Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stranded at The Drive In....

I'm just *ahem* old enough to remember the drive-in movies. My parents would load up the station wagon with all 5 of us kids and drive out to Braintree, MA to take in a movie together at the local drive-in movie complex. We would get in our pajamas and bring blankets and pillows to bed down in the way back to enjoy the experience. I can still see my dad hooking the speaker on the car window so we could hear the all important audio. If my memory serves me correct, my older brother and sisters used to sit on top of the station wagon, pillows and all.

A recent resurgence of drive-in movie complexes in New England brought back all those happy memories. According to the Boston Herald, 350 drive-in movie complexes are still in operation around the country, but like any business, they face their share of unique challenges. Inclement weather and less family friendly movie choices top that list, but the food choices are better and thanks to FM signal, the audio is broadcast right through your car radio.

New England boast four theaters: Mass has Mendon Twin, Leicester Triple and Wellfleet Drive-In and Rhode Island has Rustic Tri Vue, with two already open for business today. Prices range, but for roughly $25.00 a carload of people can experience a movie together in the great outdoors or from the comfort of their vehicle. And make a lot of fun memories too.

I, for one, think the drive-in movies should be salvaged for old time sake. To me, the drive in is as American as apple pie and baseball and that's sacred. Although no one would want to be "stranded at the drive-in" like Danny Zuko sings, no one would "brand you a fool" for enjoying an age old summer past time.

Monday, April 28, 2014

I Was Just Thinking....

What a world we live in.

Donald Sterling, the LA Clippers basketball team owner is in hot water over racist remarks he made recently that were caught on tape. Caught by Sterling's alleged girlfriend.

Ooooh boy. This one is ugly. The tapes, obtained by, posted on their website on April 25, 2014, were of an alleged conversation that took place between Sterling and his alleged girlfriend. The argument on tape was about the photograph above, posted to her Instagram account. The photo has since been deleted, but the damage has been done. Sterling's reps have stated that the validity of the recording is questionable and could have possibly been tampered with. OK, if that's his story he's going to stick to it. I'm not sure this is the case but it's possible.

I listened to the entire audio of the conversation and I cannot believe what I was hearing...

The high lights/low lights for me:

DONALD: "Ya, it bothers me a lot that you want to promo...broadcast that you're associating with black people. Do you have to?"
GF: "You associate with black people."

GF: "But not in public?"
DONALD: "But why publicize it on the Instagram and why bring it to my games?"

GF: "What's wrong with minorities?"
DONALD: "Minorities are fabulous. Fabulous."

DONALD: "How about your whole life, everyday, you could do whatever you want. You can sleep with them, you can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask is that you not promote it on that and not to bring them to my games."

Here's my thing: I cannot believe that there are actually people that are this RACIST in the world today. The last time I checked, Mr. Sterling employs a team full of black professional athletes and promotes them daily. His alleged girlfriend states on tape quite emphatically that she too is of mixed race. Although she questions him on his statements, she continues to use terms of endearment like "honey" and "sweetie" when speaking to Sterling. At one point she even states that he is in love with her even though she is "black and Mexican".

Here's the other thing. I am not sympathetic to either party here..My opinion of both of these human beings is better left unsaid, but to alegedly lure someone into a taped conversation unknowingly for your own personal and financial gain is deplorable. Yet in today's tech savvy, over sharing world, it's a real possibility. Just ask Donald Sterling.

Somewhere, some how Harvey Levin is so happy he decided to stop practicing law. His pursuit of "justice" has much more meaning today.

Friday, April 25, 2014

La Vida Loca

Hey Bloggers! It's Friday and today I will attend the wake of a way too young member of my extended hometown family. The news of her passing threw us all for a loop here because she was/is each and everyone of us. Mother, daughter, woman wife, friend and confidant. I'm not going to say much more about it. What I will say it was the C word and I hate the C word. A lot.

I have chosen to live life and celebrate that I am living, breathing and trying to be healthy. I am celebrating that I am happy, in her honor.
I know this is so cliched and over played but I choose to keep it as my weekend mantra:

Happy weekend bloggers! Be happy we are alive!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Best Of Men..

Got some bad news yesterday and I feel like laughter would be the best medicine today...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Best Penis Wins!

So my BFFITWWW (My BFF in the whole wide world) are texting one morning last month about how Josh Elliot was leaving GMA!!??

We were pissed.

The following conversation took place on Monday, March 31, 2014

MY BFFITWWW: "Our boyfriend Josh is leaving gma" "Going to nbc sports station or something"

CANDY: "I saw that this morning! I hate it when they shake up gma"

MY BFFITWWW: "I know I'm still not over loosing sam champion and now George is the only penis-they need to bring in another man to off set."

