Thursday, July 22, 2010

Never Lost, My A**

I got lost this morning with my navigation system.

Can you believe it? That's why this post is late, because my Navi got me lost and I was late for the fridge repair guy and for the bloggersphere. I had to drive Frack to a golf tourney about 45 minutes away very early this morning and by the grace of God I got him there with 6 minutes to spare. It wasn't easy. The Navi let me down.

What's up with a system that was originally dubbed "Never Lost" getting me lost? AND I thought I was going to loose my mind! It kept directing me to the major highway because it is programmed for major roads, but the traffic was unbearable, so I kept driving around hoping it would re-direct me on a back route. I was driving My Guy's car and I don't know exactly how to re-program it for alternate routes, nor did I have time with Frack sitting next to me reminding me every 3 seconds that he was going to be late.

My only saving grace was when we pulled into the course, the official waiting there to check Frack in for golf said he also got lost with his navigation system. He told me he felt my pain. And wouldn't you know it, that little Navi bastard worked perfectly on the ride home. These days I look at driving directions and laugh thinking, "I've got GPS, I'm all set. I just need the address."

Well not anymore. What a joke. If my Navi system works 90% of the time, I refuse to wait around for that 10% malfunction to rear it's ugly head. From now on it's Map Quest and/or driving directions, even if to just make myself familiar with the routes and streets on way to my destination.

The Navi is some what like a bad lover....

When it's good it's sooooo good.

And when it's bad it's just a plain old waste of useful time.


Heff said...

Even Map Quest will "do you wrong" on occassions. Damn Technology !

Anonymous said...

Ha! I agree. My GPS system sometimes treats parking lots as major thorougfares. One time I selected "shortest route" instead of "fastest route" and it tried to direct me from one road to the next via a parking lot that was only accessible with an electronic key card. WTF?

And I agree with what Heff said. I used Mapquest years ago and it directed me onto a road that was a dead end.

Doc said...

GPS can be crazy if you don't get updated maps... Sorry you got lost.

Scope said...

You have an iPhone.

It has a GPS and internet access.

Tell Frack to pull up a map and start navigating.

That's the passanger's job.

Elenka said...

Uh-oh. I was just going to order one on Amazon for my husband. Never needed one maybe we don't need one at all after reading your story.
Oh well...

Scott Oglesby said...

When I first clicked on here I thought it said, “Never lost my ass” and was going to be a post about how you still ‘got it,’ and then I was going to be all like, “yay!” But this isn’t about that so nevermind.

Anyway my sense of direction is awful. Even if a nav manages to get me to my destination I’ll get lost in the building, or the park, or the library, or wherever the hell I happen to be.