Monday, April 19, 2010

A True Red, White & Blue New England Patriot

Betcha didn't know that today is a holiday here in the great state of Massachusetts. It's called Patriots Day and I love it because:

  • My store is closed. YIPEE! Day off!!

  • No school!! YIPEE! Day off!!!

  • It's the 114th running of The Boston Marathon.

  • The weather is beautiful. (after a rainy weekend)

  • The Sox play a matinee at home. (here's hoping they win the last one of 4 with Tampa, foiling any sweep chances)

  • It's a great excuse to go into the city and have a few drinks with friends on a beautiful day.

  • It gives me a great excuse to post a picture of My Tommy. Any day for that is a great day!

You all enjoy your day also, and us "Mass-hole's" will be thinking of you all while hoisting a frosty Margarita at lunch, and wearing sunglasses on the outdoor patio of some fabulous Boyston Street eatery, watching the marathon runners jog by, and then joining the thousands of people who also have the day off and have descended upon our fair city.



Jim said...

Since the Sox play at 9:30, I think my day would have to begin with an Italian Sausage sandwich, slathered in peppers and onions, while I chat with El Tiante.

Have fun, and be sure to stretch plenty before the marathon ;-)


Joanie M said...

My niece is running in the Boston Marathon today!

Enjoy your day!

The Dental Maven said...

Ahhh yes, I remember it well. I lived on Comm Ave for a few years during dental school and watched the marathon right in front of my brownstone. I do miss my beantown.

RW said...

I didn't know I needed an excuse to hoist a few drinks. Shit... I better work on that...

BeckEye said...

Aren't you gonna have to change the name now that there's a Patriot Day?

Heff said...

Live it UP.


SkylersDad said...

I have a couple of friends who made the trip back there to run in the marathon!

Scott Oglesby said...

Oh man, I miss watching the Boston marathon….on TV. Thank God you have nice weather; I had a friend who has had horrible weather for almost every marathon she’s run for the last 2 years.

Enjoy your holy-day.

the walking man said...

Odd...I didn't even know it was a holiday and I took the day off. *tink* To patriots' day.

Joker_SATX said...

I had forgotten all about that. Happy Patriots Day to you!

Yeah, and just be aware that this Joker is taking a terrible beating from his father (the die hard Yankee's fan) due to the Sox recent performances.

I still keep the faith however. I told him that I will see him in October.

Furtheron said...

Funny that isn't a holiday over this side of the pond... :-)

They give you a day off for a battle against us? Funny I wonder how many national holidays there are around the world to celebrate battles against Brits... see we have provided a vital service here to all the ex colonies :-)