Thursday, September 18, 2014

Christmas In September

I've decided to start shopping early for Christmas this year.

I'm not, and I repeat, not going to get all caught up in the hype and the panic of the holidays and work and work and end up buying whatever I can for whatever the price at the very end because I haven't done anything. No way. I've decided to make a schedule for the coming weeks and pick up at least two things per week for my family. I think it would be nice to be "done" by early November.

Here's the thing. The internet has changed the way we shop. Every week I get 10-20 emails touting sales, 20-30% off offers clutter my email inbox, so much so that I hardly look at them anymore. So I've decided to start looking at the deals offered and start plugging away at the big old Xmas list now.

This is all good in theory, I just hope I can really stay true to my plan. Have you ever finished your Christmas shopping early, like super early? I'd love to know how you did it.


MarkD60 said...

Someone on Facebook poster a few days ago, 99 days till Christmas Eve, not I'm going to have to go count...

BTW, I lost my blog, all 9 years. 101 Domain destroyed it for me. Still trying to restore it, but for now, starting over at

the walking man said...

1) Don't give anyone anything, except the grandkids.

2) Always give cash.

Walaaa fini in July if I so choose.

Scope said...

If you are interested in tech deals, the Gizmodo site runs routine deal roundups. And "tech" is very loosely defined.

Yesterday's is at:

It did include Keen Utility Albany Shoes ($63) @ 6pm.