Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Awakening The Sleeping Giant

Now I know that most of you out there could give a good rat's a** about Stanley Cup hockey today. But over here in Championship City, we are still in it to win it. We've been watching, hopeful that our Bruins could pull of a miracle. Careful and strategic hockey is what has been played but now it's looking like our boys aren't going away without a fight and that's just what we needed.

Hanging on by our teeth is what the Bruins were doing in these final days of NHL hockey, and we have been watching, ever faithful, ever hopeful. We've been cheering the boys on and watching some good, but not great hockey being played. Low scoring games and games played right down to the wire is how this series has been playing out. Our boys on the loosing end of those paint drying hockey match ups.

Then early in the first period last night, Canuck Aaron Rome layed down a dirty and dangerous hit on fan fave Nathan Horton. It was an unforgettable moment. A moment that made every hair on the back of your neck stand at attention. We, at home, knew immediately he was down for good. It was surreal. They, the medical personnel knew it too, because they came out with a stretcher immediately. This was no ordinary hit. Horton was whisked away to the hospital.

It was then that something changed. In all of us who were there in mind and body. The sleeping giant was awakened. Passion and power were all they needed to secure a commanding win and being at home didn't hurt either. The Bruins let loose on a team that didn't see it coming. Just like the hit on Norton. An 8-1 blowout was the result and this time we were on the winning end of things.

Professional sports can be a dangerous occupation, but the show must go on and go on it did. The rest is history. While I'm not sure that the dominance displayed last night will continue throughout the rest of the series, I am sure that the Bruins needed to know that they were capable of that power against the team with the best regular season record. Momentum has pendulated (is that a word?) our way and we need to take the next one. Then it's a fair fight, on even playing fields.

The giant has awakened. The question remains if he can bring home the cup.


Jim said...

Reminded me of the Red Sox/Yankee fight at Fenway, in '04 . . . I can still see Pedro flinging old turncoat Don Zimmer onto the ground . . . that sparked the rest of their championship season. The sort of soul-nurturing, reawakening moment that brings you back to life against an Evil Empire, when you're down 3 - 0 in games, in the ALCS, a few months later . . . I think I can still hear the sound of choking in the Bronx.

Maybe there'll be some sort of dustup tonight :-)


the walking man said...

Yep Joann was groaning and screaming during that one. Man I could hardly hear the Kardashians and their earls of wit and wisdom.