Friday, March 23, 2012

The Real F-Bomb

Karma always comes back to haunt you...cuz she's a real bitch. Like most bitches, karma tends to be real bad if you haven't been nice and karma is not loving Kimmy K these days. In LA, promoting her FOURTH fragrance at a launch party last night, (just what the world needs, another Kim Kardashian fragrance) Kim Kardashian experienced the wrath of bad karma.

With the whole world watching, someone dropped an F-Bomb on Kim.... quite literally.

I'm sorry, but payback's a bitch. Evidently a young woman dropped a flour bomb on Kim's big red carpet moment.

One of Kimmy's peeps ran after the perp and detained her until police could arrive at the scene. The woman was held but Kim did not press charges.

Word has it Kim went up to her room, changed clothes, brushed the flour out of her hair and returned back to the event a mere 10 minutes later where the crowd cheered her.

I had to laugh.

You think Kris Humphries is connected to the crime?
Have a good weekend bloggers! Try to steer clear of all F-Bombs!


Heff said...


For the record, I'm pretty sure that WASN'T Kim's first run in with "white powder"....

As far as her "carpet experience" goes, that thing's been shaved for YEARS.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she's a dunce but just look at her lips, ass, legs, hair, eyes, fingers, toes, tits. I would still HIT THAT no matter what she has said or *ahem* who she has done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom said...

If I were a celebrity, I'd intentionally plan a couple of these "atacks" against myself each year to improve publicity.

Scope said...


Like "dough" because of the flour and...

That's all I got. SOrry.

sybil law said...

Bah. Kim Kardashian. Who are these idiots that keep paying her to do ANYTHING?

MarkD60 said...

I heard about it but thanks for the pictures.

the walking man said...

I think Tom hit the nail on the head. last week the press was al over how much better her younger Jenner sister looked in a dress that KK had been photographed in...oops got to get the attention back.

I'm sorta with Bama on this one I would have preferred a major "wardrobe malfunction"