Friday, July 9, 2010

Q& A With A Basketball Fan

Q: So Candy, what did you think of Lebron James' "Big Announcement" last night?

A: I'm so surprised by all the hoopla. And I don't mean that tongue and cheek. Really? Is my life effected by last night's big announcement that Lebron will sign with the Miami Heat? Yes and no.

Q: Yes and No? How so?

A: No. I really don't give a good Goddamn where King James chooses to play the rest of his years out. BUT, will it effect my life? Maybe. Come next June when the Celtics are in the playoffs, maybe I will care when Boston has to face the stacked Miami Heat in the playoffs. I cannot lie.

Q: Are you worried about the prospect of a new "Big Three" (James, Wade and Bosh) in the Eastern Conference?

A: Listen, if James were coming to the Celtics, this would be a much different post. But the fact of the matter is, three years ago I felt the same electricity the people of Miami are feeling right now. AND we have a World Championship to prove it. Am I worried? Sort of. Do I blame Lebron for wanting a World Championship? No. How could I? The supposed Best Player in the NBA has shocked the world by leaving Cleveland and let's face it, the dude didn't have the team behind him to take home the banner. So he has made a decision to put himself in the best position to be part of a championship team. It's what little boys dream of and fans alike. No, Lebron James has a dream. I don't blame him at all.

Q: Do you think the Heat will dominate the league now?

A: Maybe. Only time will tell. If they don't there are going to be a lot of people who will love every minute of it.

Q: Do you think Lebron is worthy of all the hype?

A: Look, I am a Celtic's fan first, and all other b-ball played throughout the season is a highlight on Sports Center or a blurb in my beloved Boston Herald. Lebron is an above average player who has not yet realized his potential. If that is measured in World Championships, then he has been a huge disappointment. But he is no Michael Jordan. Sorry. The press and the drama surrounding this announcement has been nothing short of ridiculous. AND no, I did not watch it live. I have been listening all week to sports radio and by Tuesday I was already over the whole thing. I love basketball as much as the next guy, but James is nothing more than over rated in my book. If he makes an impact then I will be the first to eat those words. As much as it pains me to say this, I think Kobe is a better player. James is nasty on the outside shot and making the drive to the hoop but Kobe's got the whole package. And don't think I enjoy admitting that.

Q: You mean King James dosen't deserve that title?

A: Lebron has won the league MVP for the last two years but has he made an impact and transcended the game like Michael Jordan? No. Not even close. Just my opinion. When Jordan was playing he "floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee". You know where I am going with this...James has to prove himself to hold Jordan's jock strap. For sure.

Q: Candy, tell us how you really feel?

A: Sick. Really Lebron? Why couldn't you have just announced it with your new teammates, Wade and Bosh. I gotta ask you, who the hell do you think you are? The King?
Make no mistake, there was only one King and he died sitting on the hopper on August 16th, 1977.


Scott Oglesby said...

I know that I’m loving it. If I move back to the states, it will be to Florida. And I love the heat! I was afraid he was going to ‘pull an MJ’ and announce that he was leaving basketball to try baseball. Thank God he didn’t do that dumb shit.

RW said...

Lebron who?

Heff said...

Glad the krap is over, honestly. Heff doesn't care for Basketball.

Oh yeah -

With Love, Heff.

SkylersDad said...

I hope those 3 eat each other alive with contempt and dislike for each other.

sybil law said...

Um, yeah... go, Lebron!

B.E. Earl said...

I'm curious to see how all those egos are gonna manage to share the ball down there in Miami. And just who Riley is gonna get to fill out the roster at league minimums. That should be fun.

Jim said...

I think the Heat are aspiring to be the Yankees of basketball.

Since our Celts are getting a little long in the tooth, someone else can have the pleasure of keeping LeBillfold the greatest player to have never won anything.