Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today's Special: My Lusty List

Summer is finally here and I wanted to share with you the top five fashion faves that I am lusting after for the season.

1. Old Navy Striped T's: Nothing says Summer better like a bright, new boldly colored t-shirt or tank top to pair with shorts. This Old Navy top comes in several vivid colors and make looking fresh a breeze! The best part? It's $5.99!! At that price we can all afford to pick up more than a few of our favorite summer colors. Looking good means feeling good!

2. ANY and ALL things Jeffrey Campbell: These honkin', kick ass wedges are unbelievably fresh! If Louboutin is the King of the stiletto, then Jeffrey Campbell is the Duke of the wedge. There is nothing sexier or stylish than a pair of these babies. I actually own the pair pictured above, and they are my most favorite shoe. I just recently added two new pairs to my personal collection. They are always at the center of attention and the topic of shoe conversations when I wear them. Affordable in most shoe-loving circles, a pair of Campbell's will run you anywhere from $150.00 to $300.-ish. Check it out here: Jeffrey Campbell

3. Fringe!!!: Fringe bags are HOT! and there are a million styles and colors and prices to choose from. From luxe to bargain prices, some have a lot of fringe, some have a little fringe, so find your personal fringe barometer and rock this look. It helps if your pair your fringe with some RIDICULOUSLY large sunglasses. Jus' saying.

4. RIDICULOUSLY Large Hoop Earrings: Speaking of RIDICULOUSLY large, I am STILL on the hunt for the perfect pair of over sized hoops. Kim K and JLo made the look famous and I have yet to find my big hoop soul mate. I want to wear them with my hair pulled back for maximum effect and pair them with pretty, natural make-up and glossy nude lips. Haaay!

5. Cute, White Shorts: Aren't these the cutest??? Unfortunately for me, these are more for Frick than mom. But that's OK. At my age I can still rock a pair of white shorts, just not a pair of maxi-shorts. Give me a little more length on a pair of white shorts, a pair of honkin Jeffrey Campbell wedges, a fresh tank and a knee length neutral sweater vest. Aye mami!!

So there you have it. My lusty list! Now I gotta go to work to pay for it all!

Happy shopping bloggers!


Joker_SATX said...

Of course you know that the man-whore in me is going to request a pic of you in those white shorts..right?

Heff said...

Wear the striped Wife-Beater, the wedges, and NOTHING ELSE !!!

BeckEye said...

I would kill myself in those shoes.

BamaTrav said...

1) Can your Jay You Ge Ge ess fit into that

2) Please show me

3) In the heels

4) Turn your backside to me in the Daisy Dukes!!!

Heff said...


Here - I'll start the water, and bend over for the soap....

the walking man said...

As usual...what Heff said! Then make him your wife for a couple of hours.

Furtheron said...

don't think any of that lot will suit me :-)