Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trudging On...

Bullets from my sick life:
  • Feeling about 40% better today, which puts me in the 60% shitty category.
  • I left work yesterday at 1:30, picked up Frick at school who was sick too, and spent the rest of the afternoon curled up on the couch with some Sudafed, watching a Hoarders marathon on A&E.
  • Why do they need to see your drivers licence when you buy Sudafed? Either we have been healthy for the past few years, or the world has gone crazy. The pharmacist told me that Sudafed was a key component in Crystal Meth? Wow.
  • Hoarders is an unbelievable show. It was bad enough that I was sick myself, but after watching that disaster, I felt even worse. Yet I continued to watch it. And watch it, and watch it, and watch it.
  • Now I think I'm a shoe hoarder. I may need a "shoe-tervention".
  • I have not worked out in like 5 days...who am I? I think that's making me sick too. Whens it ok to return to light exercise after being down? Today? Will I just re-lapse?
  • I read this morning that Kate Gosselein went to Cabo San Lucas with her body guard for a vacation. (Copy cat). Isn't that guy married? I wonder what his wife thinks about all this. Is it just me?
  • I'm dying to see that new Michael Douglas movie with Shia Lebouf. LOVE Michael Douglas. God Speed in his cancer recovery.
  • On to work now, but really, I just want to stay in bed. Wash your hands a lot today bloggers, and take plenty of Vitamin c.


Raquel's World said...

Scandal. I knew Kate was hitting off her body guard! I too wonder what his wife thinks about that. She probably thinks that Kate is no threat with all those kids and as long as the cash cow continues to milk then who cares!

Jim said...

Kate is still in free-fall, I think. I just hope they don't dance in public.


sybil law said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!
Kate Gosselin is... just... gross.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, me. You're right. The colds are going around like crazy now. I'm sure there's a direct correlation between school being back in session and the kids scheming to spread their germs to adults.

Don't even get me started on the showing ID to get OTC meds. Ugh! What will dope heads get high on next? Carpet fiber?


a Broad said...

Although I barely know who Kate Goslin is ( don't watch US TV shows) ... I must say that if I had no husband and had a body guard... I would take him with me everywhere.. even if I didn't need to :)
In fact, I have a husband and I am going to consider getting a bodyguard... you never know !

Wishing you well ... and yes, isn't it sad, when you go to the pharmacy and have to go through a check just to buy cold meds, thanks to those losers out there.

Heff said...

I feel 60% shitty, too.

(With a chance of corn and nuts...)

Scope said...

Who would want to hurt Kate? Well, I mean, hurt her so bad that the kids would go to be with Jon?

And that show "Hoarders" scares the crap out of me at the moment. We still have a bunch of Cora's boxes in the living room. :-)

Get better soon.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Yeah, kids at my work were all sick as dogs today. It must be the temperature dropping.

the walking man said...

Would a mans size 11 fit in your shoes? No? Sorry can't help you there.

Candace they put the encapsulated pills behind the counter something like three years ago, it was part of the plan to make the meth makers drive further so they could not only confiscate the money and labs but get them paying more in gasoline taxes.

I saw a survey that said only 78% of men wash their hands in a public restroom. UHH Fellas urine is sterile but your pipe ain't. A little soap please.