Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mean Old Mrs. Reeves

I had this third grade teacher who was just plain old mean. I'll never forget the bitch because I think my eight year old self might have taught her a lesson.

She was the kind of teacher that yelled...a lot. We were petrified of her and if she was nice to you, you strove to keep things that way. Nobody wanted to be on Mrs. Reeves' bad side. She was teaching us our multiplication times tables and she would shout out randomly, "Candy, what is 5 times 6?" She gave you all of two seconds and if you didn't know the answer in a mili-second she would ask someone else. I swear, I still can't call those multiplication times tables to mind quickly because I was traumatized by her back then.

Well, the end of school came and it was the second to last day of school. We had field day, when all the classes competed against each other for ribbons in stuff like the egg toss and tug of war. I think it rained on our field day, because it was in the school gym. We were in a single line, passing by the library for our treat, a big m&m cookie, when I tripped over my untied shoe lace and skinned my knee.

Mrs. Reeves, being the bitch that she was, yelled at me and sent me to the nurse for a band-aid and told me in an exasperated manner that she would get my cookie and put it on my desk. Off I went to the nurse who gave me some TLC and a band-aid and I was sent on my way. When I returned to the classroom, everyone was laughing and sharing in a celebration with punch and cookies. There was no cookie on my desk. So I went up to Mrs. Reeves and quietly asked her if she had gotten me a cookie.

For whatever reason this set her off, and she hailed a barrage of screaming at me that literally caused wind burn on my face. I was mortified, embarrassed and pissed off at this injustice. And I was fed up with her. She told me to go sit at my desk and as I walked over to my chair, instead of sitting, I slammed the chair as hard as I could into the desk and I took off!!

Eight years old and I was free!!! Free of that rotten bitch Mrs. Reeves and free out the door of the school. I was going home. I wasn't going to take her abuse for one more second. I think I might have been laughing as I ran up the street towards home, but I felt good knowing that I had taken a stand against mean old Mrs. Reeves.

I kept going, triumphant in my quest to get home, until I saw our school Principal's car pull up beside me. Now if you think Mrs. Reeves was a bitch, then Ms. Hadelski was Osama Bin Laden and I knew I was screwed. Panicked, I began to run faster but she caught up to me, except she wasn't mean at all. In fact, she was nice. She told me that we needed to talk and that she would love to give me a ride back to school.

So I went with her, all the while, talking. She was calm and clear and not at all threatening. But I was ready for her and old Reeves, fists clenched. When we got back to school, I sat in her office while, get this, Hadelski got me a cookie and some punch. She never called my mom and I got into no trouble. She told me I didn't have to go back into my classroom if I didn't want to and I didn't want to.

When school was over, I went home on the school bus and awaited my punishment because by now I figured my mom had been called. But she never said a word. How could this be? My mom never brought it up and neither did I. I went reluctantly back to school, the last day and Reeves was waiting for me when I got there like a predator waiting for her prey. She took me out into the corridor and began yelling at me about how dangerous my behavior was, blah, blah blah. She asked me if I had told my mother about what happened, and I was silent. I think I was paralyzed with fear because I couldn't speak, but what that bitch did next was unforgivable.

She grabbed me by the arm, hard, and began demanding that I answer her. All I could feel was pain in my arm from where she was squeezing me, and instinctively I kicked her as hard as I could in the shin, multiple times, until she released my arm. At this time other teachers in other classrooms came out to see what the commotion was in the hallway and there we were, standing with heaving breath and red faces looking at each other.

Reeves went back into the classroom and so did I. She never came near me again, and the rest of the day went peacefully. I was kind of a celebrity with the boys and I enjoyed a pleasant last day of school. I thought for sure I would be in trouble when I got home, but my mom never said a word about it. They never told her.

Looking back, I think I know why. Reeves was an abusive teacher and she had been a problem throughout the year, and not just with me. I think I was the only one to stand up to her, me in all my eight year old bravado. I never saw Mrs. Reeves again, but I will never forget her.

I'm sure some where in the depths of her mind she will never forget me either. I took a stand against her abuse and she messed with the wrong kid.

Of that, I am certain.


Heff said...

She's probably ANCIENT by now. Go beat the shit out of her.

Anonymous said...

And now she rots in hell where she belongs with a pitchfork up her nasty old ass, she's bitter because she couldn't get laid back in the "golden" days of free love. I miss the 70's.

Furtheron said...

they leave an indelible memory... one teacher when I was 11 hit me on the head with a mallet - not really hard but hard enough - but also called me a Spastic... Never ever forgave him for that one. GIT!

sybil law said...

You wonder why some bitches even become teachers. It's like they hate kids!!
I'm so glad you kicked that bitch!

SkylersDad said...

What a terrible teacher, I am glad you kicked her!

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

And THAT my friends, is why you need to write to your congressman about finding a way to get rid of teacher tenure. Good teachers don't need it, bad teachers get to stay on the job forever because of it.

And the lesson, Candy?

Principals are the nicest folks on earth.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Heff-The image of her as an aincent old lady makes me smile.

Bama-yeah, she wasn't gettin' any for sure!

Furtheron-As I said, i'll never forget her. She was horrid, and I still can't recall my multiplication tables to memory quickly. I'll never forgive her for THAT, amongst other things.

Sybil-I couldn't help myself. Youngest of five, I am, and I learned at a young age to stick up for myself.

Chris-I told my mom about it years later and she said the very same thing.

Chris-I love the lesson. I'm sure you know someone who is a FABULOUS educator/principal;) Your lesson? Thirty something years later and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Heff- see even a million years later, I am still under her spell/spell.
I meant ancient.

LegalMist said...

Way to take a stand!

Mark_C said...

A powerful story of what childhood incidents remain with us into adulthood.