Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

I have a confession to make.

Last week, I told you that I kill a lot of my down time at night watching the idiot box. I have my set schedules and my favorite shows and if that wasn't bad enough, I pretty much never deviate from the norm because I DVR what I missed and watch those shows in the breaks in my rigid TV schedule. Well, last night I found myself on my elliptical machine at 8pm which is highly unusual for me. I try to cram that in the AM so I can make time for couch time, but yesterday was busy. So I decided to watch the #1 show on television, or so it has been said, "Dancing with the Stars", while drowning out the sound with my beloved ipod and my Glee play list.

A former dancer myself, (it was my minor in undergrad) I figured watching the celebs ballroom dance would be fun if I didn't have to listen to the crap they talk about. ABC's Dancing with the Stars has been on for quite some time now. I don't know how many seasons, 9 or 10, but I have NEVER watched an episode. EVER. I have seen a routine here and there, but My Guy is almost always with me on the Killing Time Couch, and I think he'd rather have all of his teeth extracted than watch Dancing with the Stars. I always thought the show was redonk, because I know about what goes on, (ie: who wins, who's banging who, etc) due to my devotion to the weekly rag magazines. I figured that was good enough for me.

I was wrong.

And I'm pissed at myself because NOW I'm hooked. I'm such a sucker for glamour. The one who impressed me the most was Jennifer Grey. Granted, she has an advantage because she studied the art of ballroom dancing for her role in the iconic movie,"Dirty Dancing", but that was hundreds of years and a few noses ago. A full fledged adult, no longer a "Baby", Jennifer looks nothing like the character we rooted for in the movie. It's like she's someone else. Her career killing nose job shot her into obscurity years ago, and now she's back for a stint on "Dancing". I had to now pull out my ear buds and shut off my Gl-iPod, to watch this woman shake it like she once did.

I was so impressed to find out that during a routine check up for the ABC show, it was discovered that Jennifer had spinal cancer. Four surgeries later and a lot of rehab, she was cleared to perform in the cast with restrictions. She cannot do lifts or tricks. Now in complete remission from the deadly disease, she credits "Dancing" with saving her life. Ironic that cancer was what killed her former "Dirty Dancing" co-star, Patrick Swayze. We know Jennifer has one heck of a guardian angel on her shoulder.

Jennifer is paired with last year's champ, Derek Hough, and I couldn't tell you what kind of a dancer he is because, again, I never watched the show before last night. BUT I can tell you that this lady, Jennifer Grey, is HAWT!! Holy smokes, she can move and groove and has got curves and bumps in all the right places. And she's got rhythm. The lady's got it all and she's sexy as hell! I couldn't help but smile as I watched her command the dance floor. And I couldn't take my eyes off her. Who was she dancing with again? Whatever, the point is, this lady is worth a looksie.

If you are a fan of dance. If you are a fan of the show. If you are a fan of Dirty Dancing. And if you are a fan of hot, sexy women, watch as Jennifer Grey captivates you with her own brand of sexy magic like she did so many years ago. I promise she won't disappoint and I predict this lady catapults her career in Hollywood 10-fold if she wins this thing. Just like Patrick said in the movie, "nobody puts Baby in a corner."

Oh yeah, and the other people on the show were good too.


Amy, Woman Exploding said...

As much as I absolutely LOVE Jennifer Gray, (despite the fact that she surgically removed most of her 'Baby-in-the-corner' nose from 'Dirty Dancing' and is hardly recognizable), it really is pretty unfair for her to be on 'Dancing with the Stars'. Her dance training didn't start when she was rehearsing for 'Dirty Dancing'. It began at a tender, young age with her father, legendary Broadway dancer, performer and choreographer. But I guess Hollywood loves to spin a Cinderella story! Hell, who am I kidding! So do I!

Raquel's World said...

Well, I had watched in the past but this seasons line up didn't seem that interesting to me. But now thanks to you I'll check it out.

Heff said...

Sadly, my hen-pecked ass KNOWS ALL ABOUT THIS SHOW :(

It's in Season 11 now, and whoever dances under the guidance and training of Derek Hough USUALLY wins the trophy.

I've got to go cry in a corner now.....

sybil law said...

I can't stand that freaking show. I refuse to watch it.
And Baby looks so incredibly - average, now.

BeckEye said...

I haven't watched this show since the first season, when J. Peterman got the shaft. I just can't get into it, but I'm usually pretty good at predicting who will win. My original guess was Brandy, but now it seems that Jennifer is a sentimental fave, so she could end up going all the way.