Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Letting Your Freak Flag Fly

Today's post is dedicated to my blogger buddy RW of 1 Step Beyond. He dropped the term " "letting your Freak Flag fly" last week and I have adopted it as my own. Thanks dude.

If you read The Dandy regularly you know that I have some serious opinions about whatever the topic of the day may be. Sometimes I'm goofy, inappropriate, lazy, wrong, right, passionate, funny and not. But I'm never afraid to let my Freak Flag fly. Or should I say Gleek Flag.

Next Tuesday night the poster children of Freak Flagged-ness are coming back and I can't wait. The charm of the Fox TV phenomenon Glee is that it allows you to release your inner Stephen Tyler and embrace your geek. Even if you don't care for the edgy story lines, you gotta love the music. Like the top "dawg", Randy Jackson himself said just last night, "Glee is hot right now, dawg." I let my Gleek flag fly regularly because I have both Glee albums down loaded on my ipod. It's fun music to help pump up my workout!

Personally this season, I'd like to hear a lot more of Artie, the Glee clubber who uses a wheelchair. I love the tone of his voice and more of resident diva Rachel, who gives me goose bumps when she performs. Fire up the DVR's because the Glee cast is on the Oprah show today, pimping out their much anticipated return to TV next Tuesday after Idol. AND...they're going to perform the classic, "Don't stop believin", the Journey classic that put them on the map.

Being a Freak has never been so chic!


RW said...

wow... what?

Heff said...

To each her own, but Heff HATES THE GLEE !

Especially Jane Lynch !

All of a sudden, SHE'S EVERYWHERE !

Scott Oglesby said...

Oh man…. I thought you meant something else entirely. Bummer, I was hoping for a few photos. Maybe next time huh?

Furtheron said...

Glee... yes well... no thanks.

However the one good thing is that finally Journey have got some coverage this side of the pond and their greatest hits is in the charts and the single of Don't Stop Believing actually made the top 10! Bizarre - but given when they were huge in the USA we were all sticking safety pins through our noses, ripping up our Dad's old jackets and pogoing around to "anarchy in the UK", "White Riot" and other punk classics thinking we were going to change the world... oh how we failed!

POBOX said...

Gleeless here but you do know a freak flag was long hair when it wasn't accepted.