Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Picture Day

Yeah, today is school picture day.
And the morning run went a little something like this:

MOM: (at the bottom of the stairs) "Frick! C'mon it's time to go! Get it together and get down here!!!"
FRICK: "Mom!!!! I'm trying to straighten my hair. I'll be there in a second."

Then I tell Frack to step away from the TV and go brush his hair and teeth, and please do NOT get anything on the front of his button down shirt, the one I had to practically arm wrestle him to get him to wear.

FRACK: "WHY do I have to wear a button down mom? Can't I just wear a golf shirt?"
MOM: "No, you can't just wear a golf shirt like you do every day. I'd like you to look somewhat nice for school pictures."
FRACK: (mumbling) "I don't see the point. Why can't I look like I always do?"

Back to the bottom of the stairs:

MOM:"Frick, that's it! It's time to go NOW! Get down here this instant!"
FRICK: "Mom, I'm trying to put together my outfit for pictures. Give me another minute."
MOM: "You had all night last night to put together the 'ultimate' outfit. Time's up. NOW!"

She comes down looking like something out of teen Vogue, and then a fight ensues over the bathroom and who is going to brush their teeth first, or who looked at who strange or some other crap like who was breathing on who.

Great way to start my day.
AND, to top it all off, this whole process cost me $150 bucks for the pictures.
Why did I even get out of bed this morning?


Raquel's World said...

Today/Tomorrow I will be posting about picture day but from an entirely different angle.

RW said...

Ah yes I remember those days... and we had two girls in high school at the same time, whom we raised in a house with 1.5 baths.

The $150 will be worth it, when they get out on their own and become adults you will always have those pictures to absolutely torment them with.

mwa haha...

Heff said...

I remember MY first mullet (sniff!)

Jim said...

Plus, you still have your cold, right, or are you in the always pleasant head-draining stage?

Hey, I'd settle for the golf shirt in a minute, since mine always wears some t-shirt with a college or pro sports team logo of some sort on it. I tried to get him to wear my "YANKEES SUCK" shirt one year, but his mother caught us scheming at the front door.

I also always figure on at least an hour lead-time, for any clothes-related traumas to arise with my little princess.

Be honest . . . they'll both be out of the house one day and you'll cry :-)


SkylersDad said...

I am still traumatized by the 8th grade year when my mom made me wear a leopard skin vest she made.

sybil law said...

Oh, picture day - the bane of so may mornings everywhere...

Mrs. Hall said...

yeah. i didn't sign up to buy her school pictures this year. (gasp). I just decided that I have 60000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of her between my cell phone cam and the digital camera. And those are great pics, all expressive and her being a kid. So no, they aren't getting my fifty dollars so she can look all stiff with a stupid background.

I would shit bricks if they asked 150 though. REALLY??

ok. good times!

Cora said...

OH DEAR GOD! Thank you for posting this - I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN that tomorrow is my kid's picture day! Christ! She would have walked out the door in a Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt, I just know it!

Now, please excuse me while I go break out the pretty dresses she so despises....