Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Holy Shoe Grail

This is NOT a post about the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. No, this post is about the SHOES pictured here. Just look at them! They are so stunning, so eye catching, that I really don't even see Milan Lucic in all his Stanley Cup glory. Sorry sports fans. It's just that those shoes, they are spectacular.

The Holy Grail...of shoes, that is.

The obsession started back in February when I spotted Beyonce, court side at the NBA All Star game wearing the shoes. I immediately snapped a pic and sent it to my BFF and my shoe partner in crime. We just about died. Then she sent me the picture of Lucic and his girl a few days ago.

And I can't get them out of my head.

That shoe is the Christian Louboutin Daffodil 160 in Strass, and the price is almost $7,000.00.


7 grand for a shoe?? Yes, 7 grand for that shoe and it is the master work of Mr. Christian Louboutin. It's heel stands at 160 mm, which converts to 6.3 inches and that's just fricken crazee. I must admit, I am so taken by this shoe that if I had money to burn, like Ms. Beyonce, who rocks them in the second photo, I would not hesitate to add them to my collection.

I might even commit a crime to own those puppies. Just sayin. The problem here is I'm not sure I could walk in them.

But I'd die trying. And with a smile on my face.


B.E. Earl said...

Her shows look even tougher to walk in than what he's wearing on his feet.

sybil law said...

The heel is waaay too high. But I get the shoe love, in particular for Laboutin. There was a lace pair of shoes not too long ago that I loooooved.
Either way, too expensive.

Heff said...

Aight. WHO raided DONNA'S CLOSET ?!?!?

Scope said...

On your next trip to Mexico, see if you can find some knock-off's

the walking man said...

Is that 7 grand per shoe? And 6 inch heels...just how err uhhh tall are you Candace?