Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunny Funny Honeymoon

The wedding planning is going along smoothly, so far, with a just few things left to do. One of them is the honeymoon. We have yet to finalize it because, it seems we can't agree.

At issue: Destination

I want to go to Greece. I've been talking about it for three years and I think it would be perfect.

He does not want to travel for 13-14 hours away from the kids, (yet I do) and we only have about 8 days.

The week we are gone is the first week of school for Frick and Frack (his first time in HIGH SCHOOL). My sister will stay with them for the first week and my parents can fill in for a few extra days. Plus, I have 3 too many dogs, and they make my house a crazy house. 8 days is about the max we can squeeze out.

SO at this point, the options are:

Anguilla-Cap Jaluca Resort

Cabo San Lucas-The One and Only Resort

St Barts-Any resort advice?


Brittish Virgin Islands-????

Turks and Caicos-Parrot Cay Resort-we have already been here and loved it so much, it has become the standard by which we measure all resorts. BUT-I think we'd rather go somewhere we have not been.

I feel we are blessed to be able to even consider such wonderful options, so we both want it to be special. We are leaning the Cabo San Lucas way, because The One and Only seems to be an amazing resort.

Any advice bloggers??

Where is your dream destination?

What have you got? Dazzle me with your travel prowess....


RW said...

I'd stay away from Mexico right now, at least until people stop getting slaughtered all over the place. There was even some killings in Cancun lately, i thought I read.

BVI for me, This place in particular.

If you want to see the Caribbean as it was before everything grew up the BVI is your place. Side story; there was almost a B&B owned by yours truly in the USVI some years back but the girls were still in school and - though they were excited at first mention - they panicked at the thought of leaving all their friends. Soon I was the only one who wanted to go and live there. So much for that. Oh well.

USVI, like Jamaica, can be a little too "in your face". If you want the classic getaway the BVI is still unspoiled, plus there's no "let's see how much we can lift off the tourists" like there is in Jamaica. This is Jamaica before it got cynical.

Scott Oglesby said...

Based on my travel experience, and it is plentiful, I’d recommend Costa Rica. IMHO, 8 days is too short for Europe. Way too short. By the time you got settled in and over the jetlag you’d have to start packing to go home. I found everywhere in the Caribbean to be very similar. The closest, coolest, most unique place to you is Costa Rica. If you do consider going there email me and I’ll give you tons of info and send you some pics…. It’s like a different world!

The Dental Maven said...

If those are your options, you really can't go wrong.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

I went to Cabo last summer. WAY over-rated. Your other options seem much better.

Heff said...

The Honeymoon should be a Physical Act, not a destination.

Scope said...

I've never been to any of those places, so I have no input there. But to tell the truth, would rather run around the Med looking at old stuff than hang out on a beach. But that's me.

Planning a honeymoon myself to San Francisco. We are going to do Alcatraz and the Winchester Mystery House, because we are both a perfectly matched pair of dorks.

the walking man said...


Furtheron said...

Don't do Greece - not with the crisis it is in at the moment. I'd leave that a year to settle out - you run the risk of strikes/unrest at the govt cutbacks ruining your honeymoon

If you want somewhere similar - Turkey - cheap and such a difference being the joining of east and west, Christianity and Islam all mixed together. Istanbul is one place I'd love to spend more time