CANDY: "I AGREE (insert emojis here of smiley face laughing so hard it's crying)

Then-on Wed April 2, 2014:

CANDY: "(I sent a link to the news story that Michael Strahan was in talks to join GMA) Now that's a good penis!!"

MY BFFITWWW: "Ooooohhhhhh that is great news!!! I love him!"

CANDY: "Yup..he's sassy."

Today April 23rd, 2014 Mr. Michael Strahan debuted on GMA!!
The best penis won! I couldn't be happier because I'm a huge Michael Strahan fan. As you can see HERE.

Thanks GMA, we needed some fine testosterone to compliment George the straight man and we think you chose just the right one!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Swiffer, Are You Listening?

As my good friend The Walking Man can attest, The Candy Bar, is an all white, light and bright retail beauty destination. It has been compared to heaven on more than one occasion so we have since taken to calling it "Beauty Heaven".

see what I mean?

So I'm watching TV and I see that cute little couple who do the commercials for the Swiffer products, Lee and Morty Kaufman. They are so adorable that you can't help but remember the line,"Morty, are you listening?" They even do a cute little dance on the kitchen floor after they have effortlessly cleaned their floors with the Swiffer products.

Everyday when we close The Candy Bar, we vacuum then mop our floors with the Swiffer Wet Jet. Every day..The Wet Jet is by far, the best cleaning tool we have at our disposal to keep The Candy Bar, " Beauty Heaven White" I always say we would be one heck of a Swiffer commercial. The store, being all white top to bottom, shows every little dirt deposit and smudge from a mile away and the Swiffer Wet Jet is our best defense.

Like the adorable little couple, we marvel with the ease that the Wet Jet allows for us to clean and shine the floor. The Swiffer Dusters with the extendable handles make dusting the shelving a snap and when we receive compliments on how clean our store is we smile a little bit on the inside knowing that the Swiffer products help us at The Candy Bar look our best every day.

Swiffer, are you listening?

Because right now we are doing a little dance around our bight and shiny white floors, just like Lee and Morty.

Friday, April 18, 2014

It's A Good Friday


Hey bloggers! This is the end of a crazy, busy week and the start of the Easter holiday weekend.

I searched the interwebs for the best Easter humor I could muster up and I found some great ones! Consider this my little bag of Easter jelly beans to you!!!!

Happy weekend peeps! Have an EGGScelent holiday........

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beloved Boston...A Re-Post

You can't live in Boston today and not reflect on the events of a year ago. 
This was posted on Tues April 16,th, 2013, the day after the bombings.

I wasn't there.

Neither my kids nor my husband were there. We were all safe.

She in NYC, is the one who alerted me of the events via text. He, safe on the golf course with my dad, 70 miles away from the war zone. My husband ensconced safely at his desk and I, enjoying a rare day off with my mom.

I wasn't there, but I could have easily been there like I had so many years before.
I can only share with you how most of us Bostonian who live here felt when the first waves of info came in:

It was 3:15, and I'm shopping at Neiman Marcus in a local suburb. Frick texted me. It read, "Mom, did a bomb go off at the marathon?" "Are u there?" "No."I replied." H/O"

I stopped, and searched the web on my iPhone. I googled Boston Marathon 2013. Nothing. I searched some more nothing. I then searched "bomb at Boston Marathon." I found the footage. I clicked on to the raw video and heard the news that a bomb had gone off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The report  said it was a, "horrific scene". It went on to describe bloodied streets and loss of limbs and I immediately went into safety mode. I started mentally checking off my family members.

That's what everyone that lives here did.

The first text was sent to my best friend. She lives in Boston and is an avid runner. I knew the answer before I finished typing the text, so I immediately placed a call to her seconds after I pressed the send button. I couldn't wait. She answered, "I'm ok." She was crying.
"Thank God," I said. "Were you there?"

"Can," she said between sobs. "I was right there. I had just decided that it was getting cold and that I had shit to do and that it was time to go home." "I felt the blast behind me and turned to see the smoke."
I was so glad she was ok. So glad she was safe. So shocked that she had been so close. She hadn't even called her mom. I let her go, telling her I loved her and to call her mom.

Then I went over the familial list:
I come from a large family and the majority of us are 20-50. Prime Marathon viewing years. The texts began furiously. While I was walking through the store, word got out and people everywhere could be seen either talking on their smartphones or looking at their smartphones. I drove home because no one really wanted to NOT be in front of a TV at this point and we listened to Boston Sports radio, which turned into news talk on the ride home. It was an uneasy next few hours as we awaited word on the family safety. It wasn't until 6:15 that we knew for sure that both my 26 immediate family members were ok and my husband's 11 members were safe. We were lucky.

