the better.

This book is not for the slight of heart. One look at the cover burger reveals Ray's  natural zest for hearty eating. The text book size cookbook contains over 200 recipes including: Sloppy Chipotle Joe's, Bloody Mary Cheeseburgers, Portebello Burgers, French Onion Burgers, Boeuf Bourguignon Burgers and my personal favorite, Brooklyn Beer Chili Sliders. There are also other recipes done Rachel's way for fries, ketchup and interesting toppings.

I wonder what Wimpy would say about "The Book of Burger" if he were alive today? Would he gladly pay you on Tuesday if he could buy the book today?

I'm not sure about Wimpy, I think he'd probably rather have the burger, but I'm thinking it's the perfect Father's Day Gift for My Guy. That way I can add it to my cookbook collection pronto!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm NOT F*cking Matt Damon!

So all the buzz 'round he-ah in Beantown is about My Tommy in his acting debut in video for Under Armor. As you may already know, My Tommy is the poster boy for the brand, and they take the advertising in an edgy direction, working with FunnyorDie.

Word has it My Tommy was wonderful, humble and easy to work with (most certainly easy on the eyes) but I'm not sure this is so FUNNY I want to DIE.

I mean really? Keep losing big games dude, and then distance yourself from us in this way. Yup, we'll just keep taking your hits but don't expect us to LOVE you like we used to. We are very loyal sports fans, but you know the old saying, "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
It's OK Tommy, like I said, I'll still love you, but your balance is getting a little low in the savings account...

Fun Fact: The southern woman in the commercial, who scolds Matt Damon at the end, is none other than "Jackie" from the Real Housewives of South Boston fame. "I'm Jackie from Jackie's Packie. We sell ciggies and beer." Word has it she tried to convince My Tommy to star in the next installment of RHOSB.
Good luck with that one babe..

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Long And Winding Weekend

Hey Bloggers! It's Friday and that means its the start to the long Memorial Day weekend!

This being the unofficial start to summer and all, I'm sure burgers and dogs will be on the menu at some point for everybody in the next few days. It's also the official start of the wearing of the white!!! White shoes and bags will make their  summer debut this weekend and flip flops become the hottest accessory. The forecast is looking good and with the flowers just beginning to bloom, we are ready to welcome in the warm weather.

Have a great one, bloggers and I will see you back here on Tuesday, May 29. And while you are at one of those summer kickoff BBQ's take a moment to remember all of those who fought to give us that freedom.

Happy Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


So there's a big  Beantown bru ha ha in the paper today about how the notorious Unibomber, Ted Kaczynski was the talk of his Harvard University's 50th reunion yesterday. Apparently the Harvard Alumni Directory, the "Red Book" allowed Kaczynski, a Harvard Alum Class of 62, to post an updated entry with his personal stats. 

 According to today's Boston Herald:

" Kaczynski’s posting lists his occupation as “prisoner” and his home address as the federal penitentiary in Florence, Colo. Under awards, Kaczynski snidely cited, “Eight life sentences, issued by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, 1998.” Under publications, he lists a 2010 manifesto, “Technological Slavery,” published by “Feral House.”

Sources say the Yard at Harvard was divided over this controversial addition to the Alumni directory. While some defended his right to be included others, like one of his victims, a Yale professor who lost his eye and hand from a Unibomber bomb, found his entry "chilling".

“It’s very chilling,” David Gelernter said. “He’s an unrepentant terrorist murderer who cut people, and slashed people to death in their kitchens, leaving them to bleed, while he hid in a shack somewhere in the West. So for some institution to lend authority to him, well, I can’t believe such things happen in the United States.”

Kaczynski, one of the world's most elusive and notorious criminals, kept authorities at bay for nearly 20 years as he terrorized the country with his mail bombing campaigns. Arrested in 1996, the Unibomber is responsible for 3 deaths and 23 injuries. He was found in a remote cabin outside Lincoln, Montana, in a disheveled and unkempt state. In his cabin authorities found multiple bomb making materials and over 40, 000 hand written journals detailing bomb making experiments. 

