Monday, November 3, 2014

The Great See Saw Debate

It's the great quarterback debate and My Tommy is on the winning end of it today! The "who is better Brady or Manning?" arm chair quarterbacks have been waging this one for years and the match up never disappoints. 16 times these two greats have met and 11 out of 16 of those showdowns have gone to Brady. Some of the outcomes are for bragging rights and in some the stakes are much higher, like last years AFC Championship where Manning was the victor. And you'd think by now the pendulum would swing one way toward the winner, but truth be told, there is no definitive answer. Brady vs Manning is EPIC any way you look at it and history will be hard pressed to mention one QB great without mentioning the other QB great. Let's face it, right now "Brady vs Manning" is the show and the NFL can only watch and predict the road to the most coveted trophy in sports, the Super Bowl. 

As a football fan and HUGE My Tommy fan, I look at it this way; every win this year is a bonus, I have no expectations on the season and if they win it all, you can color me shocked and thrilled. But if they don't, I'm ok with that because I never expected what I have been seeing lately from the New England Patriots. Can you believe I just said that? This is the New England Patriots we're talking about here- the team that the term DYNASTY used to be attached to, but with its last two Super Bowl appearances and losses....that title isn't synonymous with the team any longer. Still dominant, still relevant and they sure do take us on one hell of a ride every season. 

Which brings me back to Brady vs Manning.

Today it's My Tommy.

Who knows what tomorrow brings? I do know that I love watching it, butterflies in my belly, nerves and nail biting action and all, it's what every sports fan lives for. 

On the see saw of the NFL playground, Brady on one side Manning on the other it never gets old and the story re-writes itself all the time. The other question that always comes with the "who is better Brady or Manning" debate is "who would you take Brady or Manning? "

Do I even need to go there?. Let there be no question where my heart and my head is. 


Kenneth Noisewater said...

Brady often gets the best of Manning, and Manning's only Super Bowl win was over my awful, awful Bears.

Anonymous said...

There was a lot of controversy over that game. Many Bronco fans were screaming that the officials were bought. Many plays that should have been called Pass Interference weren't.

I am a huge New England fan but I have to admit that there were some calls where I thought, "Who substituted the pro refs for the replacements?"

Still, Brady is only as good as the team around him. This team is coming into shape nicely.

Oh and by the way, does anyone know how Wes Welker is feeling?