Friday, March 9, 2012

What The?

Hey bloggers! It's Friday and over here at The Daily Dandy that usually means a fun and frivolous send off to the weekend. Not today.

Today I am turning the tables and taking a completely serious tone with the topic. I read about this and I'm shocked at how modern technology has turned something as innocent and pure as cinnamon into a what could be a lethal substance.

I'm talking about the viral craze called the "Cinnamon Challenge". Crazy? For sure.

The Cinnamon Challenge is dangerous and absurd. Defined as a "dare game", the participant's challenge is to swallow 1 teaspoon of pure cinnamon without water and without inhaling or vomiting for one minute. The result is a viral world of Youtube video posts with people coughing out enormous bursts of brown smoke. In some cases the coughing is so severe, the participant has extreme difficulty catching their breath. And asthmatics? Forget about it.

I found this little tidbit while trolling the interwebs:

"To understand the potency of cinnamon, ponder this: Cinnamaldehyde, the organic compound that gives the spice its distinctive flavor, is used as a pesticide and fungicide. It’s strong enough to kill little things, for heaven’s sake. The EPA warns of acute dermal toxicity; acute oral toxicity; eye irritation; dermal irritation and dermal sensitization. Granted, this is just a component of cinnamon used in concentration, but still, this demure seasoning clearly has a wicked side."

Judge for yourself this Jackass prank that seems to be sweeping our youth. By posting this I am in no way endorsoing this challenge. You gotta see this to believe it because it's really sad.

Have a great weekend bloggers. Try not to huff anything.


Anonymous said...

That's old hat, we graduated to snorting film cleaning solution off the small of Ru Pauls back at parties.

Heff said...


She barely got it on her tongue and went apeshit.


Jim said...

I prefer mine administered by the professionals at Cinnabon. They know what they're doing, and use an exact prescribed amount. As a safeguard, they also smother the cinnamon not only in sweet roll dough, but cover it with a thick blanket of vanilla frosting.

I really don't think that their method is harmful in any way, but I'll go back tomorrow to check again. :-)

As far as swallowing it dry . . . I just can't imagine being that bored or that stupid.


sybil law said...

Kids are so lame these days.

Denis Verdecia said...

Are we this desperate to get high? LAWD!

MarkD60 said...

I grade school there was a fad with this cinnamon and peppermint oil in a tiny jar. We would dip toothpicks in it. The cinnamon in particular, was very strong and would leave a welt on your skin if it touched you.

Scope said...

Double it up and start shoving marshmallows in your mouth, too! The only "dare game" if remember playing is "I Never..."

Glad the results of those weren't captured on video for posterity.

Cora said...

Great. You watch, we will all start getting carded to buy cinnamon at the grocery store now. Perfect.