Then the worst news of all came.

3 people had died and one of them an 8 yr old boy.

Hundreds of people had been injured. It was worse than we could have imagined. I felt at that moment that life had changed.

We were glued to the TV for the rest of the night as I'm sure you were too.

Trying to make the best of a horrid day which was no happy holiday after all.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Let The Sunshine In

  • With such a warm and gorgeous, sunny Saturday, I was struck by how many of us were "amazed" by the warm weather. It has been so cold here for so long that we forgot what good weather felt like....
  • Frick and Frack spent the weekend together in NYC. Yes, I know they are old enough to handle it without Mama and the fact that I called and texted them both six thousand times has nothing to do with the fact that they ignored 90 percent of those calls and texts. Does it?
  • Busy week for me. I have one of the biggest days ever at The Candy Bar on Wednesday..,wish me luck!
  • I can hardly believe it has been a year since the Boston Marathon bombings. This week the news media of the world will descend on our fair city to tell the amazing stories of the victims and survivors. I pray God will keep the city safe and watch over us as we commemorate the tragic events of last year. I personally believe that this year's Boston Marathon will probably be one of the safest places in the world to be during the race. 
  • I baked two incredible pies for Easter yesterday. Jus sayin...
  • Looking forward to seeing "The Other Woman". Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Brooklyn Decker all team up to bring down Leslie Mann's cheating husband. I have a personal interest in infidelity since I have experienced it first hand. Cheating men are scum and deserve everything bad that happens to them because karma is a bitch and you don't want to piss off a bitch who is pissed off. I love it when Hollywood dramatizes the sweet vindication!
  • Nurse Jackie on Showtime is BACK....speaking of bitches who you don't want to piss off..

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Foolishness

A loser is having a hard time picking up chicks, so his well traveled friend takes him to a nightclub in Daytona where he tells him that he will score for sure. The loser enters the bar, sees his prey, and begins to barrage her with pick up lines that he acquired from his friend. 

The young lady continues to ignore him but finally gives in. She says " OK, I’ll spend the night with you, but I’ve got to let you know up front that I’m on my menstrual cycle. The loser looks at her and says " That’s OK. I’ll follow you on my Moped. 

Happy Friday bloggers! Be nice to the losers...someday they might be your boss.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Scrub You

While I was away I had the distinct pleasure of having a body scrub at the Eau Spa. Being in the business that I work in, I was more interested in the body treatments than I was in massage. I had a fab mani/pedi on the first day I arrived and after My Guy had a wonderful massage that he raved about, he persuaded me to try the services at the Spa.

I chose the decadent Champagne Shimmer Body Luster. A 60 minute service, it was nothing short of incredible. After being ushered into the spa facilities where I was given a robe and flip flops, I was taken to the relax lounge where a hot tub(with a cascading waterfall fell continuously from the ceiling), steam shower and heated lounge chairs set the tone for my body scrub. I entered into the treatment room where I was instructed to choose the lighting and the music for my treatment. I chose an upbeat playlist with a mixture of lighting (different colors changing sporadically).

The treatment began with a spoon full of honey that was curated by the spa's very own bee keeper and told of the benefits of a spoon full of honey a day. Then it was time for the treatment. Face down, I laid on the massage table as my girl worked the gritty scrub into every part of my body. I had never experienced a spa scrub before, so when it was done my body felt invigorated, yet gritty. I was then allowed to go to my own private, outside shower, just outside the treatment room, to rinse the scrub off. My skin looked amazing and felt even better. Smooth and supple, I then climbed back into the massage bed where I was massaged with exotic oils till my skin literally glowed.

My friends thought the body scrub would scrub off any suntan that I might have gotten the two days before, but on the contrary, my tan was even better and my skin felt and looked...glowing.

I can report that almost 5 days later, my skin never looked better. No dryness, no flaking, which usually happens when I change from a warm climate back to a cooler one, and the best thing? The condition of my skin has improved dramatically. Dimples, freckles and all of those "older skin" issues have almost disappeared completely. I think I may be onto something here! I can't wait to inform my clients the benefits of a 30-50 minute at-home scrub for healthy skin. I would say that an oil based scrub would be most beneficial as we head into the summer and I'm thinking that once a month I will take to a Day Spa for a serious scrub treatment.

I will keep you informed of my results...and I will thoroughly enjoy it. I''ll just file that under "research and development".