While the climate at Harvard yesterday was divided, some felt uneasy but justified about the controversy.

“One way or another, he has just as much right to be in there as I do. He is a Harvard graduate,” said classmate Richard Tucker, a retired investment manager from Newton. Tucker said he thought Kaczynski’s submission was “a little bit brave.”

Class of 1962 secretary Chris Wadsworth confirmed that the information came directly from Kaczynski and added that, "he has a sense of humor in spite of everything." Yale Professor David Gelernter finds nothing funny about it. 

“The new criminals here are the publishers of this ‘Red Book,’ for their passive collusion with this murderer,” Gelernter said.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Name Is Candy And I Am A Helicopter Mom

So I saw this commercial yesterday and I'd be lying if I didn't tell you it cracked me up. It was for the new Capri Sun Super V juice drink and the commercial made me think about Frack and about how I sometimes, maybe a little, kinda sorta may hover a little too much around my boy. At times.

He's 16 and these days he just tells me to back off, but I remember the days of hovering well.

Damn if I didn't chuckle and see myself in more than a couple of scenarios. I just love that little punk that much. But really, he's almost a man now. Stop hovering mother...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TMI Tuesday

So, yeah, I haven't been feeling great lately. In fact, I've been feeling pretty crappy.Oh yeah, and that too. Quite literally.

It all started a week ago last Saturday. I woke up with the WORST sore throat. I stuck it out with tea and my sugar free cough drops, but by Tuesday, I had a full on sneezing, watery eyes and stuffy, drippy nose. So I think, allergies! Right? Wrong. By Thursday my head was pounding, my face and eyes were stinging and swollen and I was miserable. My family threatened to tie me down, if I didn't go to the doctor, so I went and he diagnosed me with a sinus infection, or sinusitis.

Dang, if that wasn't torture, but I continued on like a trooper. The doctor gave me an anti-biotic, a Z-pack and sent me on my way. I started the anti-biotic immediately and by Friday I felt much better, but still not great.. Today, almost 10 days later, I still have sinus pressure and stuffiness, which doesn't make me feel great but that I can live with.

What I having the most trouble with is the side effect from the Z-Pack. The DREADED diarrhea.

Ok, so sorry to be so blunt here but...whoa, I'll take the freaking sinus infection and raise you a fever if I don't have to deal with this. But I do, and it hasn't been pleasant.

Seriously, I finished the Z-pack yesterday and I hope I never have to see one of those things again. This is the worst sort of any ailment I have ever had, AND I'm still not better. The sinus pressure has surpassed, but now I'm dealing with this new development that hopefully will be over today, since I finished the Z-Pack yesterday.

Say a prayer for me bloggers, cuz I just may need to go buy some Desitin, and soon.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Only The Good Die Young

I got some news last night that was just shocking.

We were at Frick's boyfriend's (yup, Hairball's back in picture) graduation party, enjoying the festive evening. I'm talking in a circle with about 4 other senior moms chatting and laughing, when I feel my cell phone vibrate in my back pocket. I had my cell with me only because Frick was at a call back for an audition for a show she's going to do this summer and because it was making her late for Hairball's party, she was freaking out texting me every five minutes to let me know she would be another 10 minutes, another 20 mins, etc.

This time I figured it was Frick, and mid conversation I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw a text from the woman I do business together with at the store. It read, quite simply, that "The Long Talker"  had suffered a massive heart attack and died yesterday. I must have gasped quite loud, because the women I was speaking with all turned to me and asked if I was OK. I couldn't speak for a moment. I felt numb. It seriously hit me like a ton of bricks and I simply turned my cell phone around to show them the text. I regained my composure and continued on with the conversation, but I was only half there.

I couldn't get The Long Talker out of my mind.

