Monday, September 22, 2014


Derek Jeter is a class act.

I said it in a public forum as a true blue Red Sox Fan. And I meant it.

Derek Jeter, at the age of 40, is enjoying his swan song in the MLB which comes to an end this weekend. Since the Yankees nor the Red Sox will be vying for the post-season, it's somewhat romantic that Derek Jeter's last game as a major league baseball player will take place at Fenway Park. There has been so much hype surrounding the Jeter retirement that even Jeter is somewhat humbled by it. From the commercials, to the social media hashtag campaigns to his number on the sleeve of the Yankee's uniforms, it's hard to not get caught up in the whole Derek Jeter is a God thing. And I live in Red Sox nation.

I mean, he can't help it if he played for the wrong team his entire career, right?

So here's my dilemma:

I had a conversation with my BFF's about Jeter and the hype. One of them asked if we thought it was ok to wear a Derek Jeter shirt. Discussions ensued, and our conclusion was that yes, it's ok to wear a Derek Jeter shirt.
Just not in public.
Here in Boston.
I might of even bought into all the hype and said yes when my friend inquired if I wanted a Derek Jeter t-shirt. (she lives in Manhattan)

So tonite that same BFF-who is a staunch Red Sox fan-who lives in NYC and is visiting me this weekend-is going to Yankee Stadium and texted me to ask what kind of Jeter shirt I want. All of a sudden, the thought makes me feel funny.

Like I can't do it.
Like how could I ever wear it?
Like ever?
Like this is so stupid.

So I have until 7pm tonite to make my decision.

Bloggers you have to help me., What should I do????
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Scope said...

Have you lost your mind? That would be like a Jets fan wearing a Brady jersey when he retires.

Not natural.

I hope at his last AB, the pitcher drills him. THAT's how the Red Sox say "goodbye" to Jeter.

Melaka said...

Really??? You're going to let public opinion dictate an opportunity to get a Derek Jeter shirt? Life is way too short to waste your time on that decision. I say go for it!!!