Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Strut-ting His Stuff

Be still my heart...I do love me some Lenny Kravitz.

That hunky, gorgeous piece of eye candy has just dropped a new album called Strut. Playing to his rock side, Kravitz said this album literally wrote itself. Kravitz has been living a dream as of late, his acting career skyrocketing in the past few years. He landed a role in the Oscar winning movie Precious and then as Cenna in the Hunger Games and Catching Fire movies. He then played a key role in the award winning movie, Lee Daniels, The Butler. Yes, it's been a good couple of years for Lenny.

Kravitz says that while he was on set finishing up Catching Fire, he kept hearing music in his head that just wouldn't go away. He decided to pay attention to it rather than loose it and his latest album was hatched. A true instrumentalist, song writer he starts with guitars and drums first and adds what it needs along the way. Best known for his number one hit, "Fly Away", Lenny Kravitz has been a hit maker since he debuted in the early 90's.

I'm buying the album because I love his music and I'm a huge fan. Rumor has it the inside cover sleeve photo is worth the price of it alone.

This isn't it the one from the new album, but you get the idea here.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah...I love me some Lenny Kravitz. I wanna fly away..........


Heff said...

Um, ok then. I'll check out his latest work at your request, but his last few albums have STUNK, and the six packs I display are MUCH tastier than his.

I digress.



Candy's daily Dandy said...


Show me the money babe!

Anonymous said...

I just heard his tune Strut! Yeah, he's back! Rockin the house. Time to go see about buying this album!