Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Was Just Thinking: A Cleansing Of The Mind

I did it and I survived!
It was no big deal really, the best part of the one-day Detox cleanse is the way I feel today. Beside a splitting headache at 4am, I would have to say the cleanse was a success. It gives me renewed energy and lots of Mojo. It feels good to clean out the brain and body cobwebs.

Having said that, I was just thinking:

  • I'm not sure if it's the one day cleanse or the season, but suddenly I want to clean out EVERYTHING! Purge the crap and make clean, tidy room for new space and new ideas and things. 
  • What's all the hub bub about Beyonce and Jay-Z going to Cuba? Are we, Americans. still prohibited from travelling to Cuba, “unless authorized by a general or specific license,”  Bey and Jay were never going to face the possible $250,000.00 fine or 10 year jail sentence that could be imposed by traveling to that specific locale. Reportedly the Treasury department approved the trip as an "educational exchange". Hopefully that exchange is about music education.
  • When I was in graduate school, we were required to read all three newspapers daily; The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and The New York Times. I will never forget being lambasted, in front of my classmates,  for naming the Herald as my go to new source in class. "Your tastes in journalistic content leave much to be desired,"scolded my professor, to which my peers seemed to laugh and point their fingers. Well, some 12 years later who has egg on their face now???  The Boston Herald was just voted one of the Unites States "Ten papers who do it right" by Editor and Publisher magazine. Not that I 'm gloating, (but I am), the Herald is not only thriving but  expanding. While the Boston Globe faces extinction,  ironically now owned by the New York Times. Not me, no egg here. 
  • Frack has entered into the dating game. I couldn't be more thrilled for him. He has been invited to dinner with his gal pal's family tonite and he's looking forward to it. She's adorable and I think it's nice at his age to have someone special. They grow up so fast....


the walking man said...
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the walking man said...

the walking man said...

So if your in a mood to clean...

Graduate school really? We grew up with 4 different newspapers in the house and yes we read more than just the comics. News was mandatory local and national. Of the 4-1 was killed off in the late 60's, one of the others (The Michigan Chronicle) was bought by a Chicago company. The other two are now working under a joint operating agreement.

Now I stick pretty much with Reuters because AP is biased and their grammar in general is worse than the 1st graders I work with.

Remember to get out all those baby pictures of Frack. keep them at the ready, you never know when you'll have to use them.

I was hoping that Jay Z and Beyonce were in Cuba as a part of an exchange program, Cuba gets to keep them and we don't have to see them anymore.

Scope said...

The Daughter is dipping her toe into the dating scene, too. It's SOOO much different than when we were kids.

And yet so very much the same.

MarkD60 said...

I do not trust any USA news media.