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Plastic and Play

The winner is....
US! My Guy nailed it. It was West Palm Beach and it was spectacular! We arrived at the Eau Palm Beach Resort. It was gorgeous.The posh hotel and spa, the Eau was the subject of the second clue:
Which was very funny...because my friend thought "Eau" meant "ewww", but we later learned that it relates to water. So this clue was out of left field.
Anyway.. we arrived at the fantastic resort that was once The Ritz Carlton and we were ushered into the seaside bar for cocktails and a spectacular view of the ocean. It was then on to dinner and the service at the restaurant couldn't have been better. While we were there, we noticed that a lot of the women walking about had a similar "look". Nobody said anything, but I kept thinking that I had "seen that lady before wearing something completely different".

Next day after a leisurely day at the pool and a luxurious mani/pedi, we were off to Worth Avenue for some shopping.

Worth Avenue is an upscale shopping district in Palm Beach. voted one of the 3 Most Iconic destinations in the world, I call Worth Avenue the "rodeo drive" of the East Coast. Rod Stewart walked right by us and I issued a "Hey Rod", to which he replied, "oh hello", in his adorable little accent. After some retail therapy, we had dinner in one of Worth Avenue's little alley restaurants in outside dining. It was then that we really saw the women of Palm Beach. And we realized that they all look alike because they must all have the same plastic surgeon...
They looked like Stepford wives clones. Each one older than the next, but the same face, tight and completely lifted. You could tell by their exposed arms that they were older, but they all looked forever young. And the diamonds....we joked that after casing the joint, we could finance quite a few trips around the world with those rocks.Then there were the rugs, and I don't mean the ones that you step on. The men had to keep up with the women and they had the hair they bought to prove it. Needless to say we had a blast, the entertainment, the food and fun seemed endless.

Next day it was on to Delray beach. A bit of a change from Worth Ave, and a bit more real, the shopping and dinner was a bit more casual. We then stopped for music and drinks at an outdoor cafe with live music. It seemed like it belonged more in Key West, and there was a certain "biker element" in attendance, but strangely we were much more comfortable here than the previous night.

The last day was a relaxing Sunday by the pool, time spent at the spa getting a Champagne Body Scrub that was the most incredible feeling, I can hardly describe it. Then it was on to the world famous Breakers Hotel for dinner. It was the greatest way to cap the trip off, and we thoroughly enjoyed hob-nobbing with the elite of Palm Beach.

The whole trip was a joyous celebration of fun, friends and excess, in just the right amount. I have to admit to needing a wee bit of rehab...and detox, but it was well worth it. And next year, it's our turn to plan the trip.

Any suggestions bloggers?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Magical Mystery Tour Part 2

 It's that time again bloggers!

Remember last year when I went on a Magical Mystery Tour with The Toxic Trio? Yes? No?
Quick recap: The Toxic Trio are a group of three couples that I hang out with. We are a crazy bunch and a year ago we made a credo to travel once a year, for a long weekend, on a mystery trip. One of the three couples plans the trip and keeps it a secret until it's time to go. Well that time is here again!

This time we have received only 2 clues!! And while we still are not sure where we are going, we have narrowed it down to two choices of destination. Let's see what you come up with...
Here are the clues:

So that picture above was our first clue:
Kim and Kanye. Really? I don't think it's LA, because that would be sooooo obvious. Don't you think? But what do I know?
Ok, so we believe that the clue here lies in Kanye's last name..West. Hmmm..

The second clue:

This one really threw me...WTF? I am not looking forward to going somewhere smelly. I'm not getting anything here. Word has it when I find out what this clue means, I will think it was a brilliant clue.

WE have come up with two destination guesses:
Key West or
West Palm Beach. What do you think?

So, we leave tomorrow in the morning, Thursday, April 3,3014 and I will not be returning to the bloggersphere till Tuesday, April 8, 2014. I'll have a full recap and we will see who guessed correctly!!

I'm dying to know what you think....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm Not Sure About this One....

Have you seen this one? I'm not sure if it's supposed to be funny or sexy? Or both?

Yes, there is some serious eye candy here, but the guy with the *ahem* belly? He's kinda sexy I right? The little wink? But he's not the typical Hefty hunk, yet he's the one I remember the most.

So here's my question:
Are they making a joke of the errr, ummm chubby guy?

Because honestly. he's the one, in my opinion, that makes the biggest impact here. Because he's adorable..yet he's not in "beefed up", man cake shape, yet he's the most impressionable and memorable. I'm still stuck on the fact that the point of the ad is to single this guy out but are they mocking him?  Is this their intention?

I don't know about you but I think that this guy could have a "Flo from Progressive" kind of career.