Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You Are What You Eat

A genetically engineered mutant like creature?

So we were chit chatting over at the hen house yesterday and someone told this story. Seems a fast food company, who shall remain nameless, but goes by three letters-one of them being the letter C for chicken, has been called out on the Internet for not using real chicken in it's product being sold to consumers. What is it, you ask? It is the stuff of Internet legends.

It has been said that this company had to change it's long time name to the heretofore three letters because it does not use real chickens. The claim is that it uses "genetically manipulated organisms" to complete their menu items. It goes on to say that these organisms are kept alive in laboratories by a tube inserted into them to pump what they need to sustain some form of life. It also claims to know that these "organisms" also have no feet, no beaks and no feathers. This, the claim says, is why the government made the company changed it's name to the letters. There is no chicken according to this claim.

A Google search into this issue produced all sorts of interesting fodder on this topic, for both fact and fiction. What was consistent throughout is that this company has issued strong DENIALS that this Internet legend is true.

This website seems to have done their own investigation into the matter and actually had the meat tested. Their findings? The meat was NOT chicken and evidence of "genetic splicing" were detected.

What the hell does that mean?

One thing I know for sure. I very rarely eat fast food, but if I do, I will think twice before ordering a salad that's probably made from genetically engineered heads of lettuce. My biggest fear is for my children. Frack has a taste for any and all things fast food, as most 15 year old boys do, I need to give him the information and help him to make a decision on the matter.

And if I'm having chicken, I'm going to my local butcher shop.


Jim said...

There are still butcher shops around?


I think if people would stop saying stuff like "it tastes just like chicken," it would avoid a lot of this confusion.


Heff said...

I'm personally waiting for genetically engineered "VAG".


Anonymous said...

If that were true I would be one BIG CLIT!!!

Heff said...

Well Trav, you ARE a c*nt, LMFAO !!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Heff, is that why you keep trying to stick your "tootsie roll" in me, Laughing MY ass off!!!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

A Personally Engineered VAG!!!

BRILLIANT! But for now us girls will stick with the latex genetically manufactured friend!


Anonymous said...

Go B's!!!

Scope said...

I know they changed their name to remove "Fried".

And ever domesticated crop or animal you eat has been genetically modified to one extent or another. Cross breeding animals and plants to get the desired trait has been going on forever. Doesn't mean they were gene-splicing.