Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Dandy, every creature was stirring, not least of all Candy.

The children were smiling, there was something in the air, it was the magic of Christmas and it was just about here. The store, it was booming; the sales, there were lots and the year had flown by with special memories in spots. Frick had been cast in her first NYU show and Frack was just accepted into college, ya know. They were joyous and pleasant and had matured as they grew, but Frack? He still tested the waters a time or two.

And Candy in Balmain, her guy dressed in Burberry had settled into party mode making the atmosphere quite merry. The dogs were excited, lots of crumbs to be had, even they could sense the spirit; this was no time to be sad. The prognosis was good for Candy's sister; she was tough. Everything else was unimportant, compared to her fight this crap was just fluff. They were grateful, for things had worked out quite well, wouldn't you say? So the adversity, the trying times, they were put aside for the day.

And My Guy had taken care of the kids who didn't think there was hope. They had a Christmas because of him, yes this was not the end of their rope! It gave him a quiet joy, because he remembered Christmas was rough when he was kid. So he made sure every wish was taken care of and special, you bet he did! Frick and Frack delivered the goods, the feeling was a gift in itself. Doing Santa's work for others was so fulfilling, acting just like an elf. He never forgot them, for those kids were his passion, and he solicited donations from corporate sponsors and made giving "in fashion".

As the families gathered, the good spirits abound, along with the wine and the food that was everywhere around. What a gift, was this life! And it felt good to cheer with the ones who mean most to us at this time of year. So when all was said and done and the day drifted into the night, Candy and her Guy settled in for a quiet moment to reflect on the season, so bright. 

And I heard them exclaim as they rose for the night, 

"Merry Christmas to all, may your holidays delight!"


Nicholas Temple said...

The Kitty Kids and I wish you all of the blessings of Christmas.

Scope said...

I hope your day was full of great joy and happiness.

the walking man said...

And twice as good for you next year Candace.