Now, since I wrote the about The Long Talker some three years ago, he has become a good friend. I have not worked with him in over two years, but I continued to see him quite regularly. He continued to work for my friend in her store and he worked for my parents last Christmas. The Long Talker, while he could talk starving dogs off a meat truck, was one of the sweetest human beings in the world. He was a deeply religious and spiritual man, and was both caring and giving to all who he came in contact with.

The Long Talker was one of the good ones.

He was a genius in his work, but was not a fan of the technological revolution and I think it hurt him down the road. I noticed a change in him last January 2011. He lost his beloved dog, and he never regained that jovial smile he once had. I mentioned it to our co-workers and they all agreed. Something was lost. I'm not sure what, but The Long Talker had lost a step. Even in his work. Looking back now, 2011 was not a good year for him, as he had a falling out with my friend, but I continued to keep up with him, even though he was not doing day to day business with us any longer.  

His wife said that yesterday he was gardening outside and came in to the house, not feeling well. He went to get a glass of water, sat down to drink it and dropped dead right there. He had just turned 60 years old. I'm devastated, really. You never know how important a person is in your life until you realize you will never see him/her again. I hope he is at peace now, and his jovial smile has returned to his sweet face. May God bless his soul and keep him in his good grace. I pray for his family to have the strength to endure life without him.

He was truly one of the good ones.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Men Never Listen

In a Hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's restroom, but it had always been occupied.
A nurse noticed his predicament.
Sir, she said "You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on the wall."

He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch.

Each button was identified by letters: WW , WA , PP20 and a red one labeled ATR.

Who would know if he touched them?

He couldn't resist. He pushed WW. Warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom.

What a nice feeling, he thought. Men's restrooms don't have nice things like this.
Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside.

When this stopped, he pushed the PP  button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flower to this unbelievable pleasure. The ladies restroom was more than a restroom, it is tender loving pleasure.

When the powder puff completed its pleasure, he couldn't wait to push the ATR button which he knew would be supreme ecstasy.

Next thing he knew he opened his eyes, he was in a hospital bed, and a nurse was staring down at him.

"What happened?" he exclaimed. "The last thing I remember was pushing the ATR button."

"The button ATR is an Automatic Tampon Remover. Your penis is under your pillow." 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wash Your Mind Out With Soap

Let's shake things up around here, shall we? Today I'd like you to take a test to see if you have a dirty mind or a clean one. In the comments section, please type your answers to the questions and this afternoon I will give you the correct answers. 

I jacked this right off the Internet, so no cheating. 

Is it possible there is a dirty answer an a clean answer for each question? It's the clean answer that you will find to be more challenging. 
Good luck bloggers!

1. What is it that a cow has four of and a woman has only two of?

2. What can you find in a man's pants that is about six inches long and has a head on it? (Hint: Teenage girls love these so much that they'll often blow them without even thinking about it!)

3. What word starts with f and ends with u-c-k?

4. Name a four letter word that ends in u-n-t which may be the name for a member of your family.

5. What is hard, six inches long, has nuts, and can make a girl fat?

6. What four-letter word ends in i-t and is found on the bottom of bird cages?

7. What goes in hard and pink and comes out soft and sticky?

8. A finger fits inside it, you might fiddle with it if you're bored and the best man gets it first.

9.  What is it that all men have one of; some men have longer ones than others; the pope doesn't use his; and a man gives it to his wife after they're married?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Now I'm Really Pissed

OK, now I'm pissed.  Another Twitter virus???

WTF!!! How does this happen?

Does this mean I'm Twitter vulnerable? I got the virus from my daughter's friend. Her Twitter feed sent me a message yesterday that said, "OMG, I'm laughing at these pics of you (followed by a link)". Last year, the same thing happened and I totally fell for it and tried clicking on the link. I must have tried three or four times, then I started to get the messages from my followers that someone had hacked my account. I changed my password and did what I had to and proceeded on. Problem solved.

This time, I knew it was a virus and did not click on the link. I ignored it. Was that my mistake? Then last night, I got another message from my daughter's friend that said, "Someone is saying terrible things about you (followed by a link)".  Even though I didn't click the link this time, my followers still got the virus. WTF??? How annoying. I have since deleted all the messages, changed my password, but I want to know how it got into my account. Now I'm a Twitter hazard, since it's happened twice.

