Friday, April 26, 2013

My Brother Is Iron Man

Happy Friday Bloggers!

So, I told you a long time ago, that my brother was Iron Man, right? Today  I thought I'd post a little Iron Man T&A for the sexy people out there and ask you to go see my brother's new movie.

Iron Man 3 premiered last night and Gweneth KILLED it in this dress. She single handedly coined the new fashion term, "side ass". No wonder she is People Magazine's newly crowned "Most Beautiful Woman".

You go girl!

Have a great weekend bloggers and try to be the superhero in your loved one's lives this weekend!


Heff said...

DAMNIT ! The picture didn't load for me !

Heff want him some side ass !!!

Scope said...

Oh, Gweneth is the second most sexy woman on the planet. I'm married to the first.

'nuf said. :-)

the walking man said...

Didn't load for me either, I tried to find it on the web but all I saw were a pair of white shorts.

Are we trending to a commando society? Because if we are I can lead from the front on that charge!

I just read that after years of study and measurements that bra's are not the best choice for women, the girls sag less and hold their shape better if you let them breathe!

MarkD60 said...

Sa Weeeet!

SkylersDad said...

She is pretty awesome, and has nice side ass. But I just don't think she is sexiest woman alive worthy.