Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's Special: Sexy Zen

For those of you who don't know me, by day, I am a retailer of fine beauty products. Every once in a while, my expert eye will capture something that defies all logic in it's perfection and every once in a while my expert eye will capture something that just plain old sucks..Nature of the beast.

Today I want to tell you about the former, because the product I'm about to explain is a home run in any ball park. Fellas, listen up, because if you gift your lady with some of THIS, you will most definitely be King.
kai fragrance is unique and special and just about everybody loves it. I can't keep the stuff in stock and this is my SLOW time, yet 90% of my clients walk out of my store with something from the kai fragrance line. It's that good. It's that sexy. It's that unique....and it smells different on everyone. Let me explain.

kai was created by Gaye Straza who spent her life vacationing in tropical climates. She created the scent for herself, designing it with the white flowers she loved. While wearing it on Madison Avenue in NYC, a fashion editor stopped her and inquired where she could get this incredible scent. The rest is kai history.

It's unique scent is different on everyone and positively intoxicating. AS I told you 90% of my clients leave my spot with something from kai. I placed the roll on perfume oil, $45.00, at the register at point of purchase and ask my clients if they ever heard of kai. I then explain a little bit about it, let them smell it to make sure they like it, then tell them to apply it to the pulse points and go home. 9 out of 10 return the next day to purchase. I cannot lie, it's really that simple.

kai has several ways to enjoy the scent beginning with the roll on perfume oil. Small and concentrated, this $45.00 mini roll on is perfect to put in your purse. The kai dry oil $30.00 is like nothing I have ever experienced.

Simply applied in a small spray bottle, this hydrating oil is sprayed all over the body and rubbed in until it is dry. Completely. No oily residue. All you are left with is glowing skin and a heavenly scent. kai also has body lotion, body wash, and a salt and sugar body polisher seeped in rich oils scented with kai that gives the user a healthy glowing skin after the shower.
But the big seller, the big Kahuna, at least at The Candy Bar, is the kai body buffer. I got a dozen in on Thursday and today I have 5 left.

These white sponges, packed with palm, coconut, and olive oil, release the kai scent in white foaming bubbles when wet. You get 2 sponges, each good for 30 washes, all for, are you ready,...$36.00. That's two months of kai craziness in your shower for $36.00.

Now, I don't do a lot of pimping out of my store here on The Dandy, but if you are interested in purchasing kai for yourself or your lady, or a friend, click this link to The Candy Bar and call the store. We will ship it to you, with free shipping. If you don't want to do business with me, click the kai link above and order direct. Either way, you won't be sorry. You'll be in heaven.

kai is like nothing I've ever used before.

Heck, even Oprah has it on her favorites list.

And so does Candy over at Candy's Daily Dandy. Take that Oprah.


Jim said...

What?!? No post about Papi winning the Home Run Derby?

I'm temporarily suspending your "One of the Guys" card, missy.



Heff said...


I can buy 75 Busch Lights with that !

After that many beers, who cares what the woman smells like, lol !

sybil law said...

You have most certainly piqued my interest. Wish I could try a sample first, though. I ususally don't like overly girly scents!

SkylersDad said...

I'm with Heff, that buys a whole bunch of beers and a gas station car freshener!

Jim said...

Boys, boys . . . you're missing the point. She'll feel so much better about every inch of her soft, fragrant skin that she won't hesitate to wrap herself around you, and the two of you can close your eyes and drift away to that magically intimate place that only lovers know, together . . .

At least, I think that's what it says . . . the type on the bottle is really small.