Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started

Before we commence with the merriment of today's contest, I want to send a shout out to all you bloggers out there who participated in this most prestigious of blogger awards and say thank you. The Candy's Daily Dandy Comment Content Comedy Hall Of Fame award is an important one because it is a contest that is done completely by the blogging community, for the blogging community. Together we choose the winners based on the nominated comments "LOL-ability".

This process takes a bit of time, so I might suggest you read the entries and vote during some down time in your day. Or read, consider, then come back later and vote. You won't be sorry, because these bloggers are falt out hilarious, and who couldn't use a GREAT laugh today?

I recieved 12 equally hilarious posts and comments for nomination to the Hall of Fame. That being said, my job, to whittle them down to only 10, was NOT easy. Then, you factor in that what may strike some as comical may not be as funny to another, and you begin to see my conundrum. It is also the beauty of this democratic process.

So, taking into consideration the fact that there is so much good stuff here, I decided to post them all for consideration on the ballot. (can you blame me?)

The guide lines for the election are as follows:
  • The nominations are numbered so that you can correspond your vote with your favorite numbered comment nominee on the ballot.

  • The blogger who nominated the other is named first, then the URL linking you to the post with the nominee's comment and then the actual comment nominated. *a word of caution: I got so lost in all the other hilarious comments on the posts that I had to keep going back and checking to see who was nominated. Better to stay the course, for the integrity of your vote-then go back and re-read later.

  • Voting ends at 3am EST tonight. You may vote for as many nominees as you like-and let's employ the honor system here-but you may only vote for a nominee ONCE.

  • The voting is open to ALL bloggers. You need not have nominated someone in order to cast a vote.

  • The winner will be revealed Tuesday morning.

Without further adieu, I present to you the NOMINEES: (in no specific order)

1. Cora nominated Scope:

Scope said:"Dear Santa;

Could you add "Nanny Cam" to my wish list, if you know what I mean?

Dude, you so owe me a solid after last year's "Mr. Microphone" incident.


On a side note: this tidbit of hilarity may be the starter of the greatest blogger love story ever! As the future Mrs. Scope said in her own words:
"(And this is the IMPORTANT one as this is the comment which kicked off our relationship. In fact if he hadn't said that, we might never have even met. We call it "THE comment" 'cuz it is hands down the most powerful comment ever uttered in all of Blog World!!!! :-))"

2. Candy nominated Gwen:

Gwen said: "A year or so ago I ran into Aunt Flo's ex-husband, Uncle IUD, and I haven't seen her since. Uncle IUD is a little "stuck-up" but as long as he keeps her far away from me, we're cool."

3. Scott Oglesby nominated Pammy Girl:

Pammy Girl said: “Maybe you should get a ridiculous haircut, marry Jon Gosslin, have a litter of kids, exploit them on national television, abuse your dogs, and then become Jewish. You’d be tabloid fodder!”

4. Cora nominated Words, Words, Words:

Words said: "After reviewing all the comments on this post, I have decided to legally change my name to Lava Lamp."

5. ON THE SAME POST AS ABOVE Cora nominated Scope:"

Scope said: '... FYI - When I turn on my lava lamp, it take forever to heat up, but when it does, there's just a massive spew that erupts forth. Then it takes like, anothe 45 minutes before it gets going again."

6. Scope nominated Moooooog 35:

Moooooog 35 said: "Worst. Email address. Ever.

7. Candy nominated Beckeye:


8. Cora nominated Words, Words, Words:

Words said: "I'm glad you got your revenge, but as usual it's the innocent bystanders that are always war's true victims."

9. Beckeye nominated Doc:

Doc said: "I'd be glad to read you a bedtime story. Go put on your footie pajamas and I'll read, "How Good Little Girls Go Wrong And Get Knocked Up By Celebrities". I'm not sure it will put you to sleep but the pictures are very graphic! Doc"

10. Joanie nominated Recovering Actor:

Recovering Actor said: "I haven't gotten over it yet... still scarred for life.And for the record, that pattern doesn't look good on ANYONE. I also had a giant bow on my butt. I forgot how awkward I looked at the age 11... What a weird wedding. It was the only time I've ever been in a wedding party. And I hope i don't have to snap anyone's crotch the next time I'm in a wedding party..."

11. Gwen nominated Son Of A Thomas:

Son Of A Thomas said: "Sources close to SOAT say the conversation between Clinton and Kim Jong went like this:

"Bill: "So what do you say?"

Kim: "I no see rut you mean."

Bill: "Like I said, whip it out and slap it on the table. The bigger one gets the girls. It's like rock paper sissors man."

Kim: (Lowers eyes) Just take the girls."

12. Cora nominated Scope:

Scope said:

"Eating Cora?


Lying on the sofa with pants undone?

People, I think she is trying to kill me."

13. Cora nominated Beckeye:

Beckeye said: "You are like the Tara Reid of the blogging world."

14. Scope nominated ~E:

~E said: " Now if you should perhaps host a contest till the end of the month where for every (decently covered) boob/bra shot you get you'll donate like a dollar to cancer research, I might be inclined to join."

(which Scope did and raised $50.00 for Breast Cancer Research)

So there you have it!! Vote now and Vote often and good luck to all the nominees!! Voting will end at 3am tonight, so make sure you vote!!


Eina said...

SWEET. Nominated AND first comment??? The day just keeps getting better!

Eina said...

Oh, P.S. that comment above was from me...E

Scott Oglesby said...

Well thanks for nominating me Candy! But wait, isn’t this nomination process like the Special Olympics where everyone wins? That’s ok, I didn’t complain at the Special Olympics and I’m not complaining now.

I of course nominate #3 and also #1, #5, and #7. Good luck to all!

Dr Zibbs said...

Haha. I pick # 11

BeckEye said...

Someone is stuffing the ballot box already! I see some hanging chads.

BeckEye said...

Wow, we're all getting creamed. I'm going to have to pray extra hard to my St. McGone of Blogistrano statue tonight.

Gwen said...

I pick me, 36 times.

Cora said...

*sniffs air*

Smell that?

It's an ass-whuppin.

Joanie M said...

wow!! Just wow!