Monday, November 24, 2014

Judgement Day

I will admit to being a fan of Bill Cosby's. I remember fondly the Cosby of his 1982 comedy album "Himself" where he regales us with the story of the "Chocolate Cake for breakfast" incident. Those were good times.
I also will admit to being a fan of The 80's mega hit, The Cosby Show TV series. Who didn't love Dr Cliff Huxtable? Unfortunately for myself and countless other Bill Cosby fans, the recent spate of sexual abuse accusations that have befallen Bill Cosby, leave me unable sing his praises any longer.

It's a real WTF? moment.

The thinking here is that one allegation?...bad enough, but innocence certainly is plausible.
More than 3 allegations? a pattern is established which makes it extremely difficult to dismiss. The number now stands at 18 women alleging sexual misconduct against Bill Cosby.

The latest? A Cosby "insider", a 90 year old ex-employee of NBC who worked closely with Cosby for years. He claims to have brought multiple women to Cosby's dressing room and that it was "his job to guard the door", unsure of what took place behind those doors. He also claims to have sent hundreds of thousands dollars to women over the years at Cosby's request.

For me, I'm curious why Cosby did it? Because he could? Because he had a sickness? Because he thought no one would find out? Did he have a God complex? Why jeopardize an incredible career? And why would Bill Cosby need to DRUG women so he could have sex with them?

It's reminiscent of Tiger Woods.

Some say these men are not at all who we thought they were, and in Cosby's case we thought we knew him becasue made his fortune selling us on his "good values" and "family values". Selling being exactly what he was doing. It all comes out in the wash, doesn't it? The truth has a funny way of rearing it's ugly head. We are left to decide whether or not we choose to believe it. In this digital age of tweets, status updates and one click publishing I have to wonder if it's worth it to risk your career, your livelihood, even your marriage for a sexual thrill.

Hey, we are all human and as humans we make mistakes. But to abuse, torture or harm someone for your own sexual gain is more than a horrible mistake. It's a moral infraction of the highest degree. Cosby has been tried in the court of public opinion, and despite 2 standing ovations, his judgement has been handed down.

I dare to say Cosby will be in the news again but certainly not for glowing reviews of his work.


Scope said...

I can't hlep but think about him when I hear, "Baby It's Cold Outside."

the walking man said...

Next to any kind of harm to a minor child by an adult, rape is about the most heinous thing I condemn, even over murder. The impact of sexual abuse is a lifelong, life changing event, robbing the one raped of confidence and security.

Now that said, 20 years ago Cosby settled an out of court allegation with one woman rather than fight it and that is when 13 other women came out to pile on. The guy has more money than Tiger woods ($400 million). Settling an allegation out of court at times is wise, either to settle the issue between a rapist and the one raped, or to not do irreparable harm to a career. time moves forward and people forget.

Now that said, this recent round of allegations started on a Philadelphia stage by a comedian who used Cosby's personal life and the rape allegation in his routine.

Who was it? Kareem Abdul Jabaar who said he had sex with over 2000 women? Everyone at the time commented on the virility, the prowess--2000 and all of it consensual? Or was it a different culture when the courts were not used a an alternative lottery source for winning?

Personally I am not going to judge one way or the other, not publish an opinion one way or the other--Tiger Woods--admitted his infidelity and voracious sexual appetites and lost his edge and fortune.

Cosby has said little to nothing and no court or prosecutor has tried him. Do I care that TV Land pulled his show? Only in that they did A&E did not pull Duck Dynasty for the public off camera homophobic rants of Daddy Duck.

Remember Candace there is only allegations from his doorman to however many women, all who could be looking for a piece of his pie. Now if someone had caught him with a bottle of roofies maybe i would tilt but so far it's just words. Theirs against him. not enough for a conviction.

MarkD60 said...

With so many women claiming to be victims, even if some are golddiggers, it's probably true.
Unfortunately, with Cosbys monster lawyers, he'll probably remain un-convicted

Anonymous said...

I just have no words here. I find that as I go through life, those ideals I have come to hang on to get smashed by those I have trusted. Can't help but hear that verse from Styx's tune "Show me the way"

" the saints turn into sinners..."