How do I protect against this happening again? I mean, I use my Twitter for business and today one of my favorite clients emailed me and asked me personally if I knew who it was that was saying bad things about her. I immediately explained to her that it was a virus and that I was sorry for the inconvenience, but that can't be good for business.

Any advice? I'm so pissed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What A Bit*h

I woke up this morning with a memory I'm not proud of. I decided to share it with you so that I may find some forgiveness for the sin I committed.

Back in the early 80's, I was a high school freshman, just beginning to feel my oats as a young, pretty girl. I was finally one of the "coolies" as my dad used to tease us, and with my new found status, I had several choices for a date to the Freshman Semi-formal dance. For some God forsaken reason, I decided to listen to my mother and let her fix me up with her friend from work's little brother who was the same age as I was. I remember the excitement that would build every time my mom assured me that "Carl" was handsome, sweet and fun. After all, his sister Marina was gorgeous, she had dark hair and I remember her big brown eyes and flawless make-up.

I told all of my friends about my special date, and how nice and handsome he was. Soon word got around about my mystery man, and my friends were curious and inquisitive. All I knew was that this guy was great, and I could hardly wait to meet him. I made arrangements to attend a pre-dance party at one of my friends home and then to drive over to the school dance with another couple. (our parents would be driving, of course) Soon the night came and I could hardly wait to meet my Prince Charming. It's funny, I don't remember the dress I was wearing, (I think it was white) or what anyone else was wearing, but I remember everything about Carl.

My heart was racing when I saw Marina's white car pull into the driveway. I waited in the kitchen and as I heard my mom answer the door and invite them in. My pulse quickened as a huge smile crept across my face. Then Carl walked in. It was as if the band in the soundtrack of my life had just played a rousting rendition of the blooper music, because Carl was nothing like I had imagined. He had dark hair, like his sister, that was perfectly coiffed in a Deney Terrio style and he was wearing a dark suit and tie, but all I saw was his NOSE. And it was that big.

My heart, the one that had been giddy with school girl anticipation, dropped into my stomach and stayed there for the rest of the night. I greeted Carl, exchanged pleasantries and we soon left for the party. I remember being PISSED. I felt like I had been duped, and what I did next I'm not proud of.

When we got to the party, I ditched Carl faster than The Flash and left him to the dogs. You see, all my friends were curious about my mystery man and so when we arrived, he was pretty popular from all angles. Everyone questioning him about this and that. But when the questions had been exhausted, Carl and his NOSE were left alone in a strange place, all alone, to sit and wonder what his sister had gotten him into.

I think I must have talked to Carl again at the party, because he left with me, but once we got to the dance, my super hero powers were working over time, because I ditched that guy quick. WHAT A BITCH. And looking back now, who the hell did I think I was? Poor Carl. I'm not sure if he had a good time or not, because I hardly saw him at all that night. I think I saw him dancing with someone, but I can't be sure. Anytime Carl came near me I jetted off in another direction and quick. And the hardest part for me to swallow is that I didn't care. I somehow felt justified for my actions, because I had been duped. WHAT A BITCH.  Poor Carl was a complete gentleman, in the five minutes of my time I granted him that evening and I was that cold-hearted, stuck up bitch I so hated.

Looking back, Carl was not bad looking at all. His nose was big, yes, but if I think hard enough, he looked exactly like a large nosed Ralph Macchio and I remember him being polite and sweet, even after I treated him like dirt. Was looks all that mattered to me at that time? I guess so. What a tragedy.

Carl, if you are reading this today I want you to know that I am sorry and that 30 years later I am still sorry for the way that I treated you. I hope that God gave you a reward for withstanding what was probably your worst date EVER and if I ever meet you again, I OWE you one. A BIG one.

