Friday, December 19, 2008

Crappy Stockpile Continued

I got tagged for That Blue Yak Crappy Gifts for Sick People Stockpile by Scope over at ScopeTech! Oh the honor of knowing that I have chosen that perfect piece of crap to brighten up a sick person's holiday.

I chose this which ranks pretty high on the CRAP-O-METER:

It's caption reads, "Watch it rot!! It's easy to do and fun to grow!" After all, they're SICK! It's not like they have anything else to do. When all is said and done the recipient a will have an experienced companion to keep them company while in their "sick exile".

I like this idea and the whole "pay crap forward" concept it promotes. Here's how it works:
1) Pick a crappy gift for the That Blue Yak Crappy Gifts For Sick People Stockpile and post it on your site.
2) Pick 5 bloggers that you think might want to open their hearts and pick a crappy gift.
3) Link back to this post.
4) And if you really want to get into heaven, write, "I POSTED A CRAPPY GIFT" in the comments section of this post so we can see the crappy gifts you picked.

Since the crap must keep flowing for the sickies, I tag:

Lydia- Obsessive Girl.- I love you waaaaay to much not to let you share in this joyous holiday crapfest.

Slyde- Slydes Blog- Dude, won't you please spread the crap? For the sick people and all.

Slopmaster-Slopmaster Tales- This may be hard for Slop because it has nothing to do with sex, but I'm sure he'll give it the old college try. There is no rule that says it can't be crappy and sex realted!

Lisa-The Butterfly Farmer-Lisa you are funny and maybe you want to get some gift ideas from your old lady friends. Not Noni though, Noni is way tooo cool!

Coco-Piece O Coconut Cake-Instead of "upping" your game you have to "down" it. Your game is way too up! I know because we worship in the same fashion houses of faith.

Good Luck every one! and be sure to check back here later today for my weekend post! It is sure to be a Rockin' around the Christmas Tree good time!


Dr Zibbs said...


Gwen said...

Perfectly crappy!

Robot Nine said...

Chia-Thug. Is that Saddam? Love that crap.
Robot Nine

Vodka Mom said...

pay crap forward. I am SO laughing my ass off. That was craptastic.

slopmaster said...

there are many craptastic things you can find related to sex. I've been out of reach of internet all week though, so I'll see if I catch up on other stuff to look.

~E said...

Ack! I tagged you too! But since you already did one, you're free to skip mine!

Anonymous said...