Monday, April 26, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Here's a Daily Dandy first! I swear, I'd never believe you if you told me, and I NEVER, ever thought these words would ever come from my mind, realm or stratosphere, but....

I'm really worried about Brett Michaels condition.

Latest reports have him listed in critical condition in ICU at an undisclosed hospital following a brain hemorrhage at the base of his skull. I am worried for Brett and I am pulling for him and his family. Seriously, I have grown quite fond of Poison's front man because I must admit to my latest guilty pleasure....The Celebrity Apprentice.

Yes, that Celebrity Apprentice.

Thanks to the magic of On-Demand (and too much time on my hands), I'm all of a sudden hooked on the show that they call "the most absurd reality show on television". And Mr Brett Michaels has earned my respect. Aside of all the cat-fighting, back-stabbing and "bus throwing under" that goes on on that show, Brett has not participated in any of the former and has pretty much done everything that has been asked of him and done it well. Granted, the dude has a strange way of getting to his point, and some have criticised him for wasting time getting to the point, but he has made it all work, and in most cases, ended up doing all the work.

Brett was pegged from the first show as the "weak" one by the ladies team. It's the so called "weak" ones who you have to watch out for. He has mastered the art of turning his way-past-it's-prime, 15 minutes of 80's fame, into dollars and sense and in the process made himself a Reality TV star with tons of fans. Female fans. You gotta watch those rockers, they have the edge, I tell ya.

I'm throwing out my prediciton that he won the whole thing.

I hope he's going to be ok, because I think he may just be a good human. He portrays himself as a aging rocker, but he has revealed a super soft spot for his young daughters and his family. I hope he pulls out of it soon.

Get well Brett. Nobody can Rock the boardroom like you.


B.E. Earl said...

A good human? Really? Have you seen Rock of Love? No "good human" would be involved in that kind of crap.

Not that I don't wish him a speedy recovery or anything.

Mrs. Hall said...

OOhh I was totally going with you on this then I saw Earl pipe up.

but, for his daughter's sake I hope they friggin find the bleed and he recovers.


cfoxes33 said...

I too am a Brett Michaels fan. I too and a Celebrity Apprentice Fan. I usually DVR it and watch it later in the week. I am so scared for his family. It is truly a sad thing. Prayers are going out for him and his family.

The Dental Maven said...

The stats for subarachnoid hemorrhages are not encouraging but there's always hope. The Maven sends out her sincere wishes for recovery.

Heff said...

Although I hate to hear about his current condition, BRETT MICHAELS IS A PUSS-CAKE.

"Rock Of Love" IS typical reality trash TV. Brett is playing "Mr. Clean" for network television.

Also, his music is "Bubble Gum Metal".

Heff is not a huge fan.

BeckEye said...

I don't like the term guilty pleasure but anyway...

I'm also worried about Bret. I've made fun of him quite a bit. Not that he didn't deserve it, but jeez, I don't want the guy to die or anything.

I've also been watching Celebrity Apprentice, even though I used to like it better when it was the regular Apprentice. With people who actually need jobs. All I've gotten out of this season is that everyone loves to pick on Cyndi Lauper and I don't care how goofy she can be, I still love her. And Holly Robinson Peete needs to be bitch-slapped 2 or 300 times. I've never liked her, all the way back to the Jump Street days.

Scott Oglesby said...

I’ve never seen the Rock of Love debacle/debauchery thank god, but I do watch The Apprentice. Although he did seem a little….I don’t know if it was insecure or fake…..but he honestly did come across as a really nice, good guy. I hope and pray he gets better.

It wasn’t a good weekend for us either. That kitten we saved is missing and we presume killed by stray dogs. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth later….

the walking man said...

Hope he survives but I didn't watch his TV or listen to his music.