Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Domestic Bliss

Home sweet home, yes home is where the heart is. The older I get the harder I work and the harder I work the more I appreciate quiet time at home.

I was thinking on Sunday, after spending most of the morning/early afternoon in my pajamas, "Is this OK?" By 1:00 pm the guilt got to me and I knew it had to get dressed and get going. Growing up, my mom always made sure that we got up, had breakfast and got dressed for the day. Unless you were sick and then pajamas all day was considered legal and legit, but if you weren't sick then lounging around all day in your pajamas was not OK. In fact, it was considered lazy and that just wasn't something that we did.

But here I am thinking that I did all of nothing on Sunday (my only day off) and I am left wondering if there is something wrong with doing nothing. And by nothing I mean not leaving my house much less the comfort of my sofa. Sure I did some productive stuff on said sofa; answered emails, laundry, did some online Xmas shopping, read some magazines that clutter my kitchen inbox, watched a movie or two and chilled out. I didn't even attempt my favorite Sunday pastime which is cooking.

Again, is there something wrong with doing nothing?

I figure I work hard all week and rarely spend any quality time at home, so staying home on a Sunday has got to be OK, isn't it?
Like, who am I looking for validation from?
I've got to be the one that is OK with it and right about now I feel that being home doing nothing is something sweet.


MarkD60 said...

When my wife gets home, first thing she does is put on her jammies! She'd stay in them all the time if she could!

I was in the Maldives once, and German said to me, "The problem with you Americans, is you always have to be doing something, you can't relaz and do nothing" I took that to heart and consider myself an expert at doing nothing!

So I think both are allowed, jammies all day and doing nothing. But I never leave the bedroom without being dressed in street clothes.

Scope said...

Doing nothing is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

Anonymous said...

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the walking man said...

Shit I am a professional do nothing and don't you dare say a word about me not changing clothes between the bed and the couch.