Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This One's A Beauty

It's about the size of a grape.

Packed inside that tiny green grape sponge is a whole lotta beauty punch! I am so very proud to introduce to you the Beautyblender Micro Mini

Original Beautyblender is long since a #1 Best Seller at The Candy Bar, it's baby sister is just as wonderful and just as powerful as the original. The patented open cell structure of the sponge allows the moisture to hold inside making the sponge "full". Makeup sits on top of the sponge so that product is not absorbed resulting in less product waste every time.

Designed for expert contour and highlighting, this mini sponge helps you to complete makeup application like the pro's.  Swipe a darker pigment in the hollows of your cheeks and blend for contour. Bounce your favorite highlighter on the tops of your cheeks for a gorgeous glow and bounce the pointed top of the mini egg on the inner eye corners for smoothing and complexion perfection. Did I mention how great this baby (literally) is for getting into hard to reach areas? Use it for mineral powders! Use it for mineral powder eye shadows and blend darker pigments flawlessly. It's quite possibly the most perfect mini blending tool in the world! It just may be the ONLY mini blending sponge in the world, and it's compact size makes portability a dream.

It debuted earlier in the month at New York Fashion Week and created a huge beauty buzz. The Beautyblender Micro Mini will change your life! Trust me when I tell you there are no sour grapes about this one.


MarkD60 said...

The term "Micro Mini" is reserved exclusively to describe a womans bikini.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Way to go!!!!