Who knows? Maybe somewhere, Carl has his own blog and he's already told the story of his bitchy and horrible date. I'm sure all his readers assured him that she was just not worthy of him.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Tangled Web

I'm not quite sure what to make of this woman, but upon first glance at her, my thoughts are not good.

Now who am I to judge her, really, but I truly believe this woman has some bad karma following her around. Rielle Hunter, her real name, Lisa Jo Druck, has lived a tough enough existence since meeting then Presidential candidate, John Edwards in a hotel bar in New York in 2006. She famously became his secret mistress and bore his love child in 2007. All by choice. You see, she has been weaving this web of tangles for quite some time and karma, as they say, can be a real bitch.

Ok, so what makes this situation more tawdry than most adulterous affair stories? The guy was running for President of the United States, while engaging in an adulterous affair with his so called "document-arian" who scored a $250,000.00 contract to film Edwards behind the scenes of his campaign. When his aides quickly realized her work was shoddy and unprofessional, the jig, behind the scenes was officially up. And up meaning everybody involved knew that Hunter and Edwards were doing the nasty on the quiet.


The guy was swimming in the biggest fishbowl of all, yet he continued to have a adulterous affair with this woman while continuing his campaign for President and doing so while his wife of many years battled cancer.

Talk about lying and cheating.

How do you live with yourself?

These two not only lived with themselves, they lived with Edwards trusted aide, Andrew Young, who is no better than them, and bilked the wealthy Edwards campaign supporters out of millions to keep the secret quiet. What did they think would happen? Did they really think that Edwards had a chance at the White House? And that if he won they would sneak Rielle and her baby in the back door of the Oval Office?

I'm sorry to say that they both deserve each other, Rielle and Edwards. It's the innocent children I feel sorry for. Elizabeth, may she rest in peace, got her revenge. After it was all revealed, she got rid of the biggest cancer of all, HIM, and went on with what was left of her life. As for Edwards and his mistress? These two continue to dredge up feelings of  lies and deceit wherever they go.

Edwards is a social and political pariah and Hunter? She's just a pariah. And I'm not quite sure what to make of that.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Separation Anxiety: A Re-Post

I had the most horrid dream last night.

Seriously, I'm kinda freaking out. In my subconscious.

The thing is I didn't know I was freaking out. I know I have been thinking about it. A lot. But I think I know exactly what the dream is about. My subconscious is doing all the tough work, while on the outside I appear cool as a cucumber.

Yeah, I think I know what I'm freaking out about. As a matter of fact I'm quite sure, I know what I'm freaking out about.

I dreamed that Frick was...abducted. Horrible. I don't even want to give it credence because it was a nightmare, but when I woke up, I realized why it happened. It's quite clear I'm having separation anxiety. And evidently, I'm having it bad, because in the dream I couldn't breathe; the pain was so palpable. I guess I'm grateful that my subconscious is working it out, because come August, I may be able to leave my baby girl in the middle of Manhattan, stress free. I won't say worry free, but by then I will have hoped to have come to terms with her leaving and made my peace with it.

Today I decided to do a re-post from a time when I was my kid's universe.... and while I'm glad they have grown into who they are today, I sure do miss those days.

This post debuted on Feb 26, 2009

Sometimes I miss the good old days, back when my kids were really little. Those were the days of innocence, before they both became TWM (Teens With Mouths) and I was their God. I was a stay at home mom and since Frick and Frack are only 19 months apart, we pretty much did everything together. My two amigos and I; they were then and will always be, the yin to my yang. We are still very close, me and my kids, the difference between then and now is that now they know everything and have all the answers. My bad for not seeing it their way. These days I get a lot of, “What-ever mom!”

Anyway, yesterday I was over at Vodka Mom’s blog, I Need a Martini Mom, and she had posted a wonderful, sincere note of gratitude to all of her 541 blog followers. (I stand in awe. The woman is a legend) In perfect Vodka Mom fashion she closed the post with a funny story about her kids which gave me the inspiration for today’s post! Many thanks to Vodka Mom and her wicked sense of humor! (here in Boston, wicked is a GREAT thing! like wicked pissa!)

