Friday, December 12, 2014

2 Weeks Till C-Day

Hey Bloggers! It's just about 2 weeks and counting till the day that Santa lets us all know if we have been naughty or nice! Judging by these photos, there's going to be a lot of coal passed around, Just sayin...

Not sure if this dude is serious or not, but in a very small way the suit is kinda bad ass..scratch that-it's just bad!

The funny thing here is that Dad find absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. I can just hear him, in response to his daughters horrror, "What?"

The modern Addams family. Hey, they like to spread the Xmas cheer too! 

Oh my...What the? Uhhh, I guess I will reserve judgement here. I'm all for flying your freak flag. Right? 

But this?This is just too creepy for words. Well there are two words that come to mind: "Jazz Hands!"

After the previous two, this somehow seems normal....

Nice! Bad Granny here is workin it! You go girl!!! I love it when people poke fun in the face of Christmas.

And speaking of poking fun in the face of Christmas...This one needs no explanation.

Happy Friday Bloggers! And I hope you have a very jolly weekend!


the walking man said...

The dad didn't have anymore jammie shirts to give out, you wait 'til next year, they'll give him the exacts same pair and he'll be shirted. But that hair, that hair.

why do holidays bring out the odd in some folks?

Sorry i missed you the other day.

Anonymous said...

OMG....Thanks Candy.

Off I go to get me some brain bleach! I have to get it out of short term memory before it becomes a long term memory fixture...

Scope said...

I surprised more guys aren't wearing that last one.