Monday, July 26, 2010

Living On A Prayer

Sorry for the soft porn, but I just couldn't help myself.

I saw the Bon Jovi concert on Saturday night and I just can't get the image of this beautiful man out of my mind. Then I found this photo on the internets and I was lost in a haze for a few moments.....*sigh*

Anyway,(composing myself) the concert ROCKED!!!

What was so interesting to me was that I found I am not alone in my worship of this beautiful creature who has been making women swoon for 27 rockin and rollin years. If your're a regular Daily Dandy reader you know that after My Guy, My Tommy comes a close second and John Bon Jovi is right after Tommy without much room to spare. Hot Damn!

When I arrived at the concert parking lot to commence with the tail gate party, I had to pee really bad so I had no choice but to cross the lot to the where the port-a-pottys were located. On my way over, I noticed the constant sea of myself, everywhere.

And by that I mean, I was demographic in attendance. Forty something, hot MILF'y cougars getting their Bon Jovi on. They were everywhere and they out numbered the males by about 6 to 1. There were a few kids in attendance, but probably because they were there with their hot, MILF'y moms. I was surprised. I remember Bon Jovi being a big 80's band, and I'm sure a lot of those hot, 40 somethings were fans back in the day, but I thought the band had more males than females who were fans.

After our rockin' tail gate, we went into Gillete Stadium to hear the opening act, Kid Rock. Holy sexy! The dude brought the house down. Who knew? I was so utterly entertained and on my feet during his set, I almost wondered if Bon Jovi could follow that act. Kid Rock switched musical genre's during the hour long set and he played EVERY musical instrument on the stage. From funk to soul to rock to rap to country, that skinny little dude put on an amazing show. The crowd loved him! Now I see why Pamela Anderson was married to him for a full 15 minutes.

Of course good old Bon Jovi didn't disappoint. They played for 2 and a half hours and during that time, myself and every other woman in attendance practically lost their breath when John smiled his million dollar smile on the Jumbo-Tron for all to see. Ritchie Sambora isn't too shabby either, and I can't remember having a better time at a concert. I had a few of those, "I forgot they sang this song," moments and was surprised at how much Bon Jovi music is ingrained into the culture of my life.

I went home, blaring my Bon Jovi CD on the ride back and crawled into bed with My Guy. I also might have tapped him on the shoulder, to give him the signal. *wink, wink* I can say with certainty that out of the thousands of swooning women at the show, I was not the only one waking their spouse after arriving home for a little sumpin' sumpin'.

So maybe I was wrong. Maybe Bon Jovi today, have far more male fans than they did before Saturday night for that reason alone.


wigsf said...

Bon Jovi is from New Jersey.

Jim said...

Lol @ "a little sumpin' sumpin'."

Just simple biology, my friend . . . age has little to do with it.

Glad you let your hair down a bit . . . and tossed it back and forth . . . moving your hips . . .

Sorry . . . where was I?



RW said...

"Now I see why Pamela Anderson was married to him for a full 15 minutes."

ok... I lol'ed...

Heff said...

Not a big fan of Bon Jovi, but if he went to the effort to play for 2 1/2 hours, at least he's giving the crowd what they want. Er, well...kinda. I can't speak for YOU, lol !

sybil law said...

I totally know what you mean - every girl my age, give or take a few years, loooves the hell out of John Bon Jovi.

Scott Oglesby said...

I graduated high school in 91 so Bon Jovi was for sure a part of a great many, many amazingly awesome memories. As was U2!

Doc said...

I love Bon Jovi too !!