Friday, November 20, 2009

This Is It

Ahh, the comment.

It's the fuel to the blogger fire, and the love that keeps our blogger hearts pumping. We write and we wait, needing that tiny confirmation that someone is out there reading our words. The comment is, in short, the crack in our proverbial crack pipe. And once you get one comment hit, you're hooked.

As bloggers:

We need the comment.
We covet the comment.
We have to have the comment.

And when the comment makes you laugh so hard, you nearly choke on your saliva, you know you've just hit blogger nirvana. That's what all this hub bub is about. Giving back to your fellow bloggers, and showing some BIG BLOGGER LOVE.

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Candy's Daily Dandy Comment Content Hall Of Fame.

The Comment Content Comedy Hall of Fame works like this:

1. Post a comment in the comment section of this blog post with only the name of your blogger Hall of Fame nominee and the link to your site where his/her comment is posted. You may nominate more than one blogger for consideration, but their comments had better be knee slapping hilarious!

2. I will retrieve the comments and, depending on the response I get, whittle down the nominees and post the top ten on Monday. The post will be up all weekend; the deadline is 12am Sunday, Nov 22. That should give you plenty of time to come up with the good ones and get the word out. And spread the word people, there is so much talent that needs appreciation out there. Let's show our blogging community we appreciate what they do!

3. If all goes smoothly, on Monday, after I post the top 10 for consideration, I will post a ballot on the Daily Dandy's sidebar and we will ALL choose the winner by voting, with the final results to be announced on Tuesday. So Nominate now and nominate often!!!

I will go first and give you an example from my list of legendary comments:

There are so many to choose from, and since I can only post ten, (and it's MY contest), I feel I have to nominate two, because I just couldn't choose between these gems.

1. I wrote a post titled "Moe, Larry, and Dr. Phil, The Stooges Of The News". I talked about the ridiculous over saturated news programs, specifically Larry King Live, and the controversy surrounding the Kanye West/Taylor Swift debacle. I also expressed my disdain for "psychological expert" Dr. Phil showing up on Larry's show, to give us his take on the "Kanye Gate."

Becks blew me, and (everyone else) away with this comment.....


2. I wrote a post entitled "Dear Old Aunt Flo". I wrote of my "monthly visitor" as my dear old Aunt, that always seemed to visit on NOT the most timely of occasions.

Gwen one of my blogger favorites said...

"A year or so ago I ran into Aunt Flo's ex-husband, Uncle IUD, and I haven't seen her since. Uncle IUD is a little "stuck-up" but as long as he keeps her far away from me, we're cool."

See how FUNNY!!!! And it's really easy too!

So there you have it, the first two nominations for The Daily Dandy's Comment Content Hall Of Fame.
So let's have a good old laugh this weekend and nominate, nominate, nomintate!!!

Then come back on Monday and we will all vote, vote, vote!!
Show your civic blogger pride.


Cora said...

Ohhhh, I'm sooooo glad you're letting us nominate more than one entry! I couldn't decide on just one. Here are my nominees:

1. When I asked Santa for a stripper pole, Scope said:

Dear Santa;

Could you add "Nanny Cam" to my wish list, if you know what I mean?

Dude, you so owe me a solid after last year's "Mr. Microphone" incident.


(And this is the IMPORTANT one as this is the comment which kicked off our relationship. In fact if he hadn't said that, we might never have even met. We call it "THE comment" 'cuz it is hands down the most powerful comment ever uttered in all of Blog World!!!! :-))

2. When I showed a pic of my phallic lava lamp Words Words Words said:

After reviewing all the comments on this post, I have decided to legally change my name to Lava Lamp.

3. Also on the lava lamp post, Scope said:

FYI - When I turn on my lava lamp, it takes forever to heat up, but when it does, there's just a massive spew that erupts forth.

Then it takes like, another 45 minutes before it gets going again.

4. On a post I did about eating ice cream named after myself, Scope said:

Eating Cora?
Lying on the sofa with pants undone?

People, I think she is trying to kill me.

5. On a post I did about a boob which escaped my bra, BeckEye said:

You are like the Tara Reid of the blogging world!

6. On a post I did about an unfortunate gas episode on an airplane, Words Words Words said:

I'm glad you got your revenge, but as usual it's the innocent bystanders that are always war's true victims.

Have fun, Candy! :-)

Cora said...

Whoops! It looks like my ice cream post link got cut off. Let me try that again:

Cora said...

Hmm. Still cutting off. And now I'm hogging all your comment space. The last part of the link should be coracopia.html

Soda and Candy said...

Hahaha, awesome. I don't know if I can single out any of my commenters, they're all pretty awesome. But I'll try!

Scott Oglesby said...

As you know I get some long post-worthy comments and they are too long to post here. So I’ll add a short but good one. On my post about the jobs I could get if I were broke and homeless Pammy-Girl said, “Maybe you should get a ridiculous haircut, marry Jon Gosslin, have a litter of kids, exploit them on national television, abuse your dogs, and then become Jewish. You’d be tabloid fodder!”

Here’s the link…

I'd also like your opinion on my last post because I'm thinking of changing my entire blog to focus on these characters. If I ever wanted to do a short book, it would be easy to throw those posts together...

Joanie M said...

I have one!

I was telling the story of how my 11 year old daughter had to help me with a bra/girdle contraption when we were in a wedding together.

My daughter (The Recovering Actor) who happens to blog commented, "What a weird wedding. It was the only time I've ever been in a wedding party. And I hope i don't have to snap anyone's crotch the next time I'm in a wedding party..."

BeckEye said...

Hey, some people aren't following the rules. DQ! DQ!

Ooh, now I want some soft serve.

Anyhoo, the first nominee will be Doc's comment here.

I'll have to dig up some more later.

Dr Zibbs said...

Did anyone vote for me yet?


Gwen said...

It's an honor just to be nominated.


That's total BS.

If I don't win I'm going on a hunger strike.

(Seriously, I spent the whole night reading through my old posts searching for the perfect nominee. I'll be back when I've finished April back to January. Thanks for giving me a reason not to clean my house this weekend.)

Gwen said...

I nominate Son of A Thomas for his comment on the post where I gave the official EILCC Award to Bill Clinton for securing the release of those two journalists. He said:

Sources close to SOAT say the conversation between Clinton and Kim Jong went like this:

Bill: "So what do you say?"

Kim: "I no see rut you mean."

Bill: "Like I said, whip it out and slap it on the table. The bigger one gets the girls. It's like rock paper sissors man."

Kim: (Lowers eyes) "Just take the girls."


Gwen said...

Dangit! The code didn't work.


Scope said...

Let's see if I can follow the rules:

I wrote a post titled Here's a puzzle… with ASCII art that turned out to be Mr. Spock, and Moooooog35 busted me up with his comment "Worst. Email address. Ever."

Scope said...

I wrote a post titled October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month about B(.)(.)Bs and ~E challenged me to do the fund raiser. Not funny, but an important comment that led me to put more blogger B(.)(.)Bs out there.

The Dental Maven said...

Still sifting through my comments...