Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Thief

Let's have a debate today. At issue:

PRO SIDE: Lindsay Lohan is a young, troubled girl who should not be sentenced to jail time, but should be sentenced to a rehabilitation program for 90 days to try and cure her addiction to alcohol and illegal substances. She has tried to do what was asked of her, but she has to work to provide for herself and her schedule is very difficult to balance. She claims that this is not a joke, that she took it very seriously. She was under the assumption that it was OK to miss the court appointed classes because she was working.

CON SIDE: Are you F*CK-ing kidding me?? She's just like the thief who's not sorry she stole, but EVER SO SORRY she got caught. Welcome to the real world Lindsay, the one where no one gives a good goddam who you are. She has had more than enough chances to "take this seriously". 90 days is nothing for to the balls she has shown in thinking that the law does not apply to her, because at one time she had a promising Hollywood career. And, "working" as she calls it, is not jet setting all over the world, snorting cocaine and taking pictures with the paparazzi. Game over sister, thank God.

What do you think?


Jim said...

Hmmm . . . your argument for the con side of the equation is much more compelling and believable . . . impassioned, even.

I vote for 90 days of breaking rocks or making license plates.

And no coke, or rum and Coke, or Bruce Willis lap dances, or whatever her other "job commitments" are.


wigsf said...

I think if we, as a society, leave her alone, she will cease to exist. And wouldn't that be the biggest punishment of all.

Heff said...

Yes, I DON'T agree AT ALL with the "Pro" side.

She can "Rehab" behind bars better than she can at some lame facility anyway.

Just in case you didn't hear - google about her "nail job" she wore to court.

Her "bird finger" had "F*** U" written on it, aimed at the judge.

"That little bitch !"

RW said...

I don't actually know if she's a singer or an actress or whatever. And the easy thing to do is go with the thumbs down because I can search my soul all day long and not find a minute to give a rat's ass. But, to be totally honest, there is a human being in there who is in all kinds of hurt for one reason or another. Maybe the jail time will help, I don't know. She certainly hasn't done all that is asked of her. So I'm on the Con side with a check on being that mean about it.

sybil law said...

Bye, bye, Firecrotch!!

(Although a part of me does feel bad for her. She's young and clueless, brought up by complete imbeciles for parents, spoiled by the world telling her she's "special".)

Anonymous said...

I put part of the blame on her fracked up parents. When I put myself in her place, and what I was going through at the time - if I had done 1% of the shit that she has gotten in trouble for, my parents would've snatched me bald-headed and kicked my ass all the way to church.

It seems her parents are acting more like her friend than parents.

But really, send her triffling ass to jail for awhile, then sentence her to rehab for a year afterwards.

Anonymous said...

The mere idea of six whole months without having to hear about her spoiled bitch tantrums and law breaking would be like a vacation. Lock her up NOW. I'm pretty sure they'll find a way to let her out early so she can go back to the talk show circuit talking about her "ordeal" and ironically, actually making some money. Let's face it, if she was you or I and we'd done everything she has, we'd have been locked up long ago.


Anonymous said...

Also can I point out she couldn't fit in court scheduled activities that would keep her out of jail but she managed to party every night and go to Cannes right before her court date where she MAGICALLY lost her passport. PLEASE! She thought she was above the law and wasn't. It's poetic justice.

There I'm done now. I'm calm.

SkylersDad said...

Lock this bitch up and throw away the key! She sucks, her mom sucks, and she would have sucked me but I didn't have the 5 dollars.

Strongly worded comment to follow...

Furtheron said...

I'm probably in the middle. So the 90days in the slammer will not help her problems one bit. I don't know about USA facilities but in a UK prison drink and drugs are normally readily available.

On the other side she has to accept the responsibility for her actions and for where she now is and given she has broken the terms of the original judgement then given she must surely pay some fancy lawyers she ought to sue them for a start!

So I'm in the middle - for me - lock her up in a hard nosed rehab facility? Throw in at the deep end and try to get her to face up to where she is and where she is going

Personally I hope (as I do for anyone locked into any addiction) that she gets better but that'll only happen when she really is ready and willing for it to happen

Mrs. Hall said...

yeah. learning is a process of encountering adverse consequences. jail is a pretty big adverse consquence.

hopefully she'll learn that when you are under probation, the courts own your ass.

then, maybe, JUUUUSSSTTT maybe she'll think about and attend to the problems that got here there. like her drug and alcohol problem.

here's hoping

Slyde said...

i feel sick that she is a fellow Long Islander.... she had such talent..

did you happen to catch her fingernail during the hearing...

she has "FUCK YOU" written on her fingers...


Scott Oglesby said...

I think and I very much hope that jail will do her a world of good. Addictions are a bitch. But you have to face them at one point or another and sometimes jail is the best thing that can happen to a lot of people. I know a few people whose lives were literally saved by going to jail.

I don’t agree with the mandatory AA/NA thing with any sentence though. I think it should always be up to the individual to stay clean however they choose to. I think AA does a shitload more harm than good.

Joker_SATX said...

WOW! Lots of mixed emotions here in the comments section. Sort of like watching my ex wife go over the cliff in my brand new un-insured Lexus.

Nope..This Joker really has no sympathy for Lindsey. She does not care one iota for how society works. She also doesn't really know she has a problem with substance abuse.

On the other hand, Society is forcing her to become normal and stable...its not gonna work!

Will said...

For a few months, make her work 24/7 as the third act in Dollywood. After that, she'll be fine.

And, yes I'm back ... now using the clever alias "Will."