Monday, December 15, 2008

Todays Special: Christmas Ravioli

In the spirit of the week before the week before Christmas, The Daily Dandy has decided to post an entire week of short posts. I know we are all nearing crunch time in our preparations for the holiday, so as my gift to you, I offer this week of "quickies" sure to satisfy your busy time constraints.

On tap today is our yearly making of my families longstanding Christmas tradition: our Christmas dinner. In a few short hours, 4 women from my family will converge upon my kitchen and get busy making homemade spinach, cheese and sausage ravioli to be served on Christmas day. The recipe came from my paternal Grandmother, who brought the recipe and the tradition over from Luca, Italy. Let me just say that it wouldn't be Christmas without the ravioli's and many of my friends either join me at my Christmas table or leave me their requests for "saving them" some of the delectable hand made pastas. The recipe is believed to be centuries old and our methods of making them archaic so as to keep with the integrity of the recipe. These babies are worth it and so time consuming, we only make them once a year.

Check out this short 2 part "Bitchen Kitchen" Ravioli Rehab (love this girl) if I have inspired in you a craving for some ravioli! Bon Appetit!


Poobomber said...

I'd love to be Italian, not only can we off our Sicilian rivals when we see fit, we can eat pasta on Christmas day instead of turkey if we want to.

That damn expat said...

mmm I love ravioli and all Italian food in general. My dad's Italian and he cooked all the time and passed on the loving approach to cooking to me.

Scope said...

Cooking With Candy - Now that's a show I'd watch! Look out Rachel Ray!

Cross post sorry - The "Santa's Gonna Kick Yer Ass" song link is in my last Sunday's "Random Thoughts" post. You were still on "Island Time" if not stll in the islands, so you missed it.

Have a good one.

Dr Zibbs said...

Mmm. Sausage Ravioli

Gwen said...


Slyde said...

that looks awesome!

p.s. when are you stopping by wearing those shoes? :)

BeckEye said...

Wait a second. Did your blog used to be called Candy's Daily CANDY, or am I totally retarded?

And...AH word ver is "taint." tee hee

~E said...

Mostly I bake Christmas things. The cooking and handmaking of, not so much.

But I'm glad you guys have that tradition!!!