Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tweeting For Attention

So the devine Ms. Moore aka Mrs. Ashton Kutcher has done it again. Yup, she's baring her bod for all the world to see and this time she has done it from the privacy of her own bathroom. She posted this picture using her husband's favorite pastime, Twitter sometime last week with the caption, "Maybe this looks more like summer".

Whoop dee doo.

Really? Ok, I'll give her that she's a smokin' hot celeb with more time and money on her hands than most people. Couple that with the fact that she is a 47 year-old woman and YES, Demi, you look good. Correct that, you look great and damn if you don't know it. And bravo to you for posting the pic for all your followers to see....Which is exactly the point now isn't it?

Does this bathing suit scream, "look at me?"

You can totally tell she was feeling the, "look at me" vibe too. The evidence; the sunglasses. Yeah, I walk around the house wearing my sunglasses and bikini all the time too. My point? She's a celebrity. Was she feeling like she needed some attention? Vogue and Harper's Bazaar weren't calling for an interview? Her agent couldn't find any good scripts? Ashton's too busy developing new shows with MTV to notice his wife has a smoking physique? What?

"Look at meee!!!

And we are all looking. I read about it in the paper this morning, then I go and validate it by BLOGGING about it. I am part of the problem, it's true. Then there's the copycats who are far worse than me.

That's C-Lister, Lisa Rhinna, posting her copycat photo days later, extolling the virtues of 47 year old Demi and how she was inspired by Demi and how she the role model for smoking hot 47 year olds or some shit like that.

This is a BLATANT case of "look at meeee!" and Rhinna is just jumping on the, I-need-some-attention-too, bandwagon. Puh-leese. Let's not forget that these women have had thousands of dollars of plastic surgery to look smoking hot. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, not at all. I'm just saying don't try and fool us into thinking they are doing this for the cause. The cause being average forty-somethings everywhere. The average forty-something everywhere has to work their ass off to come even close to looking like that.

You don't see them tweeting bikini pics that scream, "look at mmmmeeee".

Or maybe they do. The difference is they just don't get the press for it.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing what a little nip/tuck can do. Are these people so vain as to think that the cameras that catch them looking flawless in public aren't enough? I guess so.

Although with all my working out lately, I've been thinking of posting my new bod online too. But that will take a lot of working up to do, since I'm going to rely on hard work and not the splice of a knife. (and some good lighting.)

And what's up with Lisa Renna's lips? Is she hiding a money pouch in there?

sybil law said...

I'm totally posting a picture of myself in a bikini on my blog.

No - not really. Hell no! I'm all bloated now, anyway.

Seriously - I saw her tweet, actually - and didn't even look. I hate pathetic attempts at attention.

Jim said...

Hmmm, not bad.

Neither one holds a candle to our girl in her wedding dress, though . . . or in her Cabo golf outfit . . . Lord-a-mighty . . . just saying.


The Dental Maven said...

Maybe they just woke up and realized there will come a day (and its fast approaching for ol' Demi) when, regardless of surgery, fillers or Botox - nobody's gonna want to look at them without clothes. just sayin...

joe said...

I've never heard of Lisa Rhinna.. has she been in any movies? Who the hell is she?

Heff said...

I'd hit it.

I'd hit it :)

Lisa Rhinna has been in Playboy.


Scope said...

You would think Ashton would have her using one of the Nikon he pitches, not her cell phone.

Someone needs to teach these idiots cross marketing and product placement.

SkylersDad said...

I suppose most people could have smokin hot bodies if they were catered to all day long and had people like nutritionists and trainers to take care of them.

BeckEye said...

What, no post about Tommy Boy's fender bender?