Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Merry Freakin Christmas

So I was dreaming of this song all night...go figure.

  • Merry Freakin Christmas..Jacoby Ellsbury signed with the Evil Empire for a gazillion dollars. Ouch! We knew it was bound to happen. Ellsbury's agent is Satan and nobody wants to deal with him. Ellsbury is from CA, so no ties here to his East Coast team and it's like Wes Welker all over again. Thanks buddy, for the dedication and the memories. 

  • Black Friday was a great success. Small business Sat-not so much-and Cyber Monday was a huge blow out. What's that all about? Are brick and mortar stores a thing of the past? What does that say about stores like mine? Delivery by DRONE?? And according to Amazon CEO Jeffery Bezos, if you can buy it, you can get it from Amazon and have it delivered to your door. "Complaining is not a strategy," Bezos says to small business owners. Ok Jeffery, who died and made you retail boss? I can embrace technology too. You started small once and I can only imagine the possibilities today, but the second you think you are invincible is the second you are dead in the water. Jus sayin..(for the record that last statement is not a challenge to the world's largest online retailer. Just an opinion is all)

  • Still don't have my Christmas tree yet. My house is decorated but this is late for us. I'm beginning to feel the XMas pinch. Why are the holiday's so competitive?

  • It's like the song above says," I don't need expensive things. They don't matter to me." Even though the holidays are a crunch and a hustle and busy and crazy, I still love Christmas and the anticipation of the holiday like I did when I was little. This is, for sure, the best time of the year. And for all my complaining, I really love every little twinkling light and ribbon and all that holiday music. 

Merry Christmas everyone. 


MarkD60 said...

Ho Ho fukkin Ho.
Merry Christmas.

Scope said...

I kind of wish that Thanksgiving would move forward a week, just so there was more time to enjoy Christmas.

Haven't even started our Christmas letter this year.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Merry X-mas. Now get your rear in gear and put up that tree.

: )

the walking man said...


Furtheron said...

Tree went up on Sunday... we're pretty much all set now, just a few Amazon deliveries needed!