Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crack is Wack Part II

I have to admit that since Whitney's death I have been reading everything and anything that pops up about the tragic and troubled diva. I didn't even know that I cared that much, but apparently I do. What's even more tragic is that I'm about to admit that I have recently been watching YouTube episodes of Bravo's now defunct reality show, "Being Bobby Brown". It's like research and I just need to get a glimpse into what went on in their lives so that I can make sense of the train wreck of it all.

And you do get a glimpse of it, if not all of it on that show. So when Yesterday's news came out about Bobby Brown being homeless, broke and living out of his car, it just didn't sit well with me.

Ok, so Bobby Brown was broke and homeless after Whitney kicked his broke-ass outta her house and went to rehab to clean up her act. Why is this big news? We didn't just go to school to eat lunch cuz we all know where the $$ came from. The fact is that Whitney's fortune, at one time estimated to be $240 million, was dwindling. (cuz $240 mil can buy you a lot of rock for a real long time)Which means that Whitney cut him loose to try and save her sinking ship.

I am not saying that Bobby was the degenerate drug addict in the relationship or that Whitney's life was ruined because of his influence on her drug use. On the contrary, I fully believe that Whitney was the real addict here and that Brown was a man who did what he always did to get by. He smoked, he snorted, he ingested, he drank, he ate and he did it all on his wife's dime. It was Whitney who had the real love affair with the pipe. We may never know what the whole truth is and who says we need to.

But the fact that Brown's money troubles and homelessness after his divorce are big news today puzzle me. We already knew this, and if you live in Boston like I do, its no surprise. In the past decade, Brown has been sentenced to jail for non support of his children who live here at least twice and he was always in the news for being in court to answer deadbeat dad charges. Bobby and the Massachusetts court system are like peas and carrots, so why the sudden, "woe is me" PR. What's his motive?

While Whitney isn't around anymore to tell him to, "kiss my ass!" and refute the crap he will undoubtedly be spewing, I'm betting the business man in Brown ain't no fool. He sees $$$ all over this because of people just like me. We have absolutely no right to know the truth, yet we have the deepest desire to know the truth and we comprise a market that will spend money on it. Sad but true.

I'm thinking that Bobby Brown's homeless days are over, and I think he has his deceased x-wife to thank for a big part of that. I'm also hoping he cleans his act up and does something good beside impregnating women and then leaving them broke and penniless. But that might be too much to ask for a guy who just does what he does to get by. I also pray that his daughter, Bobbi Christina gets the help she needs to clean up her act too. According to Bobby Brown he was her primary caretaker.

Is there a pattern here?


Heff said...

The more things change, the more they stay the SAME.

Anonymous said...

The loss of her is tragic beyond words. Such a true talent that has to leave this realm as so many crap musicians and singers are out there today being worshiped by an uninformed youth. She touched my life in so many ways, great singer, actress and a good all round human being. I will miss her terribly. Addiction is tragic and destroys all around it. So sad. Godspeed Whitney. I love you.

sybil law said...

I got a little sick and tired of people blaming Bobby Brown (and I am not fan of his, mind you) for Whitney's state. She was a grown ass woman, and she had plenty of people willing and trying to help her and she had a DAUGHTER. In my mind, once you have a kid, you lose the right to be such a complete fuck up, and she DID fuck up her life, badly. Bobby Brown might have been an enabler to some extent, but come on -if you somehow started dating some dude like BB, would you become a degenerate like she did with your two kids around? I KNOW I wouldn't.
Either way, it's so tragic because she had so many people who loved her, and she left her daughter to deal with life and BB without her. Yes, her voice was beautiful and amazing, but she was unwilling to get it together for any of them, and that's the saddest part of all.

MarkD60 said...

I never heard anything after she died. SHE looks like the crackhead in your picture.

the walking man said...

A liver though a VERY recuperative organ, can only take so much shit thrown at it before it is unable to break it down.

Personally from Janis Joplin forward 99.9% of our entertainers that died way to young just couldn't handle the fame or the leeches that came with it.

I personally hold the corporations that suck everything they can out of these people and then throws them away once they aren't turning gold or platinum out plastic anymore.

MarkD60 said...

Fall asleep on a picket fence. That cracked me up!