So, as I told you, when the kids were babies, the three of us were like matching luggage. We traveled everywhere together. Where ever I went, they would follow, especially around the house. If I were cooking, my babies were on the kitchen floor, happily playing with wooden spoons, whisks and pots and pans. If I were watching TV with them, it was usually a Disney Sing Along Video, and we would play together as they sang along with the Disney classics. If I had to go to the bathroom, they would follow me right behind me into the bathroom and find something to get into while mom took care of business.

The only time this bathroom business got tricky was when AUNT FLO came to visit. To tell you the truth, I never really thought much about the manner in which I ushered them out of the bathroom during those times, but I knew I had somehow managed to do it. As I said, I never gave it a second thought until one day, when my baby girl was sitting on the bathroom floor opening and closing the doors under the bathroom sink while I applied my make-up. She came across a box of tampons and proceeded to open it up and take one out. She studied it intently for a few moments. It was almost like I could see her brilliant little mind working overtime to figure out what the strange item was. She held up the single, un-opened Tampax and said triumphantly, “Look mommy. This is your privacy!”

My little future brain surgeon had figured it all out. The strange item equated to mommy’s privacy. I soon realized that I must have consistently held the Tampax in my hand while ushering my babies out of the bathroom while explaining, “Mommy needs her privacy.”

A child’s mind is a wondrous thing. Oh how I miss those days!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two women were having lunch together, and discussing the merits of cosmetic surgery.

The first woman said, "I need to be honest with you, I'm getting a boob job."

The second woman responded, "Oh, that's nothing, I'm thinking of having my asshole bleached!"

"Whoa," replied the first woman. "I just can't picture your husband as a blonde!"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What The?

Can we talk?

I gotta say, what the HELL is that? My Tommy? Defiled by some highfalutin, fashion obsessed gay and European hair stylist.

It's a tragedy.

Who checks on these things before Tommy leaves the house? Oh no she didn't let him go to the ball like that, but I'm afraid she did. My Tommy and his wife arrived at the Met Gala sporting what the press has dubbed, "the sidehawk".

Never one to care about what people think, (remember the man purse?) Tommy shrug's off the criticism. But the social networking sites in Boston were trending with tweets about Tommy's errant coif:

"There's something about Brady" and
"Why do I suddenly have the urge for a Big Boy."
"Please tell me it's windy"...

So us Brady fans take another big hit.
Tommy, you're killing us....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twitty Twitty Twat

Fool or genius? You be the judge.

Either way, Jose Canseco continues to make headlines. Former major leaguer and the man who blew the whistle on the steroid scandal that rocked Major League Baseball, Jose Canseco is back in the news.

This time it's for his Twitter prowess.

Canseco is gaining momentum in the Twitter-sphere for his ridiculous, over-the top and entertaining Twitter posts. Canseco boasts 468,000 followers and has said, "If I end it all, all you Twitter followers will be bored without me." Canseco, who was the 1988 American League MVP is causing quite a stir with his Twitter feed. Some posts have been highly publicized and embarrassing. This recent debacle with a Buzzfeed news reporter who disguised her identity and tried to meet Canseco for  a hook up, couldn't have been great for Canseco's PR. True to Canseco's form, he doesn't care.

"Everyone has embarrassing moments, " he said. "But I think once you put them out there it shows that you're human."

Canseco seems intent on making a comeback in more ways than one. On the ball field, he's just recently joined the Worcester Tornadoes and has started a write-in campaign on Twitter to get himself to play in this year's All Star game. Then there's the reality show route. Canseco had bombed famously on "Celebrity Apprentice" and "The Surreal Life" and his ex wife, Jessica Canseco is set to be in the VH1 reality show, "Hollywood Exes". Canseco, says for now he's focusing on his game. He knows this is his swan song. "No body's making a million dollars or getting rich off this. I do it because I enjoy playing."

