Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sucking It All In

That's right, she's a billionaire.

I'm sure most people have no idea who Sara Blakely is. I certainly didn't until Sunday, but I know her product.

I know her product oh so well, as it has become a staple; a must have, a do or die fashion element in any smartly dressed woman's wardrobe. Men, ask your ladies because they know what we are talking about. Sara Blakely can count on women all over the world knowing what we are talking about-all the way to the bank.

Sara Blakely created Spanx.

At 41 years old, she is the youngest woman and self made billionaire to ever make the prestigious list. Sara Blakely did something so simple, so brilliant that I couldn't believe that there was one person behind the idea. She re-created the girdle. She modernized a device from our great-gtrandmother's era that was villified and lothed for it's torture.

Sara Blakely changed all of that. She gave us a new name, "shapers" and make them seamless with her own two hands, then patented them with a patent book she bought at Barnes and Noble. Her first account was Nieman Marcus and soon a star was born. Today the Spanx empire boasts hundreds of styles of undergarments like: Booty Booster, The Bra-llelujah, Slim-Cognito, Skinny Britches and Trust your Thinstincts.

Women all over the globe wouldn't dare to get dressed without them. Red Carpet event atendee's have even confessed to "doubling up" on Spanx, and Hollywood regularly includes Spanx products in it's various swag bag events. I, myself will admit that I cannot live without my one, coveted Spanx favorite: The Bra-llelujiah. This garment changed my life, and honestly I will not be without it. It's comfort alone is the sole reason I choose to spend $62.00 on a bra. I have almost every color imaginable and I plan on never facing a day without my Bra-llelujiah.

Herin lies the key to Sara's sucess. She tapped into something that was taboo, forbidden and shameful and she made it modern, chic, comfortable and necessary. She made sucking in our sins a shared ritual for millions of women and in the process she made millions. Or more like billions,

Selling girldles. Who would have ever thought it possible?


Heff said...

Sucking it ALL in....Ah YES !!!

I'd LOVE to try her product !

Heff needs a sugar-momma !!

Denis Verdecia said...

I applaud her success!

BamaTrav said...

Sucking it all in? Sheut, I'd take the french fry chick at McDonald's if she could do that.

sybil law said...

I wish i was her! But I've never worn Spanx... yet...

Cora said...

The only Spanx I own are a pair of opaque black tights, but it must be said that I LOVE THEM.


They perform an amazing transformation and are completely comfortable all at the same time. Sheer magic is what it is.

Jim said...

I like the names. I'll give her a call when it's time to come out with the men's lines . . .

The Man-ssiere is already taken, but we could still use:


Spare Re-Tired

Ass And Ye Shall Reduce