OK dude, whatever.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Little Miss Woods, Comma, Elle, Part II


It was a long weekend and a great time was had by all. Sorry about Friday bloggers, but we had out of town family that came in to see the show with us and the schedule was quite hectic. It's amazing to me that my child is graduating high school and going off to college. Like, when did this happen? I never gave my permission to this, yet the whole thing continues to progress getting realer and realer as each day dawns. 

And Frick? She's growing and maturing into quite a young lady. She had all her girls from the show stay over on Saturday night. They "rolled" in about 1:30 (her curfew is 12 midnight) after a late night Wendy's run, and all 8 of them went down to our basement where they did Lord knows what till Lord knows what time.

Actually, I do know what Lord knows what is. While making the crew breakfast on Sunday morning, I could not locate the salt shaker. 

"Where is the salt?" I inquired.
"Oh, we had nachos late last night, downstairs," they responded. 

This seemed logical and I dismissed the entire thing until I went downstairs to assess the damage done to the basement and I found 2 shot glasses and about 20 chewed out lime wedges strewn around the coffee table. The missing salt shaker immediately clicked.

I chuckled, and gave Frick a free pass. Like mother, like daughter. 

Anyway, we are all slowly coming down from our high, so by request, I post this video I shot from Friday night. What a show! The Weston High School Theater Company should be quite proud. People were actually saying it was better than Broadway.

This was Frick's big moment on statge, but forgive me the horrid quality. I shot it with my 3GS iPhone and the quality sucks. But you can hear Frick, and you get the point. 

If you want to see more of Frick's performance, go to my Facebook page and click any of the three other links. Crystal's Aunt captured the videos on Saturday night and they are awesome quality. 

Bravo Frick! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Miss Woods, Comma, Elle

She's been preparing for this for what seems like her whole life.

It's opening night and she's about to live a dream, in front of all of us.

She's been working so hard; they all have, and tonight they get to dazzle us with their theatrical prowess. Performing for a sold out crowd, a first time ever for their high school.  For Frick, the role of Elle Woods, is the brass ring on her high school merry go round and the proverbial "cherry" on the musical theater sundae. See? Dreams really do come true when you work hard and you believe in yourself.

I'm watching you grow and reach for those stars I always knew you would land among. I've been waiting for this day to come, but somehow it snuck up on me and caught me a little off-guard. Now that it's finally here, I couldn't be prouder.

 I'm in awe. My baby girl is all. growed. up.

Frick, I wanted to find a quote about opening night that would give you some sort of great inspiration for this evening. Something you would always remember and call to memory in the hundred of other opening night's you will have in your career. But you know your mom.... I think I found one that best puts tonight into perspective.

"The best audience is intelligent, well-educated, and a little drunk.
Alvin Barkley"

Break a leg kiddo.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Well, It's About Fricken Time

She finally had the baby.

Well it's about time. I feel like this poor chick has been pregnant forever!!! What's hilarious is that even the celebrities have been worrying about poor Jessica and her baby. Two notables took to Twitter to voice their concerns this week.

  1. Chelsea Handler tweeted: “How has Jessica Simpson still not given birth to this baby? I'm getting frightened.” ...
  2. Has Jessica Simpson had that baby yet?! I'm getting anxious," ..Katy Perry.
Rest assured Hollywood, she has given birth to a baby girl weighing in at 9 lbs 13 ounces. Which means?
Jessica Simpson just lost 10 pounds!

I predict the race will be on now, for the weight loss companies to $nag Jessica as their spokesperson, if she hasn't already signed with one. She may be more famous for her weight loss than anything else, which is sad, really, because I'm not quite sure why she's famous to begin with.

Wasn't she a singer?
Now she's a fashion brand mogul?
Who had a TV show and at one time wore Daisy Duke's on the big screen?
Then she was famous for bad mom jeans?
Then she was famous for being famously pregnant.

I don't envy this recent uphill battle she faces, you know, the one about losing the weight.
But I'm sure she'll do it in record time. 

Celebrities, these days, seem to do things a lot quicker